Сборник тестов по грамматике у учебнику _Forward_ 7 класс

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«Сборник тестов по грамматике у учебнику _Forward_ 7 класс»

1 Модуль

  1. Form the Comparative Degree of these adjectives:











  1. Fill in the gaps with the Comparative Degree of the adjectives in brackets.

  1. This film is _________(boring) than that film.

  2. My cat is __________(thin) than your cat.

  3. The food in Italy is ____________(delicious) than the food in England.

  4. Riding a horse is _____________(good) than sitting at home.

  5. Playing the guitar is ___________(popular) than playing the violin nowadays.

  1. Paraphrase the sentences using than or as…as.

  1. Text 1 is shorter than Text 2. (Text 2 / long/ Text 1).

  2. Ann isn’t as smart as Mike. (Mike / smart/ Ann).

  3. French is more interesting than German. (English / interesting / French).

  4. The weather in England is bad. The weather in Italy is bad, too. (The weather in England / bad / the weather in Italy).

  5. My dog is faster than his dog. (His dog/ fast / her dog).

2 Модуль

  1. Form the Comparative and Superlative Degrees of these adjectives:











  1. Fill in the gaps with the Superlative Degree of the adjectives in brackets.

  1. Music is the ______________(easy) subject that we study.

  2. This is the _______________(cheap) book in the shop.

  3. Mary is the ______________(beautiful) girl in our class.

  4. Your project was the_____________(good) project last year.

  5. The (fast) way to get to our school is the way along the river.

  1. Complete the sentences using the right form of the verbs in brackets.

  1. You can watch this film, if you ______(have) a TV-set.

  2. If the weather _____(be) rainy tomorrow, we’ll stay at home.

  3. If you ________(mix) black and white, you get grey.

  4. If she ________(go) to bed in time, she’ll be fresh tomorrow morning.

  5. You _________(visit) your best friend, if you do all your homework.

3 Модуль

  1. Write 5 sentences about what you used or didn’t use to do when you were five.

  1. When I was five, _________________________ (to read fairy tales).

  2. When I was five, _________________________ (to go to school).

  3. When I was five, _________________________ (to go for a walk alone).

  4. When I was five, _________________________ (to watch cartoons).

  5. When I was five, _________________________ (to visit my grandparents).

  1. Write questions with used to.

  1. go to school by bike

  2. play any musical instrument

  3. live with your parents

  4. travel a lot

  5. cook dinner for your family

  1. Complete the sentences using appropriate pronouns.

  1. Whose book is this? It’s Betty’s. It’s ______.

  2. Whose house is this? It’s Kate and Mike’s. It’s _______.

  3. Is this bike your or Sally’s? It’s not Sally’s. It’s _______.

  4. Whose laptops are these? They are my brother’s. They are _____.

  5. Is this his boat? No, it isn’t his. It’s my family’s boat. It’s ______.

4 Модуль

  1. Ask questions with how about these subjects and elephants.

  1. Lake Baikal is very deep. How__________________________?

  2. African elephants weigh many kilos. How_________________?

  3. Cheetahs run faster than wolves. How____________________?

  4. Python is several meters long. How______________________?

  5. This house has few flats. How __________________________?

  1. One apostrophe (‘) is missing in each sentence. Add it where necessary.

  1. Moscow Zoo is the Russians biggest zoo.

  2. Its also a great tourist attraction.

  3. You can see some of Africas most unusual animals here.

  4. Dont miss feeding time at the Aquarium.

  5. You cant stay at the zoo after 10 p.m.

  1. Rewrite the following sentences using the Possesive Case of the underlined noun.

  1. The photos of birds taken by Mary were wonderful.

  2. Have you read the story about foreign countries in the RAP by Rachel?

  3. The behavior of children makes me sad.

  4. The bag of this woman is too heavy.

  5. Did you visit the museum of ecological problem in Zimbabwe last summer?

  1. Модуль

  1. Complete the sentences with the correct Past Simple form of be:

  1. Where __________ she last week? She ______(not) at home.

  2. We_____________ at the supermarket at 5 p.m. yesterday evening.

  3. Mary, you_______(not) at school the day before yesterday. Where________ you?

  4. Where________dad last Monday? He ________ in California.

  5. ________ you at the theatre? Yes, I _____.

