Готовимся к школьному этапу ВОШ по английскому языку (7-8 классы)

Материалы могут использоваться  учителем для подготовки обучающающихся 7-8 классов к ВОШ.

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«Готовимся к школьному этапу ВОШ по английскому языку (7-8 классы)»

Всероссийская олимпиада школьников по английскому языку.

Школьный этап.

7-8 классы. Время выполнения – 90 минут.

Part 1 Listening

Task 1 You will hear a conversation between a girl, Holly, and a boy, Max, about having a party. Listen and decide if each sentence (1-7) is correct or incorrect. If it is correct, write T (true) for YES. If it is not correct, write F (False) for NO. (1 балл за каждый правильно заполненный пропуск, максимальный балл –7).

1. Max has already thought about his birthday party.

2. Holly thinks Max should invite more people this week.

3. Max wants to invite more than twenty people.

4. Max says all his friends have a lot in common.

5. Holly says Max should buy some new CDs for the party.

6. Holly and Max share the same opinion about playing a DVD.

7. In the end, Holly persuades Max to have the party on a Friday.

Task 2. You will hear a teacher telling his class about a school trip. For each question, (8 — 14) fill in the missing information in the numbered space. (1 балл за каждый правильно заполненный пропуск, максимальный балл – 7).

8. Kind of transport to pick them up from school:


9. Where to meet on Friday morning:

The _________________________________________________

10. What to bring with you for lunch:

Only a _______________________________________________

11. First place we’ll visit:

The __________________________________________________

12. What we’ll see in the afternoon:

A ________________________ show in a concert hall.

13. Good souvenirs to buy:

The _______________________ — they’re quite cheap.

14. Time we leave:


Part 2 Reading

Task 1 Look at the sentences below about a trip to East Africa. Read the text and decide if each sentence (15-24) is correct or incorrect. If it is correct, mark T (True). If it is incorrect, mark F (False). (1 балл за каждый правильно заполненный пропуск, максимальный балл – 10).

The Trip of a Lifetime

Take a trip to East Africa. You begin this trip by visiting the wonderful wildlife parks. As well as travel by coach, there is also an opportunity to take a short trip in a hot-air balloon over the parks to get a better view of the wildlife. After visiting the wildlife parks you have the choice of either spending the rest of your holiday (7 nights) climbing Mount Kilimanjaro – the highest mountain in Africa – or, for the not so adventurous, sunbathing on the beautiful white sand beside the Indian Ocean. (It is also possible to stay an extra week at the coast.)

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Day One:

Fly from London Heathrow to Nairobi, Kenya.

Day Two:

Drive to the National Park at Lake Manyara. This park is famous for the large variety of birds,

which you can see there early in the morning.

Day Three:

Leave Manyara for the Serengeti Park, where you may see elephants, lions and giraffes. .

Day Four to Nine:

Spend these days travelling by coach around the park. All visitors have a window seat on the coach with a clear view for photographs of the park and animals. Although the animals are not worried by tourists taking photos, we ask visitors to speak quietly so as not to disturb them too much. Accommodations in tents are normal in the parks. All have private washing facilities. The tents have plenty of space, are very comfortable and have a solid floor. The guides are highly experienced, but there is always the possibility that you may be very unlucky and not see certain animals. Day Ten: Departure for the mountain trek or to the Indian Ocean. The Indian Ocean Hotel is on the beach and all rooms have air- conditioning and sea views. All water sports are available and there are tennis courts, which you can use free of charge except during high season, when there is small booking fee. No special skills are needed to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, but if you choose this trip you must already be fit and healthy and ready to accept some very basic accommodation in mountain huts. Most tours and safaris can only operate with a minimum number of passengers. If this number is not reached, we might cancel the tour. If this happens, we will make a decision at least 8 weeks before departure and will try to arrange a different holiday. Minimum numbers can be from 2 to 15 according to the tour. For practical reasons, children under the age of 8 (under 12 on climbing holidays) may not be accepted on certain tours. 15. You can see animals from the air on this trip. 16. You can spend a fortnight at the beach. 17. It is possible to see large numbers of birds on lake Manyara at sunset. 18. Some animals are frightened when visitors use cameras. 19. You are sure to see all the animals you want. 20. You can go windsurfing from the Indian Ocean Hotel. 21. The hotel tennis courts are closed at certain times of the year. 22. Some training is provided if you decide to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. 23. The smallest number of people required on some tours is two. 24. Children can join the Mount Kilimanjaro trip from the age of ten.

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Part 3 Use of English

Task 1 Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space. For each question, mark the correct letter A, B, C or D. Number (0) has been done for you. (1 балл за каждый правильно заполненный пропуск, максимальный балл – 10).

Filming Everest

Film-maker David Breashears (0)…A…… already climbed Mount Everest three times when he (25) ____to make a film, so that audiences could share his (26)______. He set off on this nine-week adventure the following spring, with his photographic equipment and with six climbers from (27)____ the world. (28)____ the conditions were hard and dangerous, with temperatures of — 40 C, the climbers made good (29)_____. Then, when they were just one thousand meters from their goal, there was a terrible (30)_____. The team didn’t give (31) _____, however. They hid in a tent on the mountainside until it passed. Thirteen days later they (32) _____ the top. “I was so tired that it was (33) ______ to enjoy our success at first”, said David. “Climbing Everest is difficult enough but filming made it (34)_____ harder. I am really proud we did it in the end!

0 A had B has C was D did"

25 A invited B decided C organised D requested

26 A acts B events C occupations D experiences

27 A along B above C about D around

28 A although B because C since D unless

29 A improvement B progress C increase D development

30 A climate B storm C weather D air

31 A out B back C away D up

32 A arrived B landed C reached D entered

33 A impossible B unable C unfit D improbable

34 A ever B more C even D as

Task 2 Read the text and fill in the gaps with the right forms of the words. (1 балл за каждый правильно заполненный пропуск, максимальный балл – 6).

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Are You Thirsty?

What’s your favourite drink? Is it a fizzy drink like cola? Or do you like a cold glass of (35) _______________? LEMON

Do you ever wonder what people in other countries like drinking? What are the most popular drinks in the world? All over the world, many people enjoy drinking green tea. It is very popular

in many Asian countries. For example, the (36) _____________ JAPAN just call it ‘tea’. Everyone there knows that if you say ‘tea’, you mean green tea. One very common and popular drink in Europe is mineral water. Many countries, such as France, Italy and (37)_____________, GERMAN have springs where mineral water comes out of the ground. As a result, mineral water is cheap and it’s available everywhere. After water and tea, the world’s most popular drink is coffee. It is usually very popular with adults who drink it to wake up in the morning. (38) ___________, LATE though, young people are drinking it to help them study.

Whatever drink gives you the most (39) _______________, CONTENT you must also be careful about what you drink, just as with eating. You may love coffee, tea or fizzy drinks, but it’s important to drink lots of water also. This, of course, helps you to have a (40) _____________BALANCE diet, and that’s important for everyone in the world.

Part 4 Writing (максимальный балл – 10)

Imagine that you cannot come to your friend’s New Year’s party. Write him/her a letter with apologies.

Do not forget to:

— send your wishes;

— name the reasons why you cannot come;

— follow the rules of letter writing.

You should write about 80 -100 words.

Time: 20 minutes

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