Игра на тему — школьные принадлежности


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«Игра на тему — школьные принадлежности»

Reading Worksheet Myself And Others

Unit 1 Common Core


Игра на тему - школьные принадлежности

i, my name is Paul and I’m 15 years old. I live with my family in a London and I go to school by bicycle. I like cycling there every morning and come back home after school. I also like reading, watching TV and listening music. The place where I live is very nice, with cats and dogs and very kind people.

I have two sisters, one older, the other one younger, but they are very nice. I love them so much. Sometimes we play together or go shopping with my mom.

My best friend is Adam; he lives far from my house. We like playing video-games together. We’re also good at writing short stories, but can’t paint.

I get up every day at 7 a.m. and have a big breakfast. At school I like talk with friends and listen to the teacher . That’s how I spend my day.

  1. Correct the following statements:



  1. Paul lives with his friends in an apartment

  2. Paul doesn’t like cycling.

  3. The place where Paul lives is horrible.

  4. Paul and Adam are bad at writing.






  1. Fill in this chart:




Brothers & sisters












  1. Introduce yourself


Hello ! I am _________________________________________________________________________


Full name, age, city, school, best friend, favourite subject/hobby/sport…)

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