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«Мероприятие » Happy New year»»

Сценарий новогоднего праздника для начальной школы По ходу праздника звучит музыка (новогодняя)

Storyteller. Hello guys! You are all beautiful and smart. Do you believe in magic? And what is the most magical holiday you know? storyteller. Miracles always happen on New Year’s Eve. Severin. Mood for "five"! Let’s start the holiday. They say New Year’s Eve. Whatever you wish

Everything will always happen Everything always comes true. Storyteller. Maybe even the guys All desires come true. All you need is, they say. Put in the effort. Severin. Don’t be lazy, don’t yawn For your pain. Storyteller. They say on New Year’s Eve Whatever you wish Everything will always happen Everything always comes true. I hope we can verify this today. The music is from the ballet The Nutcracker. Jester Gorokhovy runs into the hall. unfolds the scroll. Listen, honest people, decree! The king issued the following order: I announce the ball today. Ball cheerful, New Year’s! far.

(Звучит музыка из балета "Щелкунчик". В зал вбегает шут Гороховый. разворачивает свиток. Слушайте, честные люди, указ! Король издал следующий приказ: объявляю бал сегодня. Бал веселый, новогодний! люди из волшебной страны) 1.

Everyone must come to us! Cavaliers and their ladies We are looking forward to your holiday with us! Storyteller. Well, let’s go to the ball to the king Peas! Let’s say the magic words: Book of fairy tales, help! Open the doors to the fairy tale! Show me the wonderful world Surprise us with magic! The storyteller turns the pages of the book. Sounds like an overture from Rimsky-Korsakov’s The Golden Cockerel. Storyteller. Here we are in the Kingdom of Far Far Away with King Peas. SlickJump® There hasn’t been such a commotion in the court of the King of Peas for a long time. The palace was washed, decorated, the Christmas tree was decorated for a long time. Cavaliers for beauty all smoothed their mustaches. Well, all the girls brought dresses from abroad. The music of the composer A. Vivaldi "The Seasons" sounds. Guests (parents) in carnival costumes enter the hall. The jester announces the guests. King Pea enters with a calculator. Jester. And why do you, your royal majesty, need a calculator? Today is a holiday. What are you gess. Jester. I’m silent, I’m silent… King Peas. And I brought a calculator for you. So sit down and work. Jester. Work on holidays? And what to count? King Peas. Smiles and happy laughter! Jester. I’m sorry, what?! King Pea. They tell you — smiles! I received a message from Santa Claus that he will come to our ball as soon as we collect a thousand smiles and a sea of ​​laughter. So sit and collect! Jester. How will I collect them? Where can I get so many? King Pea. You look better. There, you see — one smile, but you don’t count, and there’s the second … The jester runs, counts smiles. King Pea. The guests seem to be in place, Have fun with us. The music of E. Grieg "In the cave of the mountain king" sounds. Green Tosca runs into the hall. Yearning Green. All clear! The holiday has already begun and, of course, without me! King Peas. Who are you? Longing Green. How? You don’t know who I am? Yes, you should all know me. I’m Tosca Green! King Peas. Why is longing at the New Year’s ball, and even green? We want to have fun, not to grieve. Longing Green. And Blizzard Prickly sent me to you. You all walk around here, counting smiles, waiting for Santa Claus to visit. And I will catch up with everyone, I will make everyone cry. Here Santa Claus will not come to visit you, he will not bring gifts. Longing Green walks around the hall, scares everyone. Tsar. A fool! Jester. I’m here! Tsar. How many smiles do we have? Jester. 50. Tsar. Oh, how little! Now this green lady will make everyone sad, what are we going to do? So Santa Claus will never come to us. What to do? Oh oh oh! Ah, I am poor King Pea. Storyteller. We must call Severina, the good mistress of snowflakes, let her help us, cheer up the guests, drive away the Green Tosca. Guys, help Severin to call! Children(together). Severina, come, surprise me with a snowy dance! Severin. I gathered in my hands Sparks of white and blue stars. Today I give them to you And I dance and I sing a song On this day I am with my friends. Children perform the dance of snowflakes to the waltz of P.I. Tchaikovsky from the ballet Sleeping Beauty. Tsar. Jester, count quickly. There’s one smile, here’s another… The jester counts. Longing Green. My mistress, Blizzard Prickly! Help me, send an assistant, Plakunchika. Together, we will make everyone cry faster. Blizzard Prickly. I am the Prickly Blizzard, I will cry, I will scream, I will win. Well, I’ll arrange a holiday for them. Longing Green, do not yawn, Get a bag of gifts. The jester counts smiles, stumbles over a bag marked "Gifts". Jester. What else is this? Tsar. These are probably gifts from Santa Claus. Untie the bag soon! Give me presents. I wonder why Santa Claus sent them to us, and not brought them himself? The jester unties the bag. From there the Plakunchik crawls out and starts crying. Tsar. Who else is this? Longing Green. And this is my assistant — Plakunchik! I am sad, and he is crying! Now let’s play and see. I will be leading. The one who manages to offend more offensively, who will make everyone cry bitterly, will win. And Plakunchik will help me. Storyteller. We don’t play these games! Plakunchik. What games do you play? Storyteller. But look at which ones. And you, Jester, count smiles. Actors and performers play with children in variousgames. 1. 3-4 people play at the same time. The children are blindfolded, and they try to find plastic New Year’s toys by touch and hang them on the Christmas tree to the music. The sounds of music fall silent — the children stop the competition. The winner is the one whose Christmas tree is the most beautiful. 2. Children are blindfolded. Cones of coniferous trees are scattered on the floor. Children collect cones in a basket to the music. The sounds of music fall silent — the children stop the competition. The one who collects the most cones wins. Jester. 1000 smiles! Hooray, it worked! Now Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden will come to us. Music sounds, any New Year’s, but always with the sound of bells. Santa Claus enters with the Snow Maiden. Father Frost. We walked along snowy forest paths, We walked through meadows, boundless fields. Snow Maiden. Happy songs helped us along the way. With a joke, with a song it is more interesting to go. Father Frost. And from the very end of the earth We bring you our congratulations. Happy new year dear friends! Tsar. Santa Claus, how are you on time! Otherwise, I don’t know how to calm down this Green Tosca and her assistant. She spoils the whole holiday for us, catching up with melancholy. Yes, even green. It spoils everyone’s mood. Student 1. Everything is white outside. It’s snowing, it’s snowing. And spinning under the tree Round dance, round dance. Student 2. We hung you Silver, silver. We dance merrily Student 3. Let the blizzard all the paths Notice, notice. To us in a hurry, in a hurry New Year! Father Frost. We’ll fix this issue. To sing for a whole year. Start a round dance. Even though I’m an old man But I’m used to dancing. The dance will be more fun If everyone helps her. Children lead a round dance to the music. Plakunchik. Something made me want to cry. Longing Green. And make me sad. Father Frost. This Longing Green somehow reminds me of someone… Well, come closer to me (looks at her). Tsar. Father Frost! Will we light the fires on the tree? Father Frost. But how! Where is your tree? Tsar. Yes, here she is (she looks around in surprise. The Christmas tree is covered with a light blanket, stands aside on a stand, on wheels). Woe is me! Trouble! Trouble! Jester pea, hurry here! Where is the tree? The king stamps his feet. The jester backs off. Father Frost. Longing Green, green, green! I remembered. Well, Blizzard Prickly! Oh, you are so harmful! It was Blizzard Prickly that bewitched our Christmas tree, turned it into Green Longing. Tsar. How can we disenchant it now? Father Frost. This is not an easy task. Do your guests know how to solve riddles, sing songs, answer tricky questions? Tsar. Do you know