Конспект урока «World of Science and Inventions»


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«Конспект урока «World of Science and Inventions»»

Topic : The world of science and inventions in modern life


— to practise pupils’ speaking skill i;

— to practise a work in discussion;

— to stimulate pupils critical thinking;

— to deepen pupils’ knowledge of inventions and inventors.

— To enlarge their knowledge about inventors and their inventions

Expecting results:

By the end of the lesson pupils will have an opportunity

  • to speak about modern and ancient inventions and answer teacher’s question

  • to work in pairs and group and express their opinion about the topic

  • to find out interesting facts about science and technologies

  • using grammar and vocabulary of the lesson

  • to know about advantages and disadvantages of different inventions

Equipment: cards, posters, drawings, portraits of inventors, presentation, short videos about well-known inventors

Greeting. Warming-up.

Т.: Good morning, students! The topic of our lesson is The world of science and inventions in modern life. I believe you’ll enjoy it. We’ll talk about great inventions named after their creators. We’ll dwell upon science in general and on its negative and positive influence on people’s lives.

But before we start working I want to know which of the scientific discoveries do you know? And what are the most important for modern life?

Wireless technology, Air travel, Plastic, Atomic bomb, Computers, Electricity, Solar power, Robots, Sterilizing milk what do you think about these inventions? Are they important for mankind?

P: I consider that all these things are very important for us. I just can’t imagine my life without it and of course my phone.

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P: but I can’t agree with you because I think that plastic is dangerous inventions. And now there are a lot of countries refuse to use it. Instead they are using natural materials, which aren’t harmful for nature and us

T: You are right boys. Every invention has its own pros and cons, but most of them are very useful for our life. So let’s watch small videos about them.

(they are watching videos)

T: and now try to answer why do you like to use the following things at home

  • a phone

  • a microwave

  • a computer

  • a dish washer

  • a TV set

  • a washing machine

  • a vacuum cleaner

T : Your answers are great. So now try to make up your own sentences using the constructions used to are used to Vingget used to Ving


T: Lets listen to audio file about E. Paton and then say which information is true or False (Children listen to the text and then answer to the statements)

1 E. Paton was born in Great Britain

2 his father was a Russian consul in France

3 he has got a degree of a railway engineer

4 Paton was a bridge –building founder

5 at the age of 50 he took up the electric welding

6 the bridge is 900 meters long


Pre-reading T: There were a lot of outstanding inventors in the world. But today our reading will be about Leonardo da Vinci. He was very intelligent and curious and learnt a lot thing by himself.

Конспект урока "World of Science and Inventions"

Конспект урока "World of Science and Inventions"

Конспект урока "World of Science and Inventions"

Конспект урока "World of Science and Inventions"

Post reading:

T: Having read this text try to think which of Da Vinci’s achievements impresses you the most? Why? In five minutes write them and then read to the class.

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(Students write and then read)

T: try to remember the end of the phrases without using the text

1 he sketched…. 5 notebooks contain….

2 detailed…. 6 ahead…..

3 brilliant … 7 fascinating …..

4 perfect….


Т: So we see progress of science and technology has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s influence on civilization on the hand is positive and on the other hand it is negative. Let’s make the list of good and bad influence and share our opinions with the class. Look at your desk and you’ll see list try to fill in.

(Students write their own variants)



Help us about the house

Harmful for the health

Make our life easier

Forget about real life

Summing up:

Today our lesson is devoted to modern and ancient inventions, great inventors. We also have touched upon negative influence of science and progress on mankind and nature. No doubt great achievements of science make our life more comfortable. But don’t forget about beautiful world of nature around you. Walk outdoors with your friends and just enjoy the life!

Homework: write down an essay about pros and cons of inventions using your list

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