Test for the 1st quarter


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«Test for the 1st quarter»

Test 1 for the 1st quarter


1 Complete the gaps with the vowels i, e, o, a, y, u.

a) l i s t en

b) w_ rk_ n p_ _ rs

c) _sk /_ nsw_ r

d) sp_ _ k

e) r_ _ d

f) wr_ t_

g) _p_ n _ _ _ r b_ _ k

h) ch _ ck _ _ _ r _nsw _ rs

2 Replace the underlined word or words with the subject pronoun or object pronoun.

1) Fiona likes her parents very much. She__________

2) My mother uses the computer every day. ________It___________

3) Sasha has breakfast with Jane. _______________

4) Tim eats a lot. _______________

5) My parents take my brother and me to Issyk-Kul. _______________

6) My sister and I are good friends. _______________

7) She likes the Internet. _______________

8) Bill’s got a mobile phone. _______________

9) Close your book, please. _______________

10) I do my homework after school. _______________

3 Complete the sentences with the words from the box.

Uniform library private buses high start leave teachers

1) In Kyrgyzstan children start school at the age of 7.

2) You have to wear a school___________ at school.

3) School______________ have to work a lot.

4) In a school_______________ you can’t talk loudly.

5) Some____________ schools have got their own school_______________ .

6) School students____________________ school at the age of 17.

7) After American school students finish middle school or junior high school, they go to___________________ school.

4 Complete the sentences with so or such.

1) Kyrgyzstan is such a beautiful country.

2) They had________ a busy preparation for the party.

3) The film was_______ sad.

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4) You’re_________ young to go on holiday alone.

5) Akzyinat is_________ a nice girl.

6) I’m__________ hungry because I only had breakfast today.

7) It was__________ an easy test that I did it very quickly.

8) The weather was________ lovely that we stayed out all day

5 Complete the gaps with possessive adjectives.

a) What’s your address? (you)

b) Is____ sister a student at the university? (he)

c) Where are______ friends from? (they)

d) Gulzat is married. _______ husband is American. (she)

6 Put the words in the correct order.

1) speaks My often at mother German home. *My mother often speaks German at home.

2) John parties and like Mary. __________________________________________________

3) housework My doesn’t father do. _____________________________________________

4) noise Children a lot make of. _________________________________________________

7 Write sentences with the present simple.

  1. (+) It / rain in autumn It rains in autumn.

b) (?) David / walk to school _____________________________________________

c) (–) she / live in New York ____________________________________________

d) (+) I / have breakfast with my family____________________________________

8 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs from the box.

take watch wait cook sing

1) My mother cooks very tasty plov.

2) Azim________ comedies every day.

3) I usually___________ for bus about ten minutes.

4) My friends_________ in karaoke club every weekend.

5) When we go for a walk with friends, we always_____________ a lot of pictures.

9 Match a face with a phrase.

10 Complete the sentences with the correct question words from the box.

Who? What? When? How? What time? Where? How many? How often? Why?

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a) Who do you live with?

b) ______________lessons do you have on Friday?

c) ______________does your school start?

d) ______________do you do in the evenings?

e) ______________does your sister work?

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