Мини — игра phrasal verbs

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«Мини — игра phrasal verbs»

Come across

Stop by, visit

Come into


Come round

Find by chance

Come up with

Regain consciousness

Come down with

Be taken ill with

Come roundto

Think of and suggest

Go ahead

Move/travel around, visit

Go on


Go over


Go with

Start smth

Go off

Continue doing

Go round

Tour sour, start to decay

Go through

Examine/ discuss in detail

Go off

Suffer from

Go on


Be on

Be over


Support, in favour of

Be about to


Be for

Be ready to

Be up to

Be shown/ performed

Be off

Do usually smth wrong

Get on /along with


Get away


Get away with

Manage to live

Get by

Have a good relationship

Get over

Avoid being punished

Pull down

Get rid of smth unwanted

Pull over


Throw awayout

Move closer to the side of the road and stop

Look after

Have a poor opinion of

Look forward to

Respect, admire

Look into

Warn smb about danger

Look over

Take care of

Look out

Expect smth pleasant to happen

Look up


Look down on

Inspect quickly

Look up to

Try to find in a book or list

Check in

Be careful about

Check out

Care for smb or smth

Watch out for

Arrive, appear

Watch over

Report one’s arrival at a hotel airport

Show off

Pay the bill and leave

Show up

Try to make people and admire

Keep back


Keep off

Prevent from being taken away

Keep on


Keep out

Reserve, not reveal

Keep up


Hold on

Stay off, not approach

Hold on to


Hold up


Hold up

Wait for a short time

Catch up with

Not enter

Carry on

Start living in

Carry out


Carry away

Find a solution, discover

Worn out

Stop living in

Worn out

Over excited

Work out

Take part in physical exercise

Work out

Perform, conduct

Move into


Move out

Become thin, weak or unsuitable for further use

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