Методическая разработка по страноведению


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Ilya Kuznetsov



Miner’s Day p. 10

Методическая разработка по страноведению

Letter from the Editor

Welcome to Spotlight on Yenakiyevo!

Our magazine is all about you and our town of Yenakiyevo.

Read about our schools, toys, animals, young singer and much more!

You can contact me at my email: [email protected].

I hope you enjoy this issue.

Irina Sikanova


  • School life 3

2. Our country 4

3. Homes 5

4. Hobbies 6

5. Animals 7

6. Fame 8

7. Seasons 9

  • Festivals 10

9. Museums 11

10. Holidays 12

Методическая разработка по страноведению


School life

What are schools in Yenakiyevo like?

Here’s an e-mail from the English schoolboy

Read Peter’s questions and the e-mail answers from schoolchildren in Yenakiyevo How old are schoolchildren in Year 1? How many years are there? They’re about six years old in Year 1. There are four years of primary school, five years of secondary’ school, and two years of senior school. Pavel (11) What about lesson times and holidays? In our country the school year is from 1st September to the 29 of May. There are three short holidays, and a three-month holiday in the summer. Lessons are from about 8:00 am to 1 or 3 pm, from Monday to Friday. Anna (10) What about school subjects? All students do Russian, maths and literature, history. There are other subjects, too. My favourite subject is English! Maria (10) What about the teachers? In primary school, there is one class teacher for most subjects. In secondary and senior school, there is a different teacher for each subject. Daria (11) What about school uniform ? Some schools have got a uniform, others haven’t got one. Gleb (11)

  • What’s different between schools in Yenakiyevo and the UK?
  • Is all the information true about your school?
  • Ask and answer Peter’s questions about your school.

Методическая разработка по страноведению


Our Country

On May 11, 2014, people in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions came to referendums on the status of regions. Many participants supported the state independence of the regions and the creation of the Lugansk People’s Republic and the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Spotlight on Gorlovka looks at two of these

Donetsk People’s Republic

The capital of the Donetsk People ’ s Republic is Donetsk. It’s a big and beautiful city. This is an economically developed region, where there are many mines, plants , and factories. The population of the Donetsk People ’ s Republic is about 2,3 million people. They speak Russian and Ukrainian .

The Lugansk People ’ s Republic has no access to the sea and borders on Ukraine in the north, the Donetsk People’s Republic in the west , and Russia in the east. Lugansk People ’ s Republic extends to about half of the Lugansk region, including its regional capital Lugansk, and also the large cities of Alchevsk and Krasnodon. The population of the republic is about 1.5 million people.

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Lugansk People’s Republic

  • Fill out a fact file like this about each of the two republics above


Методическая разработка по страноведению



Yenakiyevo Local History Museum shows us wooden buildings and furniture from long ago

Spotlight on Yenakiyevo visits the History Museum of our town

These are typical houses with just one or two rooms. The family room is a bedroom, kitchen and living room all in one. There isn’t a bathroom, but there is a wooden sauna (banya) outside.

There are small clay oven, benches

and table along the wall

This is the beautiful corner

with the family icon

There is a nice shelf with some figurines and books and an olod piano

  • Tell your friends about the rooms and furniture in your house


Методическая разработка по страноведению



This is part of an e-mail from Bob Tailor from New York

Dear Bob, the legend about Shubin is well-known between miners

in Donbass region.

Miner’s labor is hard and dangerous. The main danger comes from methane gas. It is explosive and accumulates in mine workings. Today there are many of sensors for detecting methane, but many years ago there was no similar technique. And there was such a specialty — a burner. He went down into the mine in a fur coat turned inside out, with a torch in his hands and burned methane gathering in the air. If there was little gas, the fur coat saved the burner from burns, but there were also strong explosions and then the burners died. The work was too risky and rarely someone agreed to it.

According to a legend, among such burners there was a daredevil by the name of Shubin. He died from a methane explosion, and his spirit became the master of the mines of Donbass.

Spirit lives in the depths of the Donbass mines. Often he helps out the miners, warning of collapses. Less often scares the negligent. And very rarely he can indicate the location of the coal seam.

Every miner knows this. And in order not to offend Shubin by accident, they share their lunch (or “tormozok”) with him, they talk to him very respectfully.

  • Talk about your another legend you know
  • What are your/your friends’ hobbies?


Методическая разработка по страноведению



If you happen to ride along the road through the steppes of Donbass, you can see flocks of very beautiful birds — PHEASANTS

Spotlight on Yenakiyevo looks at …


Pheasants are large birds . Their body length is up to 85 centimeters and their weight up to two kilograms. The pheasant has a long tail of 18 feathers. There are spurs on the legs of the males. The plumage of males is brilliant and colorful. Pheasants have a small crest on their heads. The wings around the edges are pale purple. The tail is light brown.

