Контрольная работа 9 класс


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«Контрольная работа 9 класс»

Полугодовая контрольная работа

9 класс

1. Переведи на русский:

Advertisement, broadcast, communicate, create, discuss, exchange, impossible, message, news, printer, save, security, spoil, strange, cheerful, whisper, library, adventure story, fairy tale, science fiction, print, publish, type,.

2. Перепишите предложения, используя страдательный залог.

1. Fred (tell) about the meeting yesterday.

2. The teacher never ( listen ) to by his pupils.

3. These beautiful flowers (grow) by my sister.

4. He (invite) to the party tomorrow.

5. The rooms (clean) by Mrs Brown last Thursday.

3. Переведи на русский язык английские причастия:

A smiling girl, a written book, a closing door, closed windows, a running man, a reading child, a painted picture, polluted water, talking people, an illustrated story, lost money.

Контрольная работа 9 класс


5. Соотнеси слова с определениями:

Контрольная работа 9 класс

6. Выбери нужную форму причастия:

  1. A letter ( sending / sent ) from St. Petersburg today will be in Moscow tomorrow.

  2. The girl ( putting / put ) the book on the shelf is the new librarian.

  3. A fish ( taking / taken ) out of the water cannot live.

  4. A person ( taking / taken ) a sunbath must be very careful.

  5. A line ( seeing / seen ) though this crystal looks double.

  6. A teacher ( seeing / seen ) a mistake in a student’s dictation always corrects it.

  7. The word ( saying / said ) by the student was not correct.

  8. The man ( standing / stood ) at the door is a well-known musician.

  9. The ( opening / opened ) window was old and broken.

  10. The student ( speaking / spoken ) good English must help their classmates.

Молодец !!!

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