«Моя любимая группа и музыкант» (ученический проект)


Это работа моего ученика по теме "Музыка " 9 класспо учебнику В.П. Кузовлева

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«»Моя любимая группа и музыкант» (ученический проект)»



"Моя любимая группа и музыкант" (ученический проект)

My favorite singer is Victor Tsoi

Tsoi was worth and outstanding personality of the Russian rock stage. He was born in 1962 and became famous in 1980 for his work in the popular group Kino.

When I listen to his songs, I feel a special emotions – from sadness and nostalgia to energy and inspiration. His lyrics are full of deep meanings, and he was able to convey these emotions with his voice and tune.

"Моя любимая группа и музыкант" (ученический проект)

Musical way of the group «Kino»

  • The creative biography of the young musician began by the end of 1981, when Tsoi, Oleg Valinsky and Alexei Rybin decided to create a rock group «Garin and the Hyperboloids». But after a while the long name of the group was changed to the «Kino».
  • In 1986, the group «Kino» made a breakthrough in music. Their music was relevant to the time and could be easily sung to the guitar. Because of this, their popularity grew with each tour.
  • After a new album called «Blood Group» was released in 1988, the musicians became the talk of the world.

The song «Pack of Cigarettes» was sung on every corner, it is still being sung today. This tune is listened to by new generations, and it has remained relevant for 30 years already.

The first composition of the group «Garin and the Hyperboloids»

"Моя любимая группа и музыкант" (ученический проект)

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The charts!

  • «Star called the Sun»

The song is one of the most famous. Tsoi wrote it in Kazakhstan during the filming of the movie «Needle». The composition became part of the musical accompaniment of the picture.

  • « Cuckoo »

The song was released after Viktor Tsoi’s death. It was included in the «Black Album». Tsoi was preparing a draft of a new album with guitarist Yuri Kasparian. Kasparian said that it was a very personal song for Victor. After Tsoi’s death it was re-recorder and included it in the album.

  • « Blood Group»

The song is from the group’s 1988 album. It was number one on the playlist. The first night of song was in 1987 at the Leningrad Rock Club Festival. The public received «Blood Group» coldly. The listeners did not feel the meaning of the composition. Everything fell into place with the release of the album.

"Моя любимая группа и музыкант" (ученический проект)

Artistic creation

Not many people know that in addition to his musical activities, Tsoi also starred in movies and even played main roles

  • In 1986, Tsoi starred in his first movie: «The End of Vacation». In addition to playing the lead role, he was also the composer. The movie is a short film, but it had a strong impact on Victor Tsoi’s later work.
  • Victor starred in some more short films, but in 1988 he starred in a real movie directed by Rashid Nugmanov «Needle», in which he performs the main role. The movie found success – in the first year of release on the big screens, it was watched by 14 million viewers. In 1989, Victor Tsoi was revealed as the best actor of the year. And in 1990, the film won the top prize at the Nuremberg International Film Festival. Unfortunately, the film «Needle» became the last for Victor Tsoi – in 1990, he died.
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"Моя любимая группа и музыкант" (ученический проект)


Viktor Tsoi was not only a musician and musician, but also an artist

The drawing by Viktor Tsoi that was sold for 2,5 million.

Tsoi’s last painting was «The Road». Many see in this work something scary, and from this mystical. In the photo we can see a man driving fast on the road in the light of lights blurring at speed.

"Моя любимая группа и музыкант" (ученический проект)

Last day of Victor Tsoi

15 August 1990, Victor Tsoi died in a car crash, while returning from a night fishing trip to Jurmala driving a car. Tsoi’s car crashed into a bus. According to the investigation, the singer fell asleep at the wheel. He is buried in St. Petersburg.

After the death of Victor Tsoi’s, the musicians of Kino decided to finalise and release a final album. In December 1990, the last «Black Album», dedicated to Victor Tsoi. The group «Kino» disbanded.

In 1990, after Tsoi’s death appeared in Moscow «Victor Tsoi Wall», which became a place for fans of the leader of the group «Kino». Fans painted the wall with quotes from his songs and love messages on the wall. The wall comes to life twice a year, on 21 June, his birthday, and 15 August, the day of his death.

"Моя любимая группа и музыкант" (ученический проект)

That’s all for now

Thanks for listening!

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