Сказочный мир английского языка


Данная презентация поможет провести урок, в котором дети познакомятся с персонажами сказок на иностранном языке, опишут любимых сказочных героев, усовершенствуют свои навыки чтения.

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«Сказочный мир английского языка»

Welcome to the world of fairy tales

Сказочный мир английского языка

Lets describe these characters

  • Snow White is….. She has got….
  • Cinderella is….
  • Beauty is……..

Kind nice friendly smart

Сказочный мир английского языка

May — Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day. Let’s help Mummy. I’ll make breakfast. You make lunch. I’ll do the dishes. You do the shopping. Let’s help Mummy. It’s Mother’s Day.    Today is Mother’s Day. Let’s help Mummy. I’ll sweep the bedrooms. You make the beds. I’ll clean the kitchen. You do the laundry. Let’s help Mummy. It’s Mother’s Day.

Сказочный мир английского языка

Grimms Fairy Tales Сказки братьев Гримм


Once upon a time…: there lived an unhappy young girl. Unhappy she was, for her mother was dead, her father had married another woman, a widow with two daughters, and her stepmother didn’t like her one little bit.

All the nice things, kind thoughts and loving touches were for her own daughters. And not just the kind thoughts and love, but also dresses, shoes, shawls, delicious food, comfy beds, as well as every home comfort. All this was laid on for her daughters. But, for the poor unhappy girl, there was nothing at all.

Сказочный мир английского языка

No dresses, only her stepsisters’ hand-me-downs. No lovely dishes, nothing but scraps. No nice rests and comfort. For she had to work hard all day, and only when evening came was she allowed to sit for a while by the fire, near the cinders.

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That is how she got her nickname, for everybody called her Cinderella. Cinderella used to spend long hours all alone talking to the cat. The cat said, «Miaow», which really meant, «Cheer up! You have something neither of your stepsisters have and that is beauty.»

Сказочный мир английского языка

  • He … go to the theatre next month.
  • won’t
  • isn’t
  • doesn’t
  • You must … your teeth twice a day.
  • clean
  • to clean
  • cleans

Сказочный мир английского языка

  • I don’t like this story. It is … story in the book.
  • bad
  • worse
  • the worst
  • … flat is very comfortable.
  • Jack
  • Jack’s
  • Jacks’
  • It … winter now.
  • was
  • will be
  • is

Сказочный мир английского языка



Yesterday afternoon

my mother


Last year

at home



Three days ago

my sister ( brother)

at school

A week ago


at the library

Last Sunday

at the cinema

at work

at the theatre


Сказочный мир английского языка

Translate words in brackets into English.

1. (Неделю назад) we wrote a dictation in English.

2. (Недавно) the children went to the cinema.

3. The boys played football in the yard (вчера).

4. (Прошлое воскресенье) went to the village to see our grandmother.

5. ( Давно) my grandparents lived in the town of Blagoveschensk.

Сказочный мир английского языка

Сказочный мир английского языка

Сказочный мир английского языка

Сказочный мир английского языка

Сказочный мир английского языка

Thank you for work!

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