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«My favourite singer»

my favourite singer Polina Gagarina

Polina Gagarina is a worthy knowing and outstanding personality.

Polina Gagarina was born in Moscow, March 27, 1987.

In early childhood of 4 years she lived in Greece, where she learned the language. In Moscow, she graduated from the pop and jazz school in vocal class.

My favourite singer

Musical path of Polina Gagarina

  • Pauline has been practicing music since childhood. Participation in shows and concerts brought her her first fame. For the first time Polina was talked about in 2003 when she won the popular talent show «Star Factory“.
  • In 2015, Polina Gagarina made a breakthrough took second place at the international Eurovision Song Contest with the song «A million voices». In 2019, a participant of the most popular Asian professional competition The Singer, held in China.
  • Gagarina began to continue to release albums. Polina has finally consolidated her status as a Russian superstar, topping the charts on radio stations.
  • In addition to her brilliant musical career, thanks to her acting education she plays in movies and voices cartoons.
  • Polina is also a presenter of one of the most popular projects on television — the show «The Voice» and «The Voice.Children»

My favourite singer

Popular songs by Polina Gagarina

  • «Cuckoo»
  • Popular songs by Polina Gagarina The legendary «Cuckoo» by Viktor Tsoy was sung by Polina Gagarina for the movie «Battle for Sevastopol» (2015). movie «Battle for Sevastopol» (2015). The song in her performance received nationwide recognition.
  • «Disarmed»
  • Was recorded in 2017. Just hours after its release, the song topped the Russian iTunes pop chart. For more than two weeks, the track held the first place in the «Golden Gramophone» hit parade
  • «The play is over.»
  • The single was released in January 2012, and the music video was released at the end of January. It received generally positive reviews from critics, music journalists and program directors of radio stations.
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My favourite singer

Personal life of Polina Gagarina.

  • Polina Gagarina has been married 2 times.
  • From her first marriage Polina has a son Andrei.
  • And daughter Mia from her second marriage.

My favourite singer

  • I like this worthy singer .

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