how? Children. Yes. Storyteller. Well, guys, let’s try to disenchant the Christmas tree, shall we? Come on, Santa Claus, let’s try. Father Frost. The man is middle-aged With an enormous beard. Brought with you by the hand To our granddaughter for the holiday. Children. Father Frost. Father Frost. The white blanket is not made by hand. Not woven, not cut, It fell from heaven to earth. Children. Snow. Father Frost. What a beauty — It stands shining brightly How beautifully trimmed… Tell me who she is. Children. Christmas tree. Snow Maiden. Well done boys! But riddles did not help us. Let’s try another one. I will start the verses now. I’ll start, keep going! Answer in unison. It’s snowing outside, Holiday coming soon… Children. New Year! Snow Maiden. Softly glowing needles The coniferous spirit is coming… Children. From the tree! Snow Maiden. The branches gently rustle Beads are bright… Children. Shine! Snow Maiden. And the toys swing Flags, stars… Children. Flappers! Snow Maiden. Threads of colorful tinsel. Bells… Children. Balls! Snow Maiden. White-bearded and red-nosed Under the branches of Grandfather… Children. Freezing! Father Frost. Nothing happens, it can be seen that Blizzard Prickly conjured for a long time. Do you know the Christmas tree song? Children. Yes. Children sing the song “They dressed the Christmas tree in a festive dress” (music by I.G. Smirnova, lyrics by K.M. Fofanov). Father Frost. Go away, Longing Green, Come to us, branchy tree, Green, a little silver All sparkling with snowflakes Festive, thin pieces of ice. Snow Maiden. golden tinsel, Bright, colorful, radiant. Our Christmas tree play Glow with a gem. Santa Claus strikes with a staff. Music sounds. Remove the cover from the tree. Longing Green takes off her rags, puts on a cape, hides behind the Christmas tree. The prankster turns into a jester. Snow Maiden. Oh yes tree! How good is that! It looks like she’s going to dance now. Father Frost. Why not go. Today is a magical day. Let her dance with her friends. Grow legs at the tree, Run along the path Dance with us. Get your heels on. Christmas tree dance to the music of I. Strauss "Snowflakes". The music of E. Grieg “Dance of the Trolls” sounds, Blizzard Prickly runs in. Blizzard Prickly. Finally got here! What is this wonderful room? And people are sitting around. Yes, he looks at the tree. Tsar. What is this miracle? And where did it come from? Blizzard Prickly. You yourself are a miracle! I’m a beauty! Why don’t you like my look? You, dear grandfather, You better dance with me. Tsar. Am I a grandpa? Well, the audacity! Am I a grandpa? Yes, who are you? Get out of the hall Kohl king you did not recognize. Blizzard Prickly. I, Blizzard Prickly, evil, mighty, I walk in the wild, in the forest, in an open field. I howl, I control the winds, I twist the clouds. I don’t want to know anyone. I grumble for the whole world. Didn’t they invite me to the party? Where are my helpers? Longing Green disenchanted? Where’s the Plakunchik? Became a joke? Well, I’ll take revenge on you! I’ll blow the icy winds, I’ll drive the clouds, I’ll throw ice floes, I won’t give gifts. Severin. Yes, why are you always angry? This doesn’t suit you. Blizzard Prickly. They didn’t invite me to the party, they forgot about me. Have fun, rejoice, sing, dance! Doesn’t it suit me to be angry? You will be angry when you are not invited to have fun with everyone. Severina. Yes, King Peas called all the inhabitants of a fairy-tale country for a holiday, issued a festive decree. Blizzard Prickly(referring to the King). Did you call everyone? Tsar. He called everyone who wants to have fun, sing, dance, frolic. Blizzard Prickly. And I want to. Tsar. Ball cheerful continue. Invite a blizzard to Ghanaian. "Letka-Enka" to dance. I ask you all to stand up! Children perform the Letka-Enka dance. Blizzard Prickly. Oh, how I had fun, I haven’t danced like that for a long time, I became kind. Okay, Santa Claus, take your gifts. Santa Claus distributes gifts. The rest of the characters help him. Father Frost. I wish you to grow and not be bored, Mom, dad, grandmothers do not upset, And always ask for forgiveness For any grief. I wish you to temper and grow wiser. And never get sick for a whole year. Never be arrogant And get rid of laziness. Well, next year I will come to you for the holiday. Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden leave. storyteller. We had a lot of fun with you! But our time is up. It’s time for us to go. The strike of the clock floats over the sky, In the windows, the light is not extinguished by the city! I wish you all a Happy New Year! Always be happy in life! The music of G. Sviridov "Snowstorm" sounds. Christmas tree for primary school students. Music sounds Leading. New Year clicks in a circle All friends and all girlfriends! To make it more interesting We will start our holiday with a song. Song about the Christmas tree. 1. Christmas tree, Christmas tree — forest aroma, She really needs a nice outfit. Chorus: Let this Christmas tree at a festive hour, Each needle pleases us, pleases us. 2. The Christmas tree loves funny children, We invite guests to the celebration. Chorus. 3. The Christmas tree will blink with a green branch, And like a fairy tale, the New Year will come. Chorus. Host: Guys, don’t you think that we forgot something? We forgot to say hello to each other. And now, it is urgent to correct the error. And I’ll start. I will go around the circle, lightly hit everyone on the shoulder with my palm. In doing so, I will pronounce the words: The one who grows polite A friend will not pass by. Even in the most terrible hurry "Hello!" he will pronounce. After the last word, the driver and the one who was slapped on the shoulder run in different directions in a circle. But in the place where they meet during the run, they should shake hands and say "Hello". After that, they must take an empty place, whoever does not have time, he leads. So, I’m starting. Game Hello! Host: Well done, so we greeted you. And now, let’s smile at each other and sing the song "Smile". Song: "Smile" Host: I have already seen that all of you guys are polite and cheerful. Now let’s check how attentive you are. I will ask you questions. And if you agree, answer "we", and if you do not agree, then be silent. Be careful! So, let’s begin: — Who celebrates the new year? — Who dances and sings? — Who receives gifts? — Who offends kids? — Who is so good with us, goes to sunbathe in galoshes? — Who comes to school by the deadline right by the third lesson? — Who is not afraid of frost, flies on skates like a bird? — Which one of you in the game of football scores a goal through the windows? — Which of you in the tram close gives way to the elders? — Which of you, I want to know, is a bully and a fighter? — Which of you I want to know likes to sing and dance? If you guys like to sing and dance, then let’s all dance together Dance of little ducks. Well done boys. Raise your right hand up. And pat yourself on the head. Guys, do you like to receive gifts? Santa Claus will definitely bring you gifts, but you know that he himself loves to receive gifts, but they give him very rare ones. Let’s all prepare a gift for Santa Claus together. Now repeat the movements after me and count to three. — We will turn around on the spot (one, two, three) — We will turn around on the spot (one, two, three) — Let’s smile at Santa Claus. (one two Three) Soon, very soon Santa Claus will be here. What kind of weather does Santa Claus like? (snowy) And we have little snow this year. Now you are all turning into snowflakes, when the music is playing, you have to run and spin around like snowflakes. And when the music ends, you must fly into small snowdrifts of 5 people. Music snowflakes flew. And now let’s fly into the snowdrifts. The game. Snowflake — snowdrift. We have piled such large snowdrifts, which means it’s time to play snowballs. Do you like to play snowballs? What do we do first? (we bend down, take the snow in our hands; we roll a snowball, we throw it far, and then all over again). And now we play all together to the music. Game "Snowballs" Host: Guys, well done! You know, while we were playing, the postman brought a letter. Interesting. Who is it from? “Santa Claus will not come to your holiday, he has lost his way. To help him, you must complete tasks. For each