Лучшие замки в нашей стране


Данная презентация рассказывает об истории возникновения замка "Ласточкино гнездо".

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«Лучшие замки в нашей стране»

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Лучшие замки в нашей стране

Swallow ‘s Nest

Лучшие замки в нашей стране

Swallow’s Nest is a pseudo-Gothic castle located on a steep 40-meter cliff of Cape Ai-Todor in the village of Gaspra of the Yalta city district of Crimea.

Лучшие замки в нашей стране

The Ai-Todor rock is also called Aurora Mountain

The history of the castle begins in 1877, after the Russian-Turkish war

Лучшие замки в нашей стране

One of the Russian generals liked the Aurora rock, he decided to build a small dacha on it for himself.

The former military man gave a romantic name to the new house – «The Castle of Love».

After the general’s death, his relatives sold the cottage to Albert Tobin.

He partially rebuilt the cottage, it became known as «Swallow’s Nest». This name stuck with him forever.

Лучшие замки в нашей стране

Nowadays the Swallow’s nest is a monument of the history and culture of Russia

Today it is an architectural and exhibition complex, including several tiers of viewing platforms, a permanent exhibition about the history of the castle and exhibition areas.

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