Текст для чтения более слолжный уровень

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«Текст для чтения более слолжный уровень»


I have twin brothers, Tim and Tom. They are very similar and a lot of people don’t know which twin is twin. They both have blonde hair and blue eyes, and they always wear jeans and T-shirts. They like wearing the same things, and they like doing the same things too. For example, they both like pop music and they’re crazy about football and computers. They go to a football match every Saturday. They’d like to play computer games every night, but our mother says they can’t because they have a lot of homework. Although they are twins, they aren’t the same in every way. For example, Tim works hard at school, but Tom doesn’t. He’s a bit lazy. Our mother is often away from home because she travels a lot in her job, so we all help in the house. Most of the time it’s fine, but sometimes we fight a little! Although they are noisy and sometimes naughty, I think it’s fun to have twin brothers.

  1. What are the names of the brothers?

  2. Are they similar? Describe their appearance (Опиши их внешность).

  3. What do they like?

  4. What are their characters (характеристики)?


  1. twin – близнецы; двойня

  2. similar – похожий

  3. wear – носить одежду

  4. same things – одинаковые вещи

  5. They’d like to play … – Они бы хотели играть…

  6. Although – хотя

  7. work hard –работать усердно

  8. travel – путешествовать

  9. fight – драться, бороться

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