Man the creator: Art


Презентация к  обобщающему уроку по теме: Art. Здесь же рассматривается описание картинки как это было в 3 задании ЕГЭ до внесения изменений. В качестве первого слайда, введение в тему, выберите короткое видео из третьяковки о реставрационных работах, к примеру.

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«Man the creator: Art»

Man the creator: Art



Atmosphere of the place

In the background/foreground




Contrast with each other

Man the creator: Art

Today we


Remember what genres of paintings are

Get know what the 3 rd task of oral part of state exam is


Describe some masterpieces from Tretyakov Gallery



Learn some tips to describe the photo (State Exam)



Man the creator: Art



Abstract art

  • It posses such qualities as balance, regularity and simpleness of form.
  • The artist use exaggerated shapes and colors to try to convey feelings.
  • put in the forefront individuality. The artists followed their feelings and emotions, who preferred wild natural beauty to things made by man.
  • Showed things as they really are. 
  • artists try to capture the changing effect of natural light.
  • It doesn’t mirror real people or things, but is an arrangement of shapes and colors.



  • claim beauty of the real world, emphasizing the freshness of first impressions, the variability of the environment
  • Made up of thousand of colored  dots but from the distance the dots seem to merge together and form new colors.
  • This style distorted space and broke things up into angular shapes.





Man the creator: Art

Genres of art

Man the creator: Art


Warm, cold


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luminous, pale


Man the creator: Art

Useful vocabulary

  • Introduction
  • The picture shows …
  • It was painted by/in …
  • Who is doing what?
  • Use the  Present Progressive .
  • What is where?
  • In the foreground/background you can see …
  • In the foreground/background there is …
  • In the middle/centre there are …
  • At the top/At the bottom there is …
  • On the left/right there are …
  • Behind/In front of … you can see …
  • Between … there is …

What I think about the picture

  • It seems as if …
  • The lady seems to …
  • Maybe …
  • I think …
  • … might be a symbol of …
  • The atmosphere is peaceful/depressing …
  • I (don’t) like the picture because …
  • It makes me think of …

Man the creator: Art

Man the creator: Art

Man the creator: Art

Man the creator: Art

Man the creator: Art

Man the creator: Art

Man the creator: Art

Task 3. These are photos from your photo album. Choose one photo to describe to your friend. You will have to start speaking in 1.5 minutes and will speak for not more than 2 minutes (12–15 sentences). In your talk remember to speak about: • where and when the photo was taken; • what/who is in the photo; • what is happening; • why you keep the photo in your album; • why you decided to show the picture to your friend. You have to talk continuously, starting with: “I’ve chosen photo number …”

Man the creator: Art

Communication (3 points)

All aspects are fully covered

Organisation (2 points)

-logical speech

-introduction and conclusion


Language (range of grammar and vocabulary (2 points)

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-high level

Not more than 2 mistakes

— Correct pronunciation and intonation

Man the creator: Art

I keep this photo in my album

— I made this photo occasionally but I keep it because it reminds me … .

— I made this photo because I like such unusual scenes.

— I made this photo to keep memory. — I adore …

— I love doing it.

— It looks great.

— It makes me want to try it.

— It makes me want to go there.

— It makes me think about life.

Man the creator: Art

I decide to show it to YOU

— I want you to see this photo because … — I would like you to see this photo because … — … you are interested in … . — … you like …, too. — I decided to show you this photo…

  • because you like unusual objects.
  • because you like romantic situations like these.
  • because I want you to smile.
  • because I want you to remember our previous holidays.
  • because I want to demonstrate you my skills of a photographer.

Man the creator: Art

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