Test for grade 10 from 2nd term


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«Test for grade 10 from 2nd term»

Grade 10



Test for grade 10 from 2nd term

Complete the sentences with these words.

Test for grade 10 from 2nd term

power cut | pedestrian crossing | apartment building | rubbish | traffic jam | public transport | street market | pollution

1. There was a __________________________ yesterday and all the lights went out.

2. Sorry, I’m late. We were in the car and there was a terrible __________________________. We couldn’t move.

3. Don’t cross the road here, it’s dangerous. Use the __________________________ over there.

4. Too much __________________________ in cities can make people who live there ill.

5. We often buy our fruit and vegetables in the __________________________ but I get cold being outside.

Test for grade 10 from 2nd term


Complete the text with some or any.

I like living in my city – I can’t think of 1____ bad things. It’s quite small and most people walk or use public transport so there aren’t 2____ traffic jams. There are 3____ great places like the park or sports centre where I can meet my friends. There are also 4____ cheap cafйs where we can have a drink and 5____ food.

Test for grade 10 from 2nd term

Write complete sentences in the present continuous.

1. On Monday / I / play football. _________________________________________________

2. On Tuesday morning / my mum / fly / to Rome. ___________________________________

3. I / not go / to school on Wednesday. ___________________________________________

4. My friends / take part / in a photo competition on Thursday.


5. My best friend / not meet / me on Friday afternoon. ________________________________

Test for grade 10 from 2nd term


Complete the sentences with been or gone.

1. The teacher’s ___________ to make a phone call. She’ll be back soon.

2. I’m bored because my friends have ___________ away this weekend.

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3. Have you ever ___________ to New York?

4. We’re drinking hot chocolate because we’ve ___________ outside and it’s very cold.

5. I’ve never ___________ to Argentina but I’d love to go there.

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