completed task, you will receive an asterisk, and they will show the way to Santa Claus to you. Guess riddles-balamutki in just half a minute. On New Year’s Eve, before overeating, he ate sweets and jam. He lived on the roof, poor thing, his name was …. (Carlson) He plays a little harmonica for passers-by Everyone knows the musician, his name …. (Crocodile Gena) He was a rain cloud, he went home with Piglet. And of course I loved honey. This is … (Winnie the Pooh) A river starts from a blue stream, This song was sung loudly Three funny … (Little Raccoon) 2. Participate in contests. "Flight in a hot air balloon" — 2 people are required to participate in the competition. You need to saddle the ball, try so that it does not fly out. "Fly" on the ball around the Christmas tree. Whoever manages to fly first without losing the ball wins. "Hold the snowflake" — You need to blow a snowflake from the bottom up so that it stays in the air and does not fall. The one who keeps the snowflake in the air the longest wins. 3. Sing a song about a forest dweller who likes to sleep in winter and is also a big gourmet. Guys, who is this, this is the task (this is a bear). What song do you know about a bear? (Why does a bear sleep in winter). Let’s eat then. Song: Why does a bear sleep in winter? Let’s lay out a path of stars and call Santa Claus: Santa Claus! The song of Santa Claus sounds. Santa Claus: Hello guys! Sounds dumb! Hello guys! Now your answer is not bad. From him, I almost went deaf. Happy New Year! Happy New Year! Congratulations to all guests! I was with you a year ago. Glad to see you all again. They grew up, became big, but did you recognize me? I walked to you from the forest for a long time to get to your Christmas tree. Presenter: Grandfather Frost, it’s time to light the lights on our beautiful Christmas Tree. Santa Claus: Guys, do you all know the magic words that can make our Christmas tree more beautiful? Let’s say in chorus one, two, three, Shine the Christmas tree with lights! Santa Claus: Let’s get up, friends in a big round dance, let each of you sing now. Leading: If you are cheerful today, you will be happy all year long. Get cheerful New Year’s round dance. Let’s sing a song: Little Christmas tree. Leading: Grandfather would you come up with what kind of game to amuse the kids. Santa Claus: Okay, let’s continue the holiday The game "Snowman-prankster". And the point of the game is I’ll catch snowflakes (girls) And you are the Snow Maiden of snowballs (boys). Catch, freeze We’ll ask you to sing later. (music is fun) Presenter: Grandfather Frost, you are probably tired, sit down for a while, and we have prepared a gift for you, and now we will show it. "Smile to Santa Claus" -We will now go to the right (one, two, three) — And now let’s go left (one, two, three) — We will turn around on the spot (one, two, three) — Santa Claus smile (one, two, three) — We’ll sit down a little. (one two Three) — And a little more — a little lie down (one, two, three) — We will turn around on the spot (one, two, three) — Let’s smile at Santa Claus. (one two Three) — Step on our feet (one, two, three) — And clap your hands (one, two, three) — We will turn around on the spot (one, two, three) — Let’s smile at Santa Claus. (one two Three). Santa Claus: Well done guys! Now tell me if you obey your mom and dad Santa Claus: And now we will arrange a Feast of Disobedience. You will do the opposite. If I go to the right, where will you go? (left). If I say you can, you say what? (impossible) Is everything clear? Then we start. You can’t eat snow. You can cross the street at a red light. But in winter you can’t go without a hat. And kids can be offended. And older people can be rude. But you can’t get doubles. And you can’t tease an angry dog. What if she bites? And the truth is, our Christmas tree is not beautiful. And she doesn’t have any toys. Willows don’t know how to dance at all. Leading: Let’s check, Grandfather Frost, whether our guys can dance. I propose to dance the dance "New Year’s toys". Let’s learn the movements. Motor, we spin around ourselves, foot on the heel, cotton, we go to the bell, and from the Christmas tree. Dance "Christmas Toys" Presenter: Grandfather Frost and the guys today have prepared a gift of poetry. Let’s listen to them. Children read poetry, Santa Claus gives gifts. Santa Claus: Well done guys, thank you, respected the old man. I also noticed that some guys came in New Year’s costumes. Please stand in a round dance, and the Snow Maiden and I will reward all the guys who came in costumes. Parade of children in New Year’s costumes. Leading: Guys, today we congratulated everyone on the holiday except for the Christmas tree. Let’s congratulate her, join hands and walk in a circle. 1,2,3,4 Oh, what a Christmas tree. (right) — (and now let’s go to the left) !,",3,4 A beautiful Christmas tree! — (and now let’s go together to the Christmas Tree. 1,2,3,4 Happy New Year. And from Yolochka. 1,2,3,4. And we wish you all success. Leading: And we will also sing for the Christmas Tree, Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, for all of us the most New Year’s song "A Christmas Tree was Born in the Forest." Santa Claus: Once again, happy holiday, friends. I must leave you. May the coming New Year It will only bring you joy! Music sounds: Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden are leaving. Target: creation of conditions for the development of creative abilities in younger students through vigorous activity in preparation for the New Year holiday. Tasks: development of creative abilities in primary school students. Download: Preview: Scenario New Year’s Eve in elementary school "Hello, New Year’s holiday!" Characters: Presenter, Kikimora, Goblin, Shishiga, Snow Queen, Snow Maiden and Santa Claus. To the music, children in carnival costumes enter the hall. Poems — 3rd grade. 1. New Year, wonderful year! He will come to us soon. Let’s have fun together Let’s decorate the tree. 2. Songs will flow together, Let’s celebrate the New Year. On this holiday we wish you Happiness, laughter and love, Just make a wish It will come true what you want. 3. Come in, people, here Both left and right! We are celebrating the New Year Jokes and fun! 4. Come in, people, here, And let’s get acquainted. May for many years This day will be remembered! 5. Hurry up and have fun Dear viewers! We ask the teachers in the hall, We ask all children to the Christmas tree, Ask their parents. 6. Hurry up Do not crowd at the door! Hurry up, kids! Waiting for you on our Christmas tree Interesting game. 7. Our festive New Year’s greetings All — from six to eight years! Today we are waiting for fun and jokes, We will not be bored here for a minute! Song number 1 "Happy New Year, we congratulate everyone!". 8. Come in, come in! Get into the round dance! Joke, dance and fun Let’s meet the New Year with you! 9. Let no one today Do not sit at home Become with us in a circle — Let’s have fun! 10. With songs and laughter Everyone ran into the hall And everyone saw a forest guest Tall, beautiful, green, slim, She shines with different lights Isn’t she a beauty? Do you all like the tree? 11. We are all very well, fun today Because he came to us New Year’s holiday! 12. We have been waiting for this day for a long time, Haven’t seen each other for a whole year Sing, ring under the tree New Year’s round dance. 13. Oh, and the day will be today! Santa Claus is coming soon. He is on this tree Three hundred light bulbs will light. 