Making a poster about favourite film


Making a poster about favourite film 

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«Making a poster about favourite film»

Unit: 3 Our Countryside

Lesson 25

Teacher name:


Grade: 6

Number present:


Lesson title

Vocabulary: Geography features

Learning objectives ask more complex questions to get information about a growing range of general topics and some curricular topics understand most specific information and detail of short, supported talk on a wide range of familiar topics spell most high-frequency words accurately for a limited range of general topics

Lesson objectives

Learners will be able to:

— present new vocabulary

— match places to continents

— match places to continents

Value links

Family – Family values are moral and ethical principles of typical family life, including sacrificing for loved ones, putting your loved ones first, and keeping your loved ones at the centre of your thoughts and actions.


Stages / Time

Teachers actions

Students actions

Assessment criteria


Beginning of the lesson


3 min.


«Brainstorming» method

7 min.

Organization moment :


Ask about the weather.

The teacher sets the lesson objectives, letting students know what to anticipate from the lesson.

Warming up

Where are you from?

How old are you?

What color is it?

How many students are there in class?

What day of the week today?

Hand out the completed Progress Report Cards for the previous module and ask the pupils to file them in their language.

Lead – In

Making a poster about favourite film

The aim: To develop pupils speaking skills and create friendly atmosphere

Efficiency: By wishing each other they feel better and feel the support of others

Students of the class are listed.

Students’ attention is drawn to the lesson.

Students say different words from the picture

•Learners remember previous lesson vocabulary

Learners answer the questions

What time do you get up every morning?

What time do you go to school?

What do you do after the lesson?

The teacher to assess learners for their ability.

“Good job!

Well done!”

Formative Assessment

Making a poster about favourite film

Good job!


— remembers the lesson passed

Point 1

Assessment criteria

make basic statements related to personal information, match places to continents




Middle of the lesson

Presentation part.

30 min

Ex:1 P:29

• Draw Ss’ attention to the pictures and ask various Ss to read out the geographical feature each one shows.

Play the recording.

Ex: 2 P: 29

• Present the continents and then explain the task. Go through the list of places and elicit whether Ss know any of them. Read out the example, and then elicit answers form Ss around the class.

Play the recording. Ss listen and check their answers.

Ex: 3 P: 29

• Direct Ss’ attention to the pictures and ask various Ss around the class to describe them

Ask them to imagine they are there and elicit what they might be able to see, hear, smell, etc

Conclusion during the lesson some tasks differentiated by outcomes of the students and by their abilities.

• Learners listen and repeat.


Students’ own answer

• Learners match the places to the continents


Angel Falls is in South America.

The Grand Canyon is in North America.

Malta is in Europe.

Lake Geneva is in Europe.

The River Nile is in Africa.

Niagara Falls is in North America.

The Gobi Desert is in Asia.

Ayers Rock is in Australia.

Mount Vesuvius is in Europe.

• Learners make sentences.


Students own answer


Listen and repeat

Making a poster about favourite film

Making a poster about favourite film

Total: 3 point

Making a poster about favourite film

Self assessment

Differentiation: «Verbal support» method is used to help Ss use new words in the sentences.


— attention to the family tree

— match the places to the continents

Total: 3 point


— make sentences.

Total: 3 point

-Make CCQ questions Yes / No

Making a poster about favourite film



Students book

End of the lesson

5 min


Learners provide feedback on what they have learned at the lesson.

Ex: P:

Home task:

Write the days

Making a poster about favourite film

Poster Success

Making a poster about favourite film

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