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«British Museums»

British Museums

There are many museums in London. One of them is the Tate Gallery in Millmank, which presents modern masters of England and France. There are some fine examples of modern sculpture. Its collection of French Impressionists is marvellous. There is the Victoria and Albert Museum in Brompton Road. It has an outstanding collection of the applied arts of all countries and periods.

The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square has one of the best picture collection in the world. It has the most valuable display of French paintings from the early of the Impressionists, and, of course, the finest English painting, with Gainsborough, Turner, Constable and others. It shows the progress of Italian painting from the medieval to the Renaissance, some outstanding pictures of the old Roman masters. It also has a great variety of Dutch and Flemish masters and an excellent choice of Spanish painters. There are great treasures dispersed in private collections all over the world. The Queen’s collection is the most valuable among them.


1. Are there many museums in London?
2. Name British Museums you know.
3. What is the National Gallery famous for?
4. The Queen’s collection is the most valuable, isn’t it?
5. Tell about the Victoria and Albert Museum.


sculpture — скульптура
outstanding — выдающийся
display — выставка
medieval — средневековый


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