Spotlight 8 Тест Модуль 4


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«Spotlight 8 Тест Модуль 4»

Test 4 A

  1. Choose the odd word out.

  1. Baggy/ striped/ floral/ plain

  2. Trendy/ fashionable/ linen/ modern

  3. Straight/ frizzy/ skinny/ curly

  4. Sporty/ elegant/ patterned/ smart

  5. Nylon/ classy/ velvet/ silk

  1. Choose the correct word.

  1. He’s got protruding/ crooked ears.

  2. Do you like my new shoes? They are the latest custom/trend.

  3. This painting is original. It’s priceless/ worthless.

  4. This new skirt doesn’t match/fit her pink blouse.

  5. This jacket is made of original/ genuine leather.

  1. Fill in the necessary preposition: away, through, off, out, up with, on.

  1. It is rainy outside. Put … a raincoat.

  2. She couldn’t put … his rudeness.

  3. Please put me … to Dr. Majerns.

  4. The match was put … till the next month.

  5. The firefighters managed to put … the fire.

  6. When you have finished, put … your books.

  1. Complete the sentences using the appropriate adjective from the list below and too/enough

old, tired, money, cold, skinny

    1. Wendy is …. … to continue working.

    2. They have saved … … to go on holiday.

    3. It’s … … to play outside today.

    4. Mum says that I’m not … … to dye my hair.

    5. She should put on a little weight, she is …… ……

  1. Rewrite the sentences by putting the verbs in the Passive Voice.

1. The mayor will open the new library tomorrow.

2. Shakespeare wrote Hamlet.

3. You should send this fax right now.

4. Pupils have translated the text.

5. She is shortening the dress now.

6. Pam cooks dinner every day.

6. Complete the sentences with by or with.

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1. The ‘Aviator was directed ….Martin Scorsese.

2. The bread was cut….a knife.

3. The book was translated….a famous writer.

4. The costumes were created….Alexander Byrne.

5. The walls were covered ….posters.

7. Rewrite the sentences in the causative form.

1. Emma will ask her hairdresser to straighten her hair for the party.

Emma __________________________

2. She is making the dress herself.

She __________________________

3. I will fix the car myself.


4. She cleaned her jacket herself.

She ___________________________

5. The dentist whitens George’s teeth twice a year.


8. Match the headings to the paragraphs. There is one extra heading.

  1. Clothes throughout history.

  2. We are what we wear.

  3. The influence of the media.

  4. Environmentally friendly clothes.

  5. Prized creations.

  6. Less than perfect.



Spotlight 8 Тест Модуль 4


Spotlight 8 Тест Модуль 4


Spotlight 8 Тест Модуль 4


Spotlight 8 Тест Модуль 4

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