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Mike and Liza are going to visit their grandmother. It is her birthday today. They have cards and balloons. Mum is carrying a birthday cake. Dad is carrying a present. They are going to go to Grandma’s house by car. Max, their dog, cannot go to Grandma’s house with them. The car is very small.

Dad opens the car and puts the present on the roof of the car. They all get inside. And off they go! The present falls down on the ground.

They are at the grandma’s house. She likes the cads and the balloons. She likes the cake, too. She is very happy. “Where is the present?” asks Mum. “I don’t know”, says Dad.

There is a knock at the door. It’s Max! He has Grandma’s present. “You are a clever dog, Max!” they all say.

Grandma’s present is new pullover. She likes it very much. “What a lovely pullover!” she says. The family is very happy. And Max is happy, too. Dad gives him a big piece of cake, “Here you are, Max. Thank you very much.”

  1. Where are Mike and Liza going?

  2. What is Mum doing? What is Dad doing?

  3. Where is the present?

  4. Who finds and brings the present?

  5. What is the present?


  1. clever -умный

  2. are going to visit – собираются навестить

  3. carry – нести, носить

  4. roof – крыша

  5. fall down – падать вниз

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