Spotlight unit 8 6c


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«Spotlight unit 8 6c»

1.“I work hard,” Jillian said.

2.Jillian said that he worked hard.

Spotlight unit 8 6c

Direct and reported speech

Spotlight unit 8 6c

Direct Speech

  • the exact words someone said
  • inverted commas (= quotation marks) ………………..
  • He said, “I’m very tired.”

Spotlight unit 8 6c

Reported Speech

  • the exact meaning of what someone said, not the words (= rendering)
  • no inverted commas (quotation marks) ………………..
  • He said he was very tired.

Spotlight unit 8 6c

Direct Speech

Reported Speech

  • You are beautiful.”
  • “ You speak English well.”

He said I was beautiful.

He said I spoke English well.

Spotlight unit 8 6c


  • “ You have a good sense of humour.”
  • He told me (that) I had a good sense of humour.
  • He said I danced very well.
  • “ You dance very well”.

Spotlight unit 8 6c


  • “ I saw my friend yesterday.”
  • He told me that he had seen his friend the day before.
  • He said that they had lived in Rome a year before.
  • “ We lived in Rome a year ago.”

Spotlight unit 8 6c

Present Continuous

Past Continuous

Present Simple Past Simple

Past Simple

Present Perfect

Past Perfect

Past Perfect

Future Simple


Present Perfect Continuous

Past Perfect Continuous

Spotlight unit 8 6c

go/goes went

am/is/are going

was/were going


had gone

have / has gone

had gone

shall/will go

have/has been going

had been going

should/would go

Spotlight unit 8 6c

1)»I am going to the cinema», said he.

He said that ___________________

(He said that he was going to the cinema.)

2) «You have made that mistake again!»

He told her that ___________________.

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(He told her that she had made that mistake again.)

3) «I’ll pass this exam»

Julia said that ___________________.

( Julia said that she would pass that exam.)

Spotlight unit 8 6c

4) «I lost my keys last week.»

He said that ___________________.

( He said that he had lost his keys the previous week.)

5) «They must do it now».

I told her that ___________________.

( I told her that they had to do it then.)

6) «I will answer the letter.»

He announced that ___________________.

( He announced that he would answer the letter.)

7) » I can’t play tennis next week.»

John said ___________________.

( John said he couldn’t play tennis the following week.)

Spotlight unit 8 6c

Say or tell?

Direct speech

Reported speech

She said, “I can do it.”

She said (that) she could do it.

She said to me, “I can do it.”

She said to me (that) she could do it.

She told me, “I can do it.”

She told me (that) she could do it.

Spotlight unit 8 6c




say good morning / evening etc

tell the truth

say something

tell a lie

say a few words

tell sb the time

say so

tell a story

say one’s prayers

tell sb one’s name

tell a secret

tell sb the way

tell one from another

Spotlight unit 8 6c




Let’s practise

  • Complete with said or told

1. Eric …. he was your friend.

2. She …. me that her car was red.

3. They …. , “The cake was delicious.”

4. John …. to the man, “This isn’t my dog.”

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Spotlight unit 8 6c

Direct speech

Reported speech


then, immediately









that day

that night



the day before, the previous day

last …



the … before, the previous …

next …

the next day, the following day

the next … , the following …

Spotlight unit 8 6c

Report the sentences

Pete said that he liked tennis.

  • Pete said, “I like tennis.”
  • Mary said to me, “I bought my ring from this shop.”
  • William said, “You can do it tomorrow.”
  • The teacher said to him, “Read the text!”

Mary told me that she had bought her ring from that shop.

William said I could do it the following day.

The teacher told him to read the text.

Spotlight unit 8 6c

Report the sentences

Mum asked Sam not to open the window.

  • Mum said to Sam, “Don’t open the window, please.”
  • They said, “Where did you buy these CDs?”
  • She asked, “Will you come tomorrow?”

They asked where I had bought those CDs.

She asked me if I would come the following day.

Spotlight unit 8 6c

Home task

  • She said, «I woke up early.“.»
  • He said, «I will ring her.»
  • They said, «We have just arrived.»
  • He said, «I will clean the car.»
  • She said, «I did not say that.»

Spotlight unit 8 6c

Good luck to you !

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