Lesson plan. 4th grade. Parts of the body.


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«Lesson plan. 4th grade. Parts of the body.»

Grade: 4 Date: Teacher: Abdulakimova A The theme of the lesson: Unit 3 Lesson 1: Parts of the body Method: work with group. Visuals aids: pictures, cards, books, table text.

The main competence

In subject competence

  • Informational competence (M/C1)

  • The social communication(M/C2)

  • The self-organization and solve problem(M/C3)

1.Phonetic drills: To work with sounds and letters (S/C1)

2.Reading, Listening: Reading and understanding the words, sentences and phrases by listening (S/C2)

3.Grammar: Making the sentences, follow the grammar rules(S/C3)

4.Speaking: Speak fluently by using the new words and new lexical phrases (S/C4)

5.Writing: Writing their own sentences, writing a mini essays without mistakes (S/C5)



Students will be able to write Parts of the body.

Ps will know about the Parts of the body.

Students will be able to talk about Parts of the body.

Students will be able to ask questions about the Parts of the body.


Stages of the lesson


Teacher’s action

Students’ action




Basic competence

Subject competence

1.Organization moment

3 min

  • Good morning everybody!

  • How are you?

  • How do you feel yourself today?

  • Who is on duty and absent today?

  • What is the weather like today?

— Good morning!

— We are fine.

2. Checking up the homework.

7 min

— What was your homework for today?

— Are you ready for the lesson?

— Did you find any facts or materials about Parts of the body?

Students will try to answer all teacher’s questions and they can daily phrases learn new phrases.


3.New theme



10 min

  1. A Listen, repeat and point.

  1. b) Point to a part of the body. Your partner will name it.

Students will tell their ideas and individually


4. Fixing


Individual work

15 min

  1. In your notebook, do the crossword.

Across: 1 — arm, 3 — foot, 4 — hair, 7 — eyes, 8 — hand, 10- ears.

Down: 2 — mouth, 3 — finger, 5 — teeth, 6 — head, 9 — nose.

Students will speak on the following topic.

What words do you know that relate to Parts of the body?

5. Reflection



What was new and interesting for you from this lesson?

What was difficult or on the contrary easy for you in this lesson? Did you like the way we have worked today?

  1. In your notebook, complete the sentences.

1) There are five fingers in my hand. 2) I can smell with my nose. 3) I can hear with my ears. 4) I can see with eyes. 5) I can speak with my mouth. 6) I kick a ball with my foot.

Answer the questions.

6. Making

Method: Group word

Evaluation each other


Students ask questions to each other about the theme and give suitable marks to themselves.

  1. a) Listen to the teacher. What parts of the body are there in the song?

Read and choose the words in the plural (See RG, § 1)


7. Homework

1 min

  • Your homework for the next lesson will be exercise 4b,c page 46

Listen to the song. Point to the right part of the body.

с) 10 Sing the song and point to the right part of the body.

8. Conclusion

I think that you have enjoyed this lesson.

We have a good time! See you! Good bye!

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