Тестовые задания на прилагательные «Adjectives tests»

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«Тестовые задания на прилагательные «Adjectives tests»»

1. He’s _____ older than he looks.

A) much B) more C) * D) the

2. Jessica’s as tall _____ her mother.

A) than B) like C) more D) as

3. “What _____ New York like?” “It’s really exciting!”

A) does B) is C) was D) did

4. Trains in London are more crowded _____ in Paris.

A) that B) as C) than D) like

5. Oxford is one of ___ oldest universities in Europe.

A) the B) * C) much D) more

6. He isn’t as intelligent _____ his sister.

A) like B) as C) than D) nothing

7. This is _____ than I expected.

A) more hard B) hard C) the hardest D) harder

8. Who is the _____ man in the world?

A) rich B) most richest C) richest D) most