Контрольная работа №3 7 класс Спотлайт

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«Контрольная работа №3 7 класс Спотлайт»

TEST 3 Form 7

Task 1. Составьте словосочетания.

  1. popular

  2. musical

  3. powerful

  4. latest

  5. catchy

  6. variety of

  7. special

  8. music

  9. science

    1. album

    2. single

    3. tunes

    4. voice

    5. fiction

    6. effects

    7. plot

    8. instruments

    9. charts

Task 2 . Используйте глаголы в скобках в форме Present Continuous или Present Simple

  1. I __________English exercises twice a week. (to write)

  2. Don’t shout! The baby  _________ . (to sleep)

  3. What _________your mother usually________ for lunch? (to cook)

  4. What_______ you _________ now? (to read)

  5. My friend ________ his homework in the afternoon as a rule. (to do)

Task 3. Раскройте скобки, поставьте глаголы в необходимую форму.

  1. If people (not to drink), they (to die).

  2. (buy) this dress, if my mother (lend) me some money.

  3. I If you (leave) ice in the sun, it (melt).

  4. If Tom (to have) a birthday party, he (to invite) a lot of friends.

  5. If we (to be) late for school , our teacher (to get) angry.

  6. Your plants (not/grow), if you (not/water) them.

  7. (have) a party, if I (pass) my English test.

  8. If you (heat), water to 100° C, it (boil).

Task 4. Вставьте in, off, on, into.

1. Did you see the news last night? No, I turned ………………… early.

2. Turn …………………….. the TV. It’s time for the news.

3. She kissed the frog, and it turned …………………… a handsome prince.

4. ‘I’m tired to stay up. I think I’ll turn …………………….. .’

Task 5. Раскройте скобки, используя конструкцию used to, и напишите о том, что люди делали раньше, но не делают сейчас.

  1. Ann … (buy) white bread, but now she buys brown bread.

  2. Susan … (drink) black coffee, but now she drinks white.

  3. Henry … (smoke) a pipe, but now he doesn’t smoke at all.

  4. My dad … (run) 5 km every day, but now he doesn’t run.

  5. My wife … (spend) much money on clothes, but now she spends it on travelling.

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Task 6. Образуйте прилагательные с помощью суффиксов –ful, -y, -al, -ous

      1. This snake is very…. . (danger)

      2. Susan saw a … picture in the gallery. (beauty)

      3. The weather was … and … in the street. (wind, rain )

      4. My father bought me a … instrument. (profession)

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