14. Santa Claus in a big park — Barely drags you gifts. I would not scatter, I conveyed. He is strong, Santa Claus. And gifts, they say, He distributes to everyone! Song number 2 "Get up in a circle …". P The Snow Queen appears. The Snow Queen: Ha-ha-ha, oh, have fun! You want gifts! New Year is yours! And there will be no new year for you. I will spin a snowstorm, sweep the road so that Santa Claus does not find the way to you. Hey snowflakes fly You lead round dances. Between the trees little by little Notice the way To those sledges This tree is not to be found. The Snow Queen: That’s all, kids, now no Santa Claus will come to you! And no gifts will bring you! And in order to completely spoil your holiday, I will enchant your Christmas tree. Sim-salabim! Sim-salabim! Let miracles happen to me! Turn off the stars. All freeze. Sim-salabim! Get it! The Snow Queen: Well, here, everything is ready. And so that no one can disenchant the Christmas tree, I will call my friends from the forest: Leshy, Kikimora and Shishiga. For no reason, in my absence, they will not let Santa Claus come to this holiday. The Snow Queen leaves. Goblin, Kikimora and Shishiga appear. kikimora : Finally, they remembered about us. And then we are all alone. Goblin : O! Is everyone already here? Hello guys! Santa Claus hasn’t come yet? And the Snow Maiden? That’s good! So I’m not late. Let’s get acquainted. I’m a goblin — a man, Hemp slug. moss beard, Tied with a bast. I was instructed by Santa Claus to meet the guests. This is my best friend. Shishiga : Great, goblin — grandfather. Lesha y: What? How harrier I am gray! This I myself know. kikimora : You are our protection and defense! Lesha y: What? Am I a plucked crow? Here I am you! Shishiga : That black grouse is deaf! Goblin : That would be so long ago! And they would say right away that I’m a good bachelor. Kikimor A: Well, now let’s get down to business! The Snow Queen of Santa Claus ordered us not to let us in on the holiday, so that you would not sing sonorous songs. Shishiga A: I know how to do it. If you do not answer at least one riddle, we will disperse your holiday. I walk in the field, I fly in the wild, I twist, I grumble, I don’t want to know anything. (Blizzard) 2. The old man at the gate dragged him warmly, He does not run and does not order to stand. (Freezing) 3. And not snow, and not ice, And he will remove the trees with silver. (Frost) Shishiga ( clutching his head and screaming) Ouch! What smart kids! All my riddles solved! Goblin, maybe you have a riddle that children would not be able to guess? Goblin: I have one here. This riddle is about my girlfriend. You certainly won’t guess this one. Dirty, mischievous Suddenly landed on the page Because of this darling, you will receive a unit. (Blot) Raise your hands who is friends with her. (Waving his hand in annoyance) Wow! What are the top performers here? Ugh! And make friends with no one! kikimora : Calm down, Goblin. You are good at guessing riddles. And I have such a task: if you overtake me in my competition, then so be it, we will allow you to spend your holiday. (Kikimora with the guys runs around the Christmas tree) Kikimora: We can’t do anything! Shishig a: And what are you Leshy worth like a deck. Yeshi y: Where, where is the voivode. Kikimor a: Not a governor, but a deck. Shishiga : Interpret here with the deaf, you, Goblin, need to be treated. Goblin: Why wet me? Shishiga : I say: do not wet, but treat. Goblin: I’m sorry, what? Driving around the city? No, I want to go home to the forest. kikimora : We couldn’t do anything, so it’s time to go home to the forest. Goblin, Kikimora and Shishiga leave. presenter : Finally, they left, but the Christmas tree remained enchanted. To disenchant the Christmas tree, you need to call the Snow Maiden with Santa Claus. Snow sweeps the street Brightly silver. Something at Santa’s door It doesn’t knock for a long time. We’ve been waiting for him for so long Haven’t been seen for a whole year! Maybe he got lost? Can’t find a way to us? We need to look for it Shout out to everyone together: Father Frost! Snow Maiden! Ay! The children call Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden in unison. Leading. Santa Claus and Snow Maiden do not hear us. Let’s sing a song so they can find their way to us. Song number 3 "White, white in December, in December .." presenter Santa Claus does not come to us. Or maybe he forgot that the New Year is coming? Guys, let’s play a game so that he comes to us quickly. The game is called "Because New Year!". You answer my questions with the phrase"Because it’s New Year!" Why, collecting string bags. Is our trip to the shops?________ Why does everyone have in the evening More worries? ________ Why no one today Not planning a renovation?._______ Why by the days gone by Nostalgia does not take? ____________ Why each other each Sending congratulations with a joke?________ Why is he sitting at the table Dressed up people? ..________ Why do people rejoice Smiling from ear to ear?._______ Why forget from now on The turn does not end? .. _________ Why with a smart bag Snow Grandpa is coming?_________ Why the Snow Maiden to the Christmas tree Calling everyone on a date? __________ Why is the Christmas tree spinning Cheerful round dance? _________ Song number 4 "The blizzard covered my city …". Presenter: Let’s call Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden again. Father Frost! Snow Maiden! Ay! Exit of Father Frost and Snow Maiden. Santa Claus (congratulations). Snow Maiden: A snowstorm knitted me a white hat on New Year’s Eve. A blizzard made felt boots from fluffy snow. I love frosty frost I can’t live without cold. Santa Claus chose a name for me: I am the Snow Maiden, friends! I collected in my palm Sparks of fiery blue stars. And today I distribute them all, And I sing a magical song This evening with my friends. Let the cheerful round dance be the first to celebrate the New Year! Song number 5 "Himself, Father Frost himself." Poems Grade 1 (1 part of children.) Dance number 1 "We will hang the balls." Poems grade 1 (part 2 of children.) The Snow Queen appears. The Snow Queen: We got it anyway! Well, it won’t be a holiday anyway! Freeze! Cold, cold, come, Get cold! So that no one can step To get me a bag! Father Frost: ( menacingly knocking staff) Oh well, stop fooling around! There is no evil curse here. The Snow Queen: Forgive me! I did not mean to! It’s just that I’m never invited to a party and don’t give gifts! Father Frost : Well, excuse me? But first, disenchant our Christmas tree. The Snow Queen:To disenchant your Christmas tree, the guys must sing her song. Song number 6 "We invited the green Christmas tree to visit." We ask the Snow Maiden to light the Christmas tree. We light the tree. Poems Grade 2 (1 part of the children). New Year’s ditties (grade 2). I sit on the sled I boldly roll from the hill, Let it be white from the snow But what a bold one! Near the house, at the rink I made a snowman Made a nose out of a carrot Got Santa Claus. Dad put on a suit for me Spiderman. Couldn’t look back I’m hanging from the ceiling. With mom dressed up the Christmas tree, And the lights were on. There will be my Christmas tree The most beautiful! I got up early today. She immediately ran to the tree. Thank you, Santa Claus What gifts he brought me! Grandma made me a suit white bunny, I forgot to give carrots Little boy. Santa Claus slept in bed I got up, ringing icicles: Where are you, blizzards and snowstorms? Why don’t you wake me up? I am a cheerful Snow Maiden, I’ll play hide and seek with you But I’m afraid to drink tea — I melt from the hot. May any of your dreams Come true, come true. Let the lights on our Christmas tree They light up brightly. In our hall there is noise and laughter, The singing doesn’t stop. Our tree is the best! There is no doubt about this. Children lead a round dance, They clap their hands. Hello hello. New Year! You are so good! Outside the window, a flock of snowflakes He also leads a round dance. Saying goodbye to the old year, We are celebrating the New Year. Happy New Year, New Years greetings! I wish mom and dad To live up to a hundred years! Dance number 2 "Heel-toe". Poems grade 2 (part 2 of children). Presenter: Santa Claus always gives everyone gifts, but he himself loves to receive them. But no one gives them to him. Let’s give him a dance. Dance number 3 "4 steps forward." Father Frost . Thank you guys. And now, come on, guess who sent us the following telegrams? The Snow Maiden reads. We wish without interference Gnawing nuts for you for a whole year, Jump and play burner Happy New Year! Your ( squirrels) I don’t know about the tree This tree is for the wolf. What kind of tree, tell me State everything in detail. Address simply: Neil. Happy New Year! (Crocodile ) Snowing. Wonderful day! I’m flying out, your ( deer). I took a plane ticket. Let’s meet together New Year ) Tail shorter than ear Quick habits. I rush that there is a spirit, Holidays without looking back. Who is he, guess! Well, of course (bunny) Song number 7 "The little Christmas tree is cold in winter." Snow Maiden We want to read a greeting card to you, And you do not yawn, compose together in rhyme. Game "New Year’s wish"». In the New Year we wish with love Let all of you not fail … (health) To make your life more fun We wish more reliable … (friends) We wish everyone in addition, May you be accompanied by … (luck) We wish peace on earth And bread, salt on … (table) So that you are the happiest of all To accompany you .. (success) Why are people gathered here? Because soon … (New Year) Let all the good things be remembered And what did you think … (it will come true). Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden say goodbye and leave. Presenter: Santa Claus, and gifts? Father Frost. Hurry, kids, get to class. Gifts are waiting for you in the class. Dance number 4 "Ducklings". The song "A Christmas tree was born in the forest." Guests are sitting, children too, girls dressed as snowflakes. Greetings. A few words about the past year. Congratulations. Wishes. And what kind of holiday is this? When was it invented? Who gave the decree to celebrate the New Year? “As a sign of a good undertaking in cheering each other to congratulate each other on the New Year … along the noble passing streets at the gates and houses, make some decoration of trees and branches of pine, spruce and juniper … repair shooting from small cannons and guns … launch high-explosive rockets and light fires everywhere” . Indeed, this is a wonderful holiday. What time of the year do we celebrate it? What would we do if there was no winter? Tell me, without whom there can be no New Year? (Without Santa Claus and Snow Maiden). Here comes our first guest. The Snow Maiden comes in. (to the song of M. Khlebnikova “New Year”) Snow Maiden: Hello guys! I am the Snow Maiden, I felt sad in the forest Songs, jokes and fun I bring you to the holiday. Good at your Christmas tree Have fun and dance We will be with you today Celebrate the New Year together. I hurried to the holiday to you, Brought greetings from the forest And from whom — find out for yourself. (In the bag — toys: squirrel, wolf, hedgehog, fox, owl). Fast little animal Jumping through the trees. (Squirrel) Who is cold in winter An angry, hungry walks in the forest? (Wolf) Under the bushes, under the trees A ball of needles rolls Uphill — running, downhill — somersault. (Hedgehog) Cunning cheat red head Fluffy tail — beauty, And her name is … (Fox) Lives in the forest, sleeps during the day, Flying at night He hoots and scares everyone. (Owl) What is it Flying in the air? Melting in the palm of your hand Lighter than fluff Asterisks — … (Snowflakes) Correctly. Snow Maiden: Where are my snowflakes? Snowflakes: We are snowflakes We are fluff We start a round dance. The Snow Maiden came to visit us, Santa Claus is coming soon. This meeting, this evening The kids have been waiting all year! The dance of the snowflakes. Snow Maiden: Well done! Guys, what fun do you have in winter? (Sled, skis…). Do you make a snowman? Me: Yes, and we just have a little surprise for you, Snow Maiden. (The poem "Snow Woman"). Guys, where is Santa Claus? He’s been gone for a long time. Phone call. Snow Maiden: Hello! Hello grandfather! Where are you? How do you sit under the tree? How are the slippers? Where are your boots? Who stole? Baba Yaga and Leshy? Don’t worry, we’ll figure something out! Snow Maiden: Guys, what to do? Who will help us? Knock on the door. A fortune-teller enters (music by Bulanova). Fortune teller: I am a fortune teller. Hello. And who wants to know their fate? What happened, what will happen, I will tell the whole truth, I will not deceive anyone. To begin with, I will tell fortunes to you by the hand. Look closely at your palms (pause). If you see extra lines on them, then you haven’t washed your hands for a long time. Too thick lines on your hands indicate very good nutrition. If you didn’t find a single line on your hand (pause), then you forgot to take off your mittens. Now look at your feet (pause). A lone shoe on the left foot suggests some absent-mindedness. Yellow shoes with green polka dots indicate delicate taste. Now take a close look at the necks of your neighbors. Soaped neck promises to improve soon. Now I’ll guess your name. He approaches a mother and asks her name. Fortuneteller: /I. O. / name (pause) / I. O./. And now, who is brave, let’s tell fortunes, pull out the papers and read the wishes. Parents read wishes aloud. Snow Maiden: Fortune teller, honey, that’s all well and good, but we need you to help find Santa Claus. A fortune teller reads cards. Fortuneteller: Oh, he is lonely, poor, cold. But I can’t see the place well. Blizzard, blizzard. But I see that someone is coming to visit us. I’d better move away, and I advise you, Snow Maiden. Baba Yaga runs in to the song "And I’m a little abomination." Baba Yaga: Hello, did you recognize me? Yes, I am Grandmother-Yagusechka (oh, sciatica). Me: Baba Yaga, why are you ruining our holiday? Why did you take boots from Santa Claus? Baba Yaga: But what a beauty I am in them! Me: Baba Yaga, where is Leshy? Baba Yaga: Yes, here he is rushing. To the song of Leshy, Leshy runs in. Sings. Leshy: Hello, I’m Leshy. Hello, grandma! Baba Yaga: Leshenky, healthy! I look like? Am I good? The song "You’re scary unpainted." Baba Yaga: Oh, rude! Goblin: Well, don’t pout! Grandma, but the guys took us with you for their friends and are not afraid of us at all. Silly, gullible, smiling, but they themselves do not know that we ruined their holiday and Santa Claus will not come to them. Me: What did you do? Baba Yaga and Leshy: We stole his felt boots from him. He can’t come to your holiday in slippers! (Whispers). Me: What are you whispering? Goblin: We want to dance with the guys. If you dance well, maybe we’ll give you boots. Me: What do you want to dance? Goblin: My favorite dance. "If you like…" Me: Well, how did you like it? Goblin: Yes, we danced well, but we won’t give away the felt boots. Baba Yaga: And now — my favorite dance. I forgot what it’s called. Well, here’s what … (grabs the lower back). Well, a bird dance, chicken, no, goose, but, I remembered — duck. Me: Yes, not a duck, but a dance of little ducklings. "Dance of little ducks" Me: Did you like it? Baba Yaga: I liked it, but I won’t give up boots. Me: Do you know how to dance? Baba Yaga: Oh, I am the best dancer and singer in the world. Dancing, holding on to the waist Baba Yaga: Well, clap me! I didn’t want to dance Standing and shy And the harmonica played I couldn’t resist. I danced with three legs Lost my boots looked back, My boots are on. Hedgehog sits on a birch White shirt, On the head — a boot, On the leg is a cap. There is a cart on the mountain Tears drip from the arc. There is a cow under the mountain Puts on boots. If there were no water There would be no mug If it wasn’t for me Who would sing ditties? Baba Yaga: Guess the riddles — I will give the boots, so I decided (just answer all together). wiggles ears, Jumping under the bushes gray coward, Call him … (Bunny) Baba Yaga: Well, not very well. Near the Christmas tree in every house Children lead a round dance. What is the name of this holiday? Answer … (New Year) Me: You guessed it, give me the boots! Baba Yaga: No, now guess for me! Me: What if you don’t? Baba Yaga: There is no such riddle that I would not guess! Me: And if you don’t guess, will you give me boots? Baba Yaga: Yes. Goblin: Yeah, trust her more. Lie — will not take expensive. Baba Yaga: Don’t go! Me: Ok, listen. He is a fun toy In a cap and with a rattle, And his name is… Baba Yaga: Cheesecake! Baba Yaga: I know, I know, "frog"! Guys: Parsley! Me: That’s it, Baba Yaga, give me the felt boots. Baba Yaga: No, no! Me: You gave your word. Baba Yaga: Honestly — ready to lie! I am the master of my word. I gave my word, and I took it back. Make me laugh! Me: Okay, look! Scene “Tell me, Snow Maiden …” Baba Yaga: Oh, you can laugh! Me: Give me boots! Baba Yaga: I won’t give it back! I like you very much! Goblin: Listen, grandmother, do you even know what everyone calls you? Baba Yaga: How? Old woman — beef, Vredina — greedy. No, I messed up: Greedy — harmful, Beef is a pickle. No, it’s not like that again. Grandma — yaguska, Vredina — picky, Greedy, Yabed — snag! Baba Yaga: Rude! Me: Goblin, you keep swearing at Baba Yaga, but yourself? Do you want to stay with us for the