Контрольная работа №3 8 класс Спотлайт

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«Контрольная работа №3 8 класс Спотлайт»

Test 3 8th form

1. Choose the correct item.


Would you like to stay for dinner? We’re having roast chicken with poached/mashed potatoes.


Bake the rolls for 10 minutes until the cheese has begun to boil/melt.


I put three teaspoonfuls/slices of sugar in my tea.


Would you like brown/dark or white bread?


I will have the grilled fish with steamed/roast rice and a green salad, please.


Jane made a delicious raw/spicy sauce for the spaghetti.


First wash and chop/peel the apple, then dice it and add to your fruit salad.


Nathan likes his steak well done/rare, so don’t cook it for more than ten minutes.


Dinner is almost ready. I just have to beat/ grate the cheese for the pasta.


I prefer pickled/scrambled eggs for breakfast.

2. Fill in the missing word. There are two words you do not need to use.

milk cake loaf pinch tea cream beans


Be careful not to spill the……….. and tell John about the surprise party.


It’s no use crying over spilt ……….you’ve broken the vase.


Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to set the table for a formal dinner; it’s a piece of……..


Leon is not a very honest person, so you should take everything he says with a……………..of salt.


I don’t like cooking. It’s not my cup of ………..

3. Rewrite in Reported speech
1. “We are going away on holiday next week,” Sue said.
2. “My brother is in hospital,” Lucy said.
3. “I haven’t heard from Michael for some time,’ Paul said.
4. “We won the final match,” Charlie said.
5. “He will visit us tomorrow,” Mary said.

4. Choose the correct variant.

  1. Paul asked me whether I liked travelling. — “Do you like/Did you like travelling?” asked Paul.

  2. He asked me if I had finished the essay. – “Did you finish/Had you finished the essay?” he asked me.

  3. Helen asked me if she could leave. – “Can/Could I leave?” asked Helen.

  4. I asked Sam where we were going. – “Where are we/were we/we were going?” I asked.

  5. Mark asked Liz if she had met anyone the previous Sunday. – “Did you meet/Have you met anyone last Sunday?” asked Mark.

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5. Fill in the gaps : to, up, off, after

1.Its hot outside, you might want to take……………your jacket

2.Ever since her first diving lesson, Peter has wanted to take…………scuba diving

3.Neil is so funny! He takes……………..his father

4.Bill has already taken………………….his niece and always buys expensive presents

5.My art classes take ………..a lot of my free time

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