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Television is one of the most important mass media. It plays a great role in our life today. All the programmes are now transmitted in colour, but of course they can be received in black and white. We can hardly imagine our life without television. First of all, it is a very convenient source of information. It informs us about current events and the latest developments in science and politics, both in our country and abroad. There are special educational programmes which are very helpful and interesting for children.

Television today competes with cinemas and theatres. You can see different films and theatrical performances without leaving home. Many people consider it much cheaper. Not only that. In some faraway places and small towns people can see the Bolshoi ballet or the performances of the best theatres of the country only on TV.

Our television is linked with Europe and the world through the Eurovision and the Intervision networks, and we can see programmes transmitted from other countries.

TV is a convenient source of entertainment too. Everybody has his or her favourite entertainment programme: drama, classical or pop music concert, contest, quiz, football or hockey match. Most popular today are the so-called “soap operas” which attract millions of TV viewers .

Advertisements and commercials take a good amount of time on TV now, some people are not happy about it, but TV can`t do without them. A great variety of different programmes on different channels makes some people think that television begins to dominate our lives, to attract us away from other things. But most people find it useful and watch the programmes to their liking.

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I Are these statements TRUE or FALSE?

1. Programmes can`t be received in black and white.

2. Television is a very convenient source of information.

3. There are no educational programmes for children.

4. Russian television is linked with Europe.

5. Some people don`t like advertisements on TV.

II Can you answer these questions?

  1. What role does TV play in our life?

  2. Why is TV more convenient for some people than theatre or cinema?

  3. In what way is our television linked with Europe and the world?

  4. What entertainment programmes can we see on TV?

  5. Do you like to watch “soap operas”?

III. Complete the following sentences. Consult the text.

  1. Television informs us about ____________.

  2. Television today competes with ____________.

  3. Many people consider _____________.

  4. Most popular today are _____________.

  5. But most people find it ___________.

IV. Find phrases in the text that mean:

— как в нашей стране, так и за рубежом

— не выходя из дома

— в некоторых отдалённых местах

— не может обойтись без них

— отвлекать от других дел

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