holiday? Leshy: Yes! Me: Then help us, persuade Baba Yaga to give the felt boots. Goblin: Okay, but I have a condition. Goblin: You are all so cute and pretty here. Do you have any robbers? Any pirates? Any rude ones? Everything will be easier on the heart. Me: Guys, let’s pretend to become artists for 5 minutes and outwit Leshy. The song "Byaki-buki" Goblin: That’s a different conversation! Grandma, okay, let’s give the felt boots. Baba Yaga: no, no, no! Me: Guys, let’s kindly ask: “Granny Yagusechka, please give me boots!” Baba Yaga (cries). Me: What’s wrong with you? Why are you crying? Baba Yaga: For joy. I have lived for three hundred years — I have not heard a kind word. Everything is a grandmother, yes Yaga. Children tease: "Hedgehog-potato, bone leg." And you are so polite: "Grandma, please." Here are felt boots for you, take them to Santa Claus, and I’ll drag myself into the forest, I’m ashamed that I wanted to prevent you from celebrating the New Year. Goblin: Listen, grandmother, do you remember under what tree we left Grandfather? Baba Yaga: No, I have sclerosis. Goblin: Where is my brilliant detective? (Claps hands 3 times.) “I am a brilliant detective” Goblin: Go to the forest, find Santa Claus, give him boots and bring him here. Detective: Will be done. (Baba Yaga takes off her boots). Baba Yaga: Will I be barefoot? I have sciatica and rheumatism. Me: Here are your slippers, put them on. Baba Yaga: My favorite size. And then you take them away? Me: No, we’ll give them to you. Baba Yaga: Oh, thank you! Me: Well, sit down, Baba Yaga and Leshy, we will wait for Santa Claus. Snow Maiden, call Grandpa. Snow Maiden (calls on the phone): Grandpa, where are you? Already entered the school? Already around class? Are you already at the door? Me: Santa Claus, Santa Claus! Santa Claus: Ay, ay-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y! Santa Claus: Oh, hello guys! Hello granddaughter! Hello parents! (greets all the children) I saw Leshy and Baba Yaga. Santa Claus: Oh, and you’re here?! I’ll freeze you! (Goblin and Baba Yaga close) Snow Maiden: No, grandfather, they promised to behave well. Santa Claus: Children, let’s leave them for the holidays? Children: Yes!!! Santa Claus: Okay! Just be good. Santa Claus: Okay! Happy New Year, Happy New Year! Congratulations to all children! Congratulations to all guests! I came to the city from the forest How beautiful, how wonderful In the snow-white hats of the Christmas tree, How shiny their needles are! Snow Maiden: Grandpa, it’s time to light the Christmas tree! Santa Claus (gives a box): Take a granddaughter chest, there is a magic wand. Snow Maiden: Oh, it doesn’t open! His blizzard bewitched. She said that she would open when the children solved the riddles. Santa Claus makes riddles… Santa Claus: Well done guys! Snow Maiden: chest, chest, gilded barrel, painted cover, copper valve, One, two, three, four, five, You can light the tree! Snow Maiden: Oh, it’s open! On, grandfather wand, the tree only obeys you. Santa Claus: Well done, granddaughter! (takes stick) Light up with bright lights Green beauty! Give the children joy And to everyone who is in the hall with us, Count together: one, two, three! (Christmas tree lights up) Father Frost: Near New Year’s Eve Candles lit up everywhere Everyone is cheerful — old and young. Everyone is happy to welcome the New Year. Bright New Year’s holiday We meet every year. Who wants to have fun? Get into the round dance! "Round dance" Father Frost: Everyone who hears us Who knows us We congratulate you on the New Year We wish you happiness and good luck Good health in addition. Snow Maiden: Holidays joyful, cheerful, But, mind you, don’t forget about school. Study for "4", "5". Help mom around the house We wish that every home He was rich in peace and warmth. Santa Claus: Well, now I’ll rest, I’m tired. Snow Maiden: Here, grandfather, drink some water (in a glass of candy). Santa Claus: I was joking with you. Well, now maybe you will please the old man: sing, dance. (Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden sit down) Children come out, tell poems about winter … Song (all together) "The clock strikes …" Holiday script for elementary school "New Year’s performance around the Christmas tree!" Prepared by: primary school teacher MOU "Zykovskaya secondary school" Saransk urban district of the Republic of Mordovia Ukhtinskaya Elena Gennadievna 1 account Everyone, hurry up and run here. Gather in this room If you want to see New Year’s carnival! 2ac. There are many wonderful holidays Everyone comes in their turn But the best holiday in the world The best holiday is New Year! Performance of the song: "A cheerful winter has come" A merry winter has come Snowflakes all around. Don’t sleep, get up early Hurry up and get your skates Happy winter has come! The sun froze to ice I go to the skating rink in the morning. And pinches a painful nose Angry Santa Claus The sun froze to ice. Snowballs are flying fast None of the guys are cowards. And a fierce fight broke out Although we are friends with you Snowballs are flying fast! The first verse is repeated. 3 account Happy New Year Both hosts and guests! Good luck to all, I wish you well And fine, clear days! 4ac. Happy New Year Happy New Year Congratulations to everyone, and then And we walk in a round dance Let’s dance and sing! 5 accounts The wind blows over the fields In painted felt boots, Luck awaits in the New Year Both big and small! 6ac. Stars shine above the earth — Not simple, scarlet. New Year brings with it Happiness is unprecedented! 7ac. Let’s hold hands, friends And we will stand in a round dance, Not every day, but once a year The New Year is coming. The song "NEW YEAR IS COMING" 1. The days are shorter, the evening comes early, Imperceptibly the rivers are covered with ice. And a blizzard’s voice is heard, And the snow lies on the roofs, — New Year is coming! New Year’s snowstorm sings songs, Outside the window, snowflakes dance. The lights on the trees are shining And the children rejoice New Year is coming! Chorus: New Year is coming to us And we all believe That miracles will happen again. New Year is coming — Open the doors! After all, he comes only where he is expected. 2. Let the abundance of doubts and adversity The outgoing year will take with it. And let under the white snow He will hide all the problems New Year is coming! Celebrating the holiday, we know in advance That the coming year will bring us happiness. Wishes will be fulfilled Expectations come true New Year is coming! Chorus (2x) 8 accounts A guest came to us today In the winter New Year’s holiday We dressed her up Warmed up, revived. Leading: — What kind of guest came to us? 9 account Hello tree, how happy we are That you came to us again. And in green needles The freshness of the forest has brought! 10ch. On the branches of your toys And the lanterns are on colorful crackers, Beads different hang! 11 accounts Here it is, our Christmas tree, In the blaze of radiant lights, She seems to be the most beautiful All greener and more magnificent! 12. A fairy tale is hiding in the greenery, The white swan is swimming. Bunny slides on a sleigh The squirrel gnaws nuts. 13. And now we will stand in a circle, Let’s take hands And in a cheerful round dance Let’s go with a song. The song "A Christmas tree was born in the forest" Gentle music sounds, the Snow Maiden comes out. Snow Maiden : I love frosty frost. You can’t live without cold. Santa Claus chose a name for me: I am the Snow Maiden, friends! The Snow Maiden turns to the guys, smiles at them. Snow Maiden : Hello my dear girls and boys! How many of you are in the hall today. You must have been waiting for me. And I hurried to you guys, And I am very glad to meet you My grandfather is coming soon And the New Year will come again! Are you all funny and smart? And now I’ll check. Snow Maiden : And I know this game. I will ask questions. If I say it right, you will clap your hands cheerfully, and if I say it wrong, then stomp. Clear? Santa Claus is known to everyone. Right? — Right! He arrives promptly at seven. Right? — Wrong! Santa Claus is a good old man. Right? — Right! He wears a fur coat and galoshes. Right? — Wrong! Santa Claus is afraid of the cold. Right? — Wrong! He is friends with the Snow Maiden. Right? — Right! The deuces were