План для проекта «A famous building». 5 класс.

План для проекта "A famous building". 5 класс. Форма — письмо другу.  

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«План для проекта «A famous building». 5 класс.»

Hi Tom,

How are you? Thank you for your story about your favourite building. I want to tell you about mine. It is… (the Eiffel Tower)

  1. Where is it located? – It’s in Paris, in France.

  2. How tall is it? – It’s 324 m tall.

  3. What is it made of? – It is made of steel.

  4. How many tourists visit it every year? – Over 6 million people visit it every year.

  5. What can people do there? – People can see wonderful sights of Paris from the top of the Tower.

Write as soon as possible about your news.

Best wishes/kisses/with love,


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