Контрольная работа за 1 четверть к учебнику форвард 7 класс


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«Контрольная работа за 1 четверть к учебнику форвард 7 класс»

Test № 1 FORWARD – 7


Read Nina’s letter from the USA and complete the table.

Dear RAP readers,

You remember me, don’t you? I went to England last year with my parents.

Now I’m writing this e-mail to The RAP from Denver in the USA. My parents are staying here for six months, so I’m going to school here. Many RAP readers wanted to know about the English school system. Well, here’s a comparison of the English and American system.

In England you start school when you are five and go to primary school. When you’re eleven you go to secondary school, either a comprehensive school or a grammar school. Then, when you are sixteen, you take exams called GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education). Then you can leave! A lot of students stay at school and take A-level (Advanced levels) when they are eighteen before going to university. You can study for A-levels at the same school or you can go to a sixth-form college.

In the USA it’s all different. You start elementary school when you’re six in the first grade, and stay there until you are eleven years old in the sixth grade. Then you go to junior high school for the seventh, the eighth, and the ninth grade. You’re fourteen years old when you finish junior high school. Then you go to a high school for the tenth, the eleventh and the twelfth grade. They call you a freshman in the tenth grade. At the end of grade twelve you take a state graduation exam. You leave high school when you are seventeen.

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Would you like to write me in the USA? Send letters to my e-mail address at the top of this letter.

Bye for now.

Nina Semenova

UK school system

USA school system

Primary school

5 years old

Elementary school

____ — ____ years old

Secondary School

___-___years old

Junior high school

11 — _____years old


_______at 16

High school

_____ — _____years old

Secondary School/sixth-form college

at______ years old


at ______


________at____ years old

High school graduation

at ________


Write sentences with used to.

1. earn a lot of money (+)

  1. have guitar lessons (?)

  1. live with your parents (-)

  1. have a lot of friends (+)

  1. study hard (?)

  1. travel a lot (-)


Fill in the table with a positive, comparative or superlative degree.


the biggest

more difficult

the most difficult


the smallest




Match two halves of the sentence.

1. After finishing primary school a. children go to secondary school

2. After the 11th grade b. children take the Uniform State Examination

3. Horse-drawn carriages c. we watch cartoons together

4. In Britain there are d. many unusual subjects (e.g. photography, design)

5. It’s faster to go by plane e. than by car.

6. After the 9th grade f. disappeared a long time ago.

7. If I want to entertain my little sister g. children can go to college

Write a short paragraph about your childhood.

When I was a child, I used to visit my grandparents every weekend.






Match the words in the two columns and make up word combinations.

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