carried in the diary. Right? — Wrong! Santa Claus is coming soon. Right? — Right! Bring gifts to everyone. Right? — Right! Snow Maiden : Well done boys! I see that you are all cheerful and quick-witted. There is a noise, a whistle, a clatter. The Snow Maiden looks into the distance and speaks bewilderedly. Snow Maiden: Willows bend, spruces groan. Snow covered the road. Really… really Is that Santa Claus coming? (A phonogram of the melody “A Christmas tree was born in the forest” sounds) Baba Yaga and Leshy come out. Baba Yaga. Hello girls and boys! Hooligans, boasters, Doppelgangers and lazybones Truants and slackers. Goblin : Slobs and fighters Clumsy and liars! (Baba Yaga pushes him after each phrase.) Goblin: I am a cheerful Santa Claus He brought you all slingshots (takes out a slingshot). I brought you gum(pulls out a large pack of chewing gum). Brought you cigarettes (Baba Yaga pushes him in the side.) Goblin: BUT!!! I am a cheerful Santa Claus I brought you gifts. Snow Maiden: Grandfather! What about you! You are not like that You are insidious, cunning, evil- Real Water. Baba Yaga : What are you talking about! You look carefully. (Demonstrates Santa Claus.) Real Santa Claus Here is the hat, here is the nose. Has a gas bottle And a disposable staff. Snow Maiden : Who are you? Baba Yaga: I? Snow Maiden — a slender figure Long pigtails, black eyelashes. I go to school every day With you, children, I am friends. Snow Maiden: Oh, you don’t look like Santa Claus, do you guys? And even more so for the Snow Maiden, because the Snow Maiden is me. Baba Yaga : Oh, father, you’re late! Goblin: I told you, get dressed quickly, we’ll be late. The real Snow Maiden has already arrived. Baba Yaga: Don’t push! I had to put myself in order, I’m a woman! Snow Maiden: guys, do you recognize them? Correctly! This is Baba Yaga and Leshy. Baba Yaga: Yes! I am Granny, I am Yagusya. I am very proud of this! Goblin: And I’m Leshy, not at all evil, Not old and not young. I live in the forest, I serve, And who will come to me in the forest, It will fall into my paws! (The phonogram of the melody “Sailor O. Gazmanov” sounds. Baba Yaga and the goblin dance. Baba Yaga sings.) Baba Yaga: I live in the wilderness of the forest, Yes, in a bone hut, I’m friends with Kikimora I often visit with her. I don’t like funny laughter I am more harmful and angrier than all of you, I never work I’m proud of myself. Chorus: I’m Granny, I’m Yaga, I am a bone leg. I will ruin your holiday I won’t let you have fun. I’m a grandmother, so I want I’ll conjure, I’ll whisper Santa Claus will not come to you The New Year will not come. Goblin : ( Sings the song "My Bunny") My grandmother, I am your Lyokha. I feel very bad without you. My hedgehog is evil — evil, My grandmother, dear. Baba Yaga : You are my goblin, evil, insidious, Cunning such and nightmarish, Bunny you are my headless, Hedgehog you are my stupid, Together: Honey!!! Santa Claus won’t come to you The New Year will not come It won’t come, it never will. We’ll outsmart everyone around, we’ll do something here, We are more harmful than anyone in the world, yes, yes, yes, yes! Snow Maiden: And where is Santa Claus? Baba Yaga: He sits in his hut, The frogs guard him. So don’t wait for it Everyone get out of here. Snow Maiden: But this is impossible! The guys gathered for the holiday, they were waiting for it so much, they studied well, tried and now the holiday should come. Goblin: Is it a holiday for them? Are they excellent students? (Approaches the children, knocks on the head, the soundtrack of the sound of an empty dish sounds). Goblin: Grandma, you were right They have an empty head And my head is full of mind! (Knocks on his head — there is a ringing of empty dishes.) Goblin: Yes, they are losers and kolyshniks, and not some excellent students. Snow Maiden: And that’s not true! Our guys are all good students and know how to make friends. Baba Yaga: Here we are testing them. Let’s tell them riddles. Behind the back, a big bag Santa Claus will come in winter Inviting all the people Meet together … (New Year) Everywhere on this holiday there is a roar! Explosion, then merry laughter! Very loud toy New Year’s … (Clapperboard) There is a Christmas tree in the corner By the window on the floor. And on the tree to the top, All are beautiful… (Toys) He has a huge bag Walking through the forest… Who got up a little light today We are carrying a bag of sweets … He comes in the new year Will we light the tree on the tree? Who is this? Here is the question! Let’s say together… (Father Frost) We bought them for the holidays The Christmas tree was dressed up. And now the flowers are burning Shine bright… (Lights) Santa Claus for the New Year Bring the Christmas tree to the kids. And it’s like a fire on it Everything sparkles big … (Ball) Here comes the old grandfather, Dressed in a red coat. Nose red as a beet Long stick in hand On the shoulder weighs — a bag, In the beard glitters — snow. (Father Frost) Christmas balls — The best gift for kids. Fragile, fabulous and bright This festive… (Gift) These painted chains Children glue paper. (Fairy lights) What a Christmas toy Shooting loud like a cannon? (Clapperboard) He is strict, he is kind, All overgrown with a beard, Hurrying to us now for the holiday, Who is this? … Snow Maiden: -Well, have you seen how smart and quick-witted we are? Baba Yaga. And we are with my Leshak We dance best and sing. Who wants to compete with us? And then we’ll laugh. Snow Maiden. _ Children, let’s show, how we can sing! SONG "Our Christmas Tree" 1. All around was covered in blizzard-turmoil. Zimushka winter captivated with its beauty. We are carrying a Christmas tree from the fairy forest. Let’s all sing a song together! Chorus Frost lace on your pins and needles. The most beautiful will be our Christmas tree. We will wrap you in a rain of silver. Our Christmas tree will become absolutely magical! 2. Soon the magic will happen, just wait. You catch him in the lodoshi and do not miss. Soon the bright garlands of the Christmas tree will burn And with a cheerful song, the new year will come to us. Chorus Baba Yaga: — And now we will show our achievements, repeat all the movements after Lyokha. (Dance “We will go first to the right …”) (Baba — Yaga and Leshy do not succeed.) Snow Maiden: Are you sure now? We dance better than you! Baba Yaga. I’ll tell you a secret — I’m friends with Stallone I know Schwarzenegger I play sports with him After all, I’m not just an artist — I am a granny bodybuilder. And now we’ll prove to you Let’s show our speed! Hey, who’s brave, come out! Show your speed! (Several children are called. They must ski around the Christmas tree. Who is faster. Baba Yaga and Leshy run with them.) Snow Maiden. — Hey, well done guys! It’s great you beat Baba — Yaga and Leshy. Baba Yaga. — Oh, oh, I feel bad! Goblin: — The doctors! The doctors! (An ambulance siren sounds. A doctor comes running.) Doctor: — Ouch. Grandma turned pale. What, Yagusya, got sick? Ill, no problem Eat the frog from the pond. There is no reliable medicine than the natural environment. Baba Yaga: These kids are smarter and faster and friendlier. I’m burning with anger I am losing my strength. (Falls.) Doctor: I will help Yozhka. Find my hammer I’ll bring her to her senses. (He takes a hammer, knocks on her knee, her leg jumps, a strong creak is heard, Baba Yaga gets up). Baba Yaga: — Guard! Kill! Did you fall from the attic? Here I am now! (Runs after the doctor around the Christmas tree.) Doctor: — Grandma is alive! (Runs away.) Baba Yaga: Our scam has failed. Santa Claus is coming. Eh, we didn’t make it. They ruin the New Year. (The clatter of hooves is heard. The New Year enters.) New Year: _ Come on, let me through. Make way for the young! Baba Yaga:- And you do not rush and do not be rude. Look, a young one has turned up! New Year: — Hello, girls and boys! Baba Yaga: — New Year! New Year: With youth in your eyes The New Year is on the threshold In the blue flying snowfall With a free wind far and wide. I think you are happy with me? Baba Yaga: So glad! Last year he came, brought only trouble. Here listen: The hut burned down The broom flew away The potion was brewed She even poisoned Koshchei. Lived in a den Outside legs. Didn’t get enough sleep, didn’t eat I suffered all year without fly agarics. Instead of a stick — a simple stick … Well, don’t you feel sorry for me??? Goblin: — Yes, yes, this is such nonsense, Only nasty things from you and saw. New Year : Baba Yaga, this old year was bad for you, and I am new, young. And young people are always dear to us. Baba Yaga: — Ah, young! Tell me, do you want your year to last forever? Goblin: -Do you want eternal life? Baba Yaga : Do you want to never grow old? And be forever young? Goblin : Do you want power and respect? New Year: — Want!!! But as? Baba Yaga: — You’re doing great, son! We have vitamins. Eat your vitamin! Goblin: Eat for health! Snow Maiden : Don’t take anything from them! Baba Yaga: Don’t listen to her, she’s jealous of you! And you eat, son! (New Year eats a vitamin.) Goblin: (in a whisper, turning to Baba Yaga.)