Healthy unhealthy food


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«Healthy unhealthy food»

Healthy unhealthy food

The question of the day

How to be healthy?

The topic of our lesson-

We are what we eat !

Healthy unhealthy food


желудок, живот

military rations

провизия для военных

to keep food in jars

хранить еду в банках

rations (C rations)


the taste of the food

вкус еды

Meal Ready-to-Eat (MRE)

еда, готовая к употреблению

vegetable-only meal

вегетарианская еда

Healthy unhealthy food

  Match the proverbs with their equivalents.

Tastes differ.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

The appetite comes with eating.

Too much butter won’t spoil the porridge.

Аппетит приходит во время еды.

Кашу маслом не испортишь.

О вкусах не спорят.

Кто по яблоку в день съедает, у того доктор не бывает.

Healthy unhealthy food

аt the

go to the




g reengrocer`s



Healthy unhealthy food

Ways of cooking

fried eggs

boiled eggs

scrambled eggs

grilled chicken

roast chicken

steamed fish

fried fish

Healthy unhealthy food

Read and decide which of the facts are true and which are false.

  • True or false

1. The first military rations were invented by the French Emperor.

2. C rations were popular with soldiers.

3. Meat Ready-to-Eat are lighter than C rations.

4. US Army rations include Chinese and Mexican food.

5. US Army combat rations include pizza.


  • What is it?
  • this person prepares food for a lot of people –

— this person only eats fruit and vegetables –

— cheap food prepared and served quickly –

— dishes from other countries –








fast food


Healthy unhealthy food

Сomplete this dialogue and role it .


-No, I don`t. Do you have a table for two?

-Could I have a table near the window?

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-Yes, I`d like …….

-It was very good, thank you. Could I have the bill?

-By credit card.

-Here you are.

-See you later.


-Do you have a reservation?

-Where would you like to sit?

-Would you like a dessert?

-How was your meal?

-How would you pay – by cash or check?

-Thank you.

-Have a nice time.


Healthy unhealthy food

  • Which food are useful for children?
  • Which food are harmful for children?

Healthy unhealthy food

In General everyone knows that fast food is unhealthy, but continue to eat. Why? The world has changed, the rhythm has accelerated, in large cities there are millions of people working from morning to evening. Is it possible to dine at home in the middle of the day? I think to cook particularly once is possible for every family.

Healthy unhealthy food


FOOD: for and against .


Healthy unhealthy food

Fast food — cheap food prepared and served quickly

Healthy unhealthy food


full of energy





eat a lot

junk food

Healthy unhealthy food

Modern lifestyle is very stressful. All of us have a lack of time and people think that cooking at home is very difficult work.

Healthy unhealthy food

The results of numerous researches of the specialists and doctors over many years show that already from an early age children have dental disease, allergic diseases, various gastritis, etc. as indicated by the unusually rapid growth of children with obesity of different degrees.

Healthy unhealthy food

Fast food – fast and convenient

Healthy unhealthy food

If you want to treat yourself, it can be raisins, dried fruit or honey. It is easy to find recipes with these natural sweeteners that will surely be useful.

Healthy unhealthy food

Fast food restaurants are popular because they serve filling foods that taste good and don’t cost a lot of money. However, fast food is usually cheap because it’s often made with cheaper ingredients such as sugar and fats, instead of nutritious foods such as meats, fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Healthy unhealthy food

To ensure that the child’s body with all necessary nutrients and not to harm fragile child health, you need to remember that the more useful boiled, baked or steamed food.

Healthy unhealthy food

Fast food also delicious: after all, in the seemingly simple dishes are always present flavors.

Healthy unhealthy food

Many fast food chains are changing their menus so there are more healthy options to choose from. 

Healthy unhealthy food

For example, some chains no longer serve foods with trans fat, and many have menu items that contain fruits and vegetables. 

Healthy unhealthy food

McDonalds and other such companies are popular, and people still eat there, although many would like a home-cooked meal

Healthy unhealthy food

Fast food refers to food that can be prepared and served quickly. Fast food restaurants usually have a walk up counter or drive-thru window where you order and pick up your food.

Healthy unhealthy food

My healthy menu

boiled potatoes with creamy


cheese cake

vegetable soup

spicy rice

grilled meat

a slice of cheese

bread and butter

strong coffee

steamed fish

pine apple juice

a bar of chocolate

a piece of strawberry pie

vanilla ice-cream

roasted chicken

fruit salad

fish soup

fried fish

meat soup

fresh juice

Fresh milk

milk shake

Healthy unhealthy food

  Now, do you know what food is healthy and unhealthy for you? 

Healthy unhealthy food

I’ll give you a lunch box. And you should

find the words on topic”Food”.

These words are around the classroom.

Healthy unhealthy food

Many people take sandwiches to the picnic. What holiday will be in May?

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Учащиеся:  Victory Day!

  Yes. You are right. But we know that all people won’t be able to celebrate this holiday. Because they were killed. Because they died of starvation. Many years in Leningrad only one slice of bread was breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole family. We must remember them. We should be thankful to them .

Healthy unhealthy food

Рroject work

Healthy unhealthy food

It’s interesting to know

McDonalds was the first major fast food restaurant and now it is the biggest franchise in the world.


opened in Kansas White Castle, a specialty which was unusual at the time hamburgers

. The story of fast food is rooted in antiquity


The fast food industry emerged in America.


the company White Castle began to appear competitors, of which the most serious was the McDonald’s.

Healthy unhealthy food

At the end of this lesson…

  • Now I know ….
  • I can (name, order, tell)….
  • I should (learn, study, read)….. to (know, improve, better)…………….
  • I need ………
  • I am (not) good at … but …

Healthy unhealthy food

Home task

  • healthy menu for breakfast (dinner, supper)
  • What would you say to your English pen friend about typical Russian food? Make up a short story.

Healthy unhealthy food

  And I have a special task for you. You need to make  sandwiches!

Take a slice of bread.

Put some butter on the bread.

Add some ham.

Put another slice of bread.

Help yourself!

Healthy unhealthy food

You’ve worked hard today! I liked your answers, the way you have worked. I think you have done your best. I give you all excellent marks.

Thank you for the lesson.

Healthy unhealthy food

Healthy unhealthy food


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