Phrasal Verb and their meanings

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«Phrasal Verb and their meanings»

Make off with

Go towards

Make up


Make for

Become an adult

Make into

Transform, convert

Make out

Manage to understand

Make up with

Steal and run away

Make up

Become friends again

Do without

Get rid of

Do away with

Become older and stop a habit

Grow up

Endure the lack of

Grow out of

Constitute, form, be a member of

Pass away


Pass down


Pass out


Fill in

Make completely full

Fill up

Pass from the one generation to the next

Leave out of

Exclude from

Break down


Break out

Cut into small pieces

Break into

Cut fromremove

Break down

Stop doing

Break in


Break up


Burn out


Burn down

Be destroyed by fire

Cut out

Stop functioning

Cut down on

End a relationship

Cut off

Start suddenly

Cut up

Become exhausted

Cut off

Enter illegally

Cut smth out

Lose control of one’s feelings

Turn off

Arrive unexpectedly

Turn into


Turn out

Switch on

Turn up

Switch off

Turn down

Reduce the amount of sound, heat

Turn down

Increase the amount of sound, heat

Turn on

Result in particular way

Turn to

Change to

Turn up

Come to and ask for

Put on

Devote to

Put up with


Put off


Put through

Suffer from

Put away


Put aside


Put on

Offer hospitality to

Put out

To be tolerate

Put up

Gain smth

Put through

Put smth in its usual place

Put into

Connect by phone

Lay down

Establish, create

Lay out

State, establish

Set up

Start living a quite in a place

Set up


Set offout

Begin a journey

Set out

Start doing smth

Set smb back

Become used to

Settle into

Make the preparations for smth to start

Settle down

Plan and arrange how smth should appear

Mix with

Knock down with a vehicle

Mix up


Run along

Meet unexpectedly

Run away from

Spend time not doing smth important

Run into

Go away

Run over

Wait for a short time

Run out of

Leave, escape from

Hang aboutaround


Hang up

Have no more left

Hang on

Put down the receiver

Hang out

Frequent, go often

Fall for

Be strongly attracted to

Fall out with

Make haste, do smth quickly

Fall behind

Put on clothes to see if fit or look you

Fall apart

Not make progress

Hurry up

Stop existing or functioning

Try on


Try out

Have an argument with

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