Конспект внеурочного занятия «My pet»


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«Конспект внеурочного занятия «My pet»»

Учитель: Теленкова М.С.

Класс: 5

Дата: 17.02.2022

Тема: Мой питомец

Занятие № 19

Форма занятия: игра


1. Активизировать лексический запас по теме "Животные"
2. Активизировать речевое взаимодействие.
3. Организовать и развивать учебное сотрудничество в группах.
4. Развивать умение применять полученные знания.
5. Повысить интерес и мотивацию к изучению английского языка.

Оборудование: карточки с заданиями

Ход занятия.

I Организационный момент.

Good afternoon, glad to see you! How are you?

I hope you are ready to work hard. As you guess today we’ll continue to talk about animals.

II Изложение материала.


This animal lives in the forest. It’s neither big nor small. It likes to eat carrots and it is afraid of a fox and a wolf. This animal can run very fast. (A hare)

This animal is very big. It is grey and sometimes white. It has a very long nose. It lives in India and Africa. It likes to eat leaves and grass. (An elephant)

This animal lives at home or in the street. It is a man’s friend. It can run, but can’t fly and climb. It is very clever and friendly. (A dog)

This animal lives in the river or near the water. It is green. It can jump and swim, but it can neither run nor climb. (A frog)

Gena is not a boy. He is big, long and green. He is very clever. It can swim. He has a friend Cheburashka. (A crocodile)

This animal is red and sly. It likes hens, cocks, hares and ducks. It lives in the forest. (A fox)

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It is grey. It can run, jump and walk. It is very small. It likes bread and cheese. It lives in the house. (A mouse)

This animal can be black, grey, white or red. It lives in the house. It can catch grey mouse. It likes milk, meat and fish. It can jump, run, climb and walk. (A cat)

The animal that has a red bushy tail is ……….(a fox)

The animal that is very timid and afraid of everything ………(a hare)

The animal that sleeps all winter in a ….( a bear)

The animal that has long mane round its neck is…….(a lion)

The animal that has a long trunks is …….. (an elephant)

Thank you very much. And now would you like to guess the crossword and find the main word?

It is brown. It lives in the forest and likes honey very much. (a bear)

It has no legs. It is very long. (a snake)

It lives on the tree. It likes nuts and mushrooms. (a squirrel)

This animal has a long tail. It can hang on the trees. (a monkey)

This animal can be white and grey. Its ears are long and tail is short. It likes cabbage and carrot. (a hare)

This is a big animal. It is grey. Its ears are very big. Its trunks is long. (an elephant)

They are cat’s babies. They are very funny. They like to play. (kittens)


Now you’ll agree or disagree with me. Listen to me carefully. If I am right repeat my sentence. If I am not right disagree with me.

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Cocks can swim. (Cocks can’t swim)

Spiders have got seven legs. (Spiders have got eight legs)

Lions can run. (Lions can run)

Cats have got sharp teeth. (Cats have got sharp teeth)

Rabbits have got short ears. (Rabbits have got long ears)

Frogs can’t jump. (Frogs can jump)

Mice have got short tails. (Mice have got long tails)

Выполнение проекта «Мой питомец»

III Итог занятия.

You are wonderful children. It’s very good that you know so much about animals, that you have got pets at home and take care of them. None of us must ever forget that animals and birds are our friends! And we must take care of them!!!

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