«Australia and its cities»


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«»Australia and its cities»»

Australia and its cities

"Australia and its cities"

A mazing

U nusual

S unny

T remendous

R are

A ttractive

L ively

I mpressive

A dventurous

"Australia and its cities"

  • Branch –
  • Desert –
  • Destroy
  • Disease
  • Empty –
  • Journey –
  • Leaf –
  • Sudden –
  • Suddenly

"Australia and its cities"

Answer the Questions

  • How many countries are there on the smallest continent of the world?
  • What is the name of the biggest city in this country?
  • Where do people like to spend their winter holidays?
  • What part of the country is practically empty?
  • Would you like to visit this country?

"Australia and its cities"

Australia is the smallest continent and the biggest island in the world. Australia is a fairly low country. Two thirds of it, mostly in the centre, is desert. It is very difficult to grow anything on these territories. So, in the summer months a lot of the territory is empty.

There are two beautiful cities in Australia. They are Canberra and Sydney.

Canberra is the capital of the country. It is situated in the southeast of Australia. It has thousands of trees and a big lake in the centre. Also, Canberra is an important centre of learning.

Sydney is the oldest and the biggest city in Australia. Also, it is the first European city. There live more than 35 million people. Sydney is the centre of business. You can see an Opera House with unusual roof in Sydney. The roof of this building looking like sails. There is the longest bridge near the Opera House. Most of Australians live in the south and east of the country where the summers (from November to April) are warm and the winters (from May to October) are too cold. In winter many people go to the north of the country which is a popular place for winter holidays in the sun. Thus, Australia is a mazing, u nusual, s unny, t remendous, r are, a ttractive, l ively, i mpressive and a dventurous.

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"Australia and its cities"

The Opera House

"Australia and its cities"

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