- What is this vitamin? Baba Yaga: Vitamin I! Goblin: — Something I have never heard of such vitamins! Baba Yaga: — Anyone who swallows at least one vitamin will forget about everyone in the world and begin to think only about himself. Everyone will quarrel, and maybe even fight. There is nothing worse than vitamin I! After taking it, everyone thinks only of themselves! Goblin: — You are the most brilliant grandmother in the world! And nothing can help him? Baba Yaga: — Only vitamin WE can help! And the box with the WE vitamin is securely hidden in my deepest pocket! (Baba Yaga and Leshy leave.) Snow Maiden: (referring to the New Year)-New Year, look what a smart Christmas tree we have, what beautiful and cheerful children. They have been waiting for you for a long time. Sing with them, dance! New Year: — I?! I won’t! And the Christmas tree is prickly!… And the toys are bad!… And the guys are harmful!… And what should I do here, so handsome and young? Snow Maiden: — What’s wrong with him guys?(Guys talk.) Snow Maiden: What? Oh God! This is a very dangerous vitamin, the one who swallows it thinks only of himself, forgets about his friends, becomes rude, lazy, constantly repeats the word I! Alas, I am powerless here! What to do? Let’s try to disenchant with a fun song! The song "If there was no winter …" 1. If there was no winter in cities and villages. The baby would not circle around the snow woman, The track would not wind, if only, if only, if only. 2. If there was no winter, there is no secret in this, We would fade from the heat, we would get tired of summer. A blizzard would not come to us, at least for a day, And the bullfinch would not sit on the spruce, if only, if only, if only. 3. If there was no winter, but all the time summer, We would not know this New Year’s mess. Santa Claus would not rush to us through potholes. The ice on the river would not freeze, if only, if only, if only. If there was no winter in cities and villages. We would never have known these happy days. New Year: — Bad song! And you sing badly! Here I am… Snow Maiden: — And the song doesn’t help! Guys, maybe you know how to heal the New Year? What? Vitamin WE? This is not found in any magical book! Here would be Santa Claus! Snow Maiden : Girls and boys, My fingers are cold Ears get cold, nose gets cold, It can be seen close … (Santa Claus)! ( (Soundtrack of the clatter of hooves.) Do you hear? Rides! Rides! To meet the guest together, Tell everyone, guys, you need to: "Santa Claus, we are waiting for you!" (repeat). (Santa Claus enters.) Father Frost : Hey friends! I’m with you again! How do you live? How healthy? I walked for a long time. Along the way I have gone to many schools. Happy New Year with a new happiness Both the Snow Maiden and me Congratulations, friends! I was with you a year ago I am glad to see you again. All the same, I’m gray-haired, But just like being young. Together with you even now I’m ready to dance! ( Everyone dances to the Russian folk music "Kalinka".) Father Frost : — Snow Maiden, I don’t understand something! On all the Christmas trees we are greeted by the New Year. Helps to play with the kids. Is there something that happened here? Snow Maiden: — Santa Claus, Baba Yaga and Leshy enchanted the New Year. They fed him vitamin E. Father Frost: — Hidden? Snow Maiden: — Yes, only vitamin WE can save. Father Frost: — That’s the trouble! Where have these thugs gone? (Children suggest. Santa Claus goes out into the corridor, there is a noise and a cry. Santa Claus appears with Baba — Yaga and Leshy.) Baba Yaga: — These kids! Little liars! We didn’t feed anything this year! Itself, to see, has eaten any nonsense. Goblin: — And dumps on us! Father Frost: — I know that children do not cheat! So guys? (Yes.) Well, lay out the vitamin WE! Otherwise, I’ll freeze it and turn it into ice statues on the city tree! Baba Yaga and Leshy: — Forgive us! We won’t do that anymore!(Give vitamin WE.) Snow Maiden: — Guys, let’s believe their promise? (children’s answers.) Snow Maiden: — Hold on, New Year’s vitamin WE.(New Year eats vitamin and then spins.) New Year : — What happened to me? Guys, let’s play, have fun! Song: " Song "Santa Claus" 1. Santa Claus conjured all night. He painted a pattern on glass. And on the Christmas tree, on the green He put on toys. Lanterns hung in a row. Look how bright they burn! And crystal bells Everyone is invited to the masquerade. Chorus: The lights of the round dance swirled, Golden rain falls from the sky. Happy new year friends, Happy New Year! With new happiness, And with a new dream! 2. And under the mask of different animals You will recognize your friends. Here on holiday All the pranksters One is more fun than the other. And in the evening it will be dark Make one wish. New Year’s star will flash, It will come true right away. Chorus. Snow Maiden: Today, guys, on our holiday, We will sing, play, dance, So that only happy faces are around, We will have fun today, friends. Grandfather, the Christmas tree is sad, Why doesn’t it light up? Father Frost:-Of course, Snow Maiden, what a New Year without festive lights, we will fix this trouble! May any of your dreams Will come true. Come true Let the lights on our Christmas tree Burning bright! For kids fun Let the fires burn on it. ( The lights on the Christmas tree light up.) Snow Maiden : -Guys, let’s sing a song for Santa Claus. Song: "Christmas Song" Outfit shines with stars Christmas trees. All over the country our friendly class Sending hello today! Chorus.We go one after another We don’t stand still. All hands we beat And we dance together. Santa Claus to our Christmas tree Rolled the sled. He brought us toys And tell stories. The chorus is the same. The hare jumps obliquely, Jumping jackdaws. Together with the red fox The mustachioed cat is dancing. The chorus is the same. Snow Maiden: I wish you all a Happy New Year Happiness and luck, Good health in addition! Holidays joyful, cheerful, And do well in school! Father Frost: Congratulations, congratulations! We wish you to be healthy! Only joy and laughter. Only happiness and success! And to sing for a whole year — Start a round dance! (To the dance music, children with Santa Claus dance around the Christmas tree.) Snow Maiden: — Santa Claus, the guys want to play with you. ( Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden hold competitions for children and parents.) "Sledding" (carry balloons in a candy box around the Christmas tree.) Running in bags around the Christmas tree. "ball for two". Two pairs of children hold balloons with their shoulders and run around the Christmas tree. One pair of children with a ball runs in one direction, the second in the other. Who will run to Santa Claus faster. Who will inflate the balloon faster. Who will burst the balloon faster. Running in Santa Claus felt boots around the Christmas tree. Musical game "Santa Claus’s mitten". Children pass the mitten to the music. The music stops, which of the children has a mitten in their hands, they go out to Santa Claus in a circle. When there are 6-7 children, dance music sounds and the children dance around the Christmas tree with the heroes of the holiday. Snow Maiden: — Grandfather Frost, the guys have prepared poems for you. (Children read poems prepared in advance.) Snow Maiden: Shakes and tree branches, Must be saying goodbye to us. Let’s say to the Christmas tree together: "Farewell, see you next winter!" Father Frost : Goodbye, dear friends! See you soon! 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