Презентация к уроку «Choosing Profession»


формирование психологической готовности подростка к профессиональному самоопределениюформирование 

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«Презентация к уроку «Choosing Profession»»

Презентация к уроку "Choosing Profession"

I want to be” Some people often say to me: “Have you decided what you want to be?” I usually answer “I don’t know.” But it isn’t really so. I want to win an Olympic race. I want to see the Earth from space, I want to travel to Katmandu. I want to reach and famous, too. I want to be on Hollywood’s screen. I want to invent a new machine, I want to be very clever and wise, I want to win the Nobel prize, But most off all, I want to be Healthy, strong and nice.

Презентация к уроку "Choosing Profession"

job”, “profession” and “career”

  • A job is the regular work that a person does to earn money
  • A career is   the progress you have taken throughout the working years of your life.
  • A profession is the type of work that needs special training or a  particular   skill

Презентация к уроку "Choosing Profession"

Complete the sentences with: job, profession or career.

  • 1) In their last three years at school, pupils receive____________advice. There are a lot of_______________to choose from. 2)A______________teacher helps teenagers discover their interests and make the first steps to future________________ 3) A lot of teenagers have a part-time________________ 4)Ann hopes to make photography her________________ although she knows it will not be easy. 5) A special booklet provides some tips for finding– the right__________________It gives information about nearly 300 ________________

Презентация к уроку "Choosing Profession"

time to relax

Guess a word”

Презентация к уроку "Choosing Profession"

5 types of professions: “man-technology”, “man-nature”, “man-man”, “man-image”, “man-sign system”

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Complete the table the most suitable words from the list:




Personal characteristics


Deals with:

Презентация к уроку "Choosing Profession"

https://englishforbeginner.ru/leksika-na-temu-professii-professions/? ysclid=lrpckpro12520969078

Презентация к уроку "Choosing Profession"

Imagine that you have a friend who asks you for a piece of advice about his/her future career. Please, take into consideration the qualities and the traits of the character.

Group 1

  • John is logical, organized, clever and hardworking, he has technical thinking. He likes to deal with machines, instruments, meters, tools, ….
  • What’s his profession type? Give him a piece of advice about his future career.

Group 2

  • Kate is creative, artistic and imaginative. She likes to draw, to make new things and to write stories.
  • What’s her profession type? Give her a piece of advice about her future career.

Group 3

  • Andrew is very communicative, well-wishing, friendly, tactful. He likes to deal with his friends, classmates and other people.
  • What’s his profession type? Give him a piece of advice about his future career.
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