План конспект на урок английского яыка 9-клас


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«План конспект на урок английского яыка 9-клас»

Lesson plan

Date: 24.12.2024 year Grade: 9 “V”

Theme: We are different, we are alike!

Teacher: Razykova Dilrabo Tavakalovna

Methods: working in pair, work in group, learning new words, individually.

Materials: pictures, cards, board chalk and markers.

1. Greetings moment

Good morning students!

How are today? -I hope that you are all fine!

-Students will try to answer all teachers questions and they can daily phrases learn new phrases and new words.

2. New theme

We are different, we are alike.

Students giving their opinion. –Discussing.. –Topics..

3. New words

4. Work in group

Giving a task for the students

The Robinson have got an old car. They want to paint their car to make it look more attractive. Unfortunately they cannot agree upon the color for their car. Say what color each of them chose? The words can help you. Jack-blue John-black Marry-yellow Norman- green Duncan-white Jenny-red Peter-grey Ann-green

-Students will work in pairs after they will be answered the questions.

Example: Marry wants to paint the car lemon yellow. Etc.

5. Giving mark and Home task.

-Thank you for the lesson

To see you next lesson!

Take care, Good Bye!

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