Контрольная работа №4 7 класс Спотлайт

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«Контрольная работа №4 7 класс Спотлайт»

TEST 4 Form 7

  1. Use the prompts to complete the phrases and translate them.

sit move throw argue lose sit

1.to ____________ house

2.to ____________ with someone

3.to ____________ an exam

4.to ____________ a party

5.to ____________ something valuable

  1. Match the words.

1. low-fat

2. chicken

3. frozen

4. wholemeal

5. brown

6. lamb

7. white

8. a bar of

9. a packet of

10. a bottle of

a. cola

b. crisps

c. rice

d. bread

e. yoghurt

f. legs

g. peas

h. chops

i. sugar

j. chocolate

3. Fill the gaps with reflexive pronouns.

1. He wants to drive the car……… .

2. The children want to read the book……… .

3. Helen and Jane, do you want to wash dishes ………..?

4. Henry, do you want to repair the radio ………………..?

5. We can install this program…………….. .

6. They can not do it ……………

7. She likes to make cakes………….. .

8. I’m going to cook dinner………….. .

4. Choose the correct answer

  1. This CD is very expensive. Oh dear, I may / may not have enough money!

  2. Jane’s tired. She might not / might go out tonight.

  3. Pete is very clever. He may not / may know the answer.

  4. I feel ill. I might / might not go to school tomorrow.

  5. Look at those clouds! I think it may / may not rain.

  6. I’m not hungry. I might / might not have any lunch.

  7. If the bus is late, we may / may not be late.

  1. Fill in the gaps with apart, behind or out.

1. Tim has fallen __________ with Sam because he broke his MP3 player.

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2. She fell _____________ with her schoolwork when she was ill.

3. The bookcase fell ____________ as soon as we placed some books on it.

4. It’s hurtful when you fall ___ with friends.

5. That chair has fallen ___. It needs fixing.

6. If you revise regularly, you won’t fall ___ at school.

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