Презентация Relative Pronouns


Данная презентация поможет отрабатывать тему "Relative Pronouns " в 9 классе.

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«Презентация Relative Pronouns»

Relative Pronouns

Составила: учитель английского языка МБОУ СОШ №28 Калугина Ольга Владимировна

Презентация Relative Pronouns

Презентация Relative Pronouns


1 . The new movie is about a boy _____________ has lost his parents in a car accident.

2. He is the young man, _____________ wife left him for someone else.

3. The DVD recorder _____________ I bought at this store a few days ago is not working.

4. That’s the book _____________ I recommended reading in class.

5. Is this the hotel _____________ you are staying for the tournament?

6. My dad, _____________ travels a lot on business, is in Australia at the moment.

Презентация Relative Pronouns

7. It was midnight _____________ the first rescue team arrived at the scene of the accident.

8. There are several reasons _____________ I am not allowed to give you any information.

9. We stayed at the famous Rockstar hotel, _____________ also had an indoor swimming pool.

10. Did you write back to the person _____________ offered you a job?

11. The story is about a young woman _____________ 5-year old son suddenly disappears.

12. The tennis court _____________ they usually play is currently not available.

13.He didn’t tell us _____________ he made such an irresponsible decision.

Презентация Relative Pronouns

Combine the TWO sentences to ONE, using a relative pronoun .

  • 1. The police arrested the man. He murdered his wife.
  • 2. I can’t remember the name of the street. I lost my passport there.
  • Where are the shoes? I bought them yesterday.
  • The book is very interesting. I borrowed it from the library.
  • I’ll never forget the day. I got my first bike on that day.
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