  1. Change the sentences using the words in brackets. What forms of verbs should you use?

  1. I watch TV every day. (yesterday evening).

  2. She usually swims in the swimming pool after school. (yesterday morning)

  3. We often go to the cinema on Sundays. (the day before yesterday).

  4. The teacher gives us very interesting tasks every day. (last week).

  5. They take part in the English theatre performances. (last year).

  1. Complete the sentences with a/an/the or no article:

  1. ___ Lena is one of ____ largest rivers in _____ Siberia.

  2. ___ Sochi is _____ large resort on ______ Black Sea.

  3. ___ Peter ___ Great founded ____ new capital at ___ mouth of ___ Neva River.

  4. ____ St Petersburg is one of ____ most important ports on ___ Baltic Sea.

  5. _____ Moscow is famous for its _____university.

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  1. Модуль

  1. Write three forms of these verbs:











  1. Complete the sentences with just, ever, or yet:

  1. Have you done your homework? Yes, I have. I’ve _____ finished it.

  2. Mary and Sarah haven’t been to Moscow _____.

  3. She has ____ eaten the last piece of cake.

  4. I have _____ met my best friend.

  5. Have you ­­­____ been to the USA? No, I haven’t.

  1. Complete the sentences with should or shouldn’t:

  1. I_____ study harder, if I want to pass the exam.

  2. You _____ eat cakes, if you want to lose weight.

  3. She ______ get up earlier. She is always late!

  4. We ______watch TV late in the evening.

  5. I like such films very much. You ____ go and see it with me.

  1. Модуль

  1. Fill in the gaps with must or have to in appropriate forms:

  1. We _____ to go to the school canteen every day and we _____ choose what we are going to eat from the menu.

  2. You _____ do it yourself. You _______ cheat!

  3. Can I listen to music a little now? No, you _______ go to bed right now!

  4. _____ she ______ to do the washing up every day? No, she doesn’t.

  5. You __________play computer games at the lessons.

  1. Write questions and answers. What do they have to do?

F.E. Do we have to cook breakfast? – No, you don’t.

  1. do the shopping (they)

  2. write poems (she)

  3. feed the cat (I)

  4. talk to his teacher (he)

  5. lay the table (we)

  1. Complete these sentences with lots of/ a lot of/ much or many:

  1. She hasn’t got ____ money for a present.

  2. Nikita has got ____ money for a present.

  3. _____ children like computer games most of all.

  4. There isn’t ______ sugar in the packet.

  5. I saw ______ films while I was on holiday.

  1. Модуль

  1. Write the ing-form of the verbs:




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  1. Write sentences with the correct forms (Past Simple or Past Continuous) of the verbs:

  1. Mum to sleep / I to come into the room

  2. My sister to do the homework / I to play the game

  3. Mary to listen to music / Peter to phone

  4. He to sit on the bench / we to arrive

  5. Mr. Big to hear a strange noise / he watch TV

  1. Write sentences to describe the person’s appearance using the given words:

  1. slim / tall / He’s/ a / boy

  2. hair / My / has / mum/ got / curly / fair /short

  3. Mr. Greg / a / short / fat / man

  4. wavy / hair / She’s / medium-length / got / black

  5. long / Kate / got / hair / has / brown

  1. Модуль

  1. Make sentences using to be going to in the appropriate form:

  1. I __________go out with my friends.

  2. We ________visit our Granny.

  3. _____ you ______ go to a football match?

  4. What _____ they ______ do there?

  5. She ________ have a party.

  1. Complete sentences with an infinitive or a gerund of the verb in brackets:

  1. She likes ______ (play) the guitar very much.

  2. Would you like _______(go) to a basketball match with me?

  3. I hate _________(sit) at home alone.

  4. We enjoy _______ (do) our homework together.

  5. Does he like ______(go) to a funfair with his little brother?

  1. Write your invitations based on your friend plans: F.E. Would you like to go to a football match (to the theatre) with me?

1. disco / Sunday

2. basketball match / Monday

3. park / Wednesday

4. café / Saturday

5. cinema / Thursday

  1. Модуль

  1. Use the suffixes -er or —or to make new words:

to explore-

to use —

to visit-

to collect-

to navigate-

to sing-

to mix-

to teach-

to refrigerate-

to make-

  1. Put “the time phrases” into the right category: always, last Monday, right now, yesterday evening, in the next century, in 2020, 20 days ago, in ten days, at the moment, every day