The common pheasant lives mainly in forests or in bushes. Pheasant is the best runner among all representatives gallinaceous birds. When this bird runs, it bows its head and neck forward, raising its tail.

These birds can “sing”. A pheasant’s cry is like a rooster’s singing. When female screams, it sounds more like a squeak than a scream.

In the wild, pheasants feed on seeds, berries, vegetables, and herbs. For dessert, they prefer insects and mollusks. They hunt frogs, lizards, small snakes and mice.

  • Do you like pheasants? Do you like other wild animals?
  • What’s your favourite animal?


Методическая разработка по страноведению


Ilya Kuznetsov is a normal young boy with normal interests. But he is also a famous signer. He is the winner of many contests


Spotlight on Yenakiyevo looks at this child prodigy who signs like an angel .

The young vocalist from Enakievo Ilya Kuznetsov became the finalist of the III open Russian contest of young talents «Blue Bird». In the final, Ilya Kuznetsov with the Terem Quartet performed a song beloved by many people from the comedy «Ivan Vasilyevich Changes His Profession» — “Talking with Happiness”.

Jury highly appreciated his artistry, talent and vocal abilities. Audience liked his bright, colorful and fervent performance.



Ilya took first place at the republican festival of patriotic song and poetry in the nomination “Songs of the war years”.

Ilya also won first place in the children’s song contest M . S . Plyatskovskiy .

Ilya was born in a musical family. He is a representative of the dynasty of musicians and signers.

Ilya is very fond of classical music. He enjoys mastering the piano and vocals at the School of Arts and the College of Music. Ilya’s dream is to become like his idols Dmitry Hvorostovskiy and Iosif Kobzon.

  • What can you do well?
  • What job do you want to do when you leave the school? Discuss


Методическая разработка по страноведению



Spotlight on Yenakiyevo goes to an exhibition of paintings by schoolchildren. They are landscapes showing the students’ favourite season

2. Sergey Vasilyev, — 12 years old

1. Darya Grigogyeva, — 11 years old

[C] The sun is shining, but there’s a lot of snow. A child is skiing, and another child is making a snowman.

[D] The grass and the trees are green. It’s a bit cloudy but it looks warm. There is a butterfly and some flowers.

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[B] The leaves on the trees are red. Some leaves arc lying on the ground. The sky is a bit dark and it looks windy.

[A] The sun is shining in a warm pink sky. There is blossom on the trees and the grass is green.

3. Ilya Kondratov, — 6 years old

  • What is your favourite season? Paint a picture and write a short description.
  • What do you like doing each season?

4. Vladimir Ivanov, — 12 years old

Read the descriptions (A-D). What picture (1-4) is each comment about? What season does each picture show?

Методическая разработка по страноведению



Here’s another e-mail to the Spotlight on Yenakiyevo

Read the answer from the school of the town of Yenakiyevo

The miner’s Day

Every year at the end of august (the last Sunday of August) we celebrate the Miner’s Day. This day is one of the most revered in the history of our region.

Celebrating this holiday, we pay our respect for people of the strong character who dedicated their professional activities to mining. The work of a miner is the personification of strength and courage, stamina, dedication and endurance.

Many families celebrate this holiday together with their families.

Traditionaly, there is a football match between local teams. A festive concert with songs, dances and contests is usually held in the city center.

  • Do you celebrate the Miner’s Day? What do you do? Where do you go?
  • What is your favourite celebration?

Методическая разработка по страноведению



Spotlight on Yenakiyevo goes on a school excursion. Come with us to …

The museum was founded in 1977. In the museum there are objects, documents and photographs that tell us about the life and work of the Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-cosmonaut, lieutenant general of aviation G.T.Beregovoy, about the development of Russian cosmonautics.

The museum also has a section on the history of the city, which presents unique materials of archaeological excavations, ethnographic exhibits.

  • Do you often go to on the school excursion? Where do you go?

Методическая разработка по страноведению



See you at summer camp!

Spotlight on Yenakiyevo looks at the camp Dubinina in Yenakiyevo

This year, 900 children recovered and rested at the children’s recreation center named after V. Dubinin in Yenakiyevo. The diverse program included games, quests, performances, sports and club classes, competitions, swimming in the pool, thematic events, discos and watching movies.

  • Do you/your friends go to summer camp?
  • Write us about children’s you went to last summer

Методическая разработка по страноведению

Yenakiyevo 2019

Thank you for your attention!

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