  1. Complete the sentences with will or to be going to:

  1. I think you ______ go there again.

  2. Dasha ______ visit her Granny next Sunday.

  3. Do you think that learning this poem _____ be difficult for me?

  4. She __________ marry a good man.

  5. The sky is very grey! It ___________ rain.

  1. Модуль

  1. Complete the sentences using either the Present Continuous Tense or to be going to:

  1. The day after tomorrow I ___________(go) to the cinema with my friends.

  2. This summer we __________ (work) in a café.

  3. He _________ (meet) her at 5 o’clock.

  4. I ___________(make) a project about whales.

  5. My mum _________ (visit) my Granny after work.

  1. Form questions using the words given:

F. E. Mary / meet Peter? When is Mary meeting Peter?

  1. Nick / go on holiday?

  2. Mary and Sam / go to a football match?

  3. They / have a picnic?

  4. She / visit her friend?

  5. Your parents / have dinner with your grandparents?

  1. Complete the sentences about yourself paying special attention to the articles and prepositions:

  1. She likes playing volleyball ___________ (в свободное время).

  2. We are meeting ______ (у меня дома) __________ (в 7 часов).

  3. I am not doing this work ______________ (в конце недели).

  4. They are going to go on holiday __________ (на будущий год).

  5. Sam is having a party _______________ (в воскресенье днем).

  1. Модуль

  1. Form adjectives from the nouns:

education –










  1. Complete the sentences using the verbs in brackets in the right form:

  1. When she _________ (finish) her homework, she’s going to go out.

  2. Mary is going to work in a café when she _________ (leave) school.

  3. When we ___________ (leave) school, we are going to go to university.

  4. There will be less pollution when people _______ (stop) using their cars.

  5. Are you going to visit the Tower when you _________ (go) to London?

  1. Complete the sentences with appropriate question tags:

  1. Mary lives in London, ______?

  2. Sam is going to go abroad, ______?

  3. We’ll play football in ten minutes, ________?

  4. She has never been to Wales, ________?

  5. They learn foreign languages, ___________?

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  1. Модуль

  1. Complete the sentences with the prepositions for or since:

  1. Sam has been playing football ________ ten years.

  2. They have been listening to music _______ six hours.

  3. We have been living here __________ 1996.

  4. My mum and I have been swimming in the sea ______10 o’clock this morning.

  5. My brother has been working in this restaurant _______ last week.

  1. Write answers to these questions using the words in brackets:

  1. How long have you been studying English? (6 years)

  2. How long has she been playing the guitar? (10 minutes)

  3. How long have you been listening to music? (2 hours)

  4. How long has he been living in Spain? (last year)

  5. How long have your parents work in this supermarket? (three years)

  1. Complete the sentences with the right forms of the verbs in brackets:

  1. Most pupils __________ (read) very well.

  2. Everybody ___________ (like) delicious food.

  3. No one ______________ (watch) television 10 hours a day.

  4. Some people _______ (save) more than 500 roubles a week.

  5. Everyone _________ (have) a computer at home.

  1. Модуль

  1. Write these time expressions in the chronological order, from the past to the future:

last week –

in two days-



in 1998-

next Saturday-

this evening-

in 2022-

tomorrow morning-

last year-

  1. Complete the sentences with the right form of the verb:

  1. I wish I _________ (have) a little puppy.

  2. Sam wishes he ______ (live) in New York.

  3. We wish they _______ (pass) their exams.

  4. Sonia wishes I ______ (visit) her.

  5. I wish the weather _______ (be) better today.

  1. Make Participle I or Participle II using suffixes —ing, ed or III form of the irregular verbs:

танцующая девочка-

приготовленный завтрак-

разбитое сердце-

мальчик, читающий книгу-

книги, купленные вчера

плавающая утка-

работа, выполненная позавчера-

сделанное в Китае-

платье, купленное в прошлом году-

улыбающиеся дети-

  1. Модуль

  1. Write the antonyms to these adjectives:











  1. Complete the reported sentences with the verbs in the correct form:

  1. “I like playing the piano”. She says she ________ (like) playing the piano.

  2. “We live in the northern part of Wales.” They say they __________ (live) in the northern part of Wales.

  3. “I’m 16 years old”. He says he _______ (be) 16 years old.

  4. “We often go to the cinema”. They say they often ________ (go) to the cinema.

  5. “I’ve never been to Egypt”. My mum says she ______ (have) never been to Egypt.

  1. There is a mistake in each of these question tags. Rewrite them without mistakes:

  1. She was fluent in English, was she?

  2. He came home at 5 o’clock, doesn’t he?

  3. They are known all over the world, are they?

  4. Tom doesn’t play football every day, doesn’t he?

  5. We solve difficult problems together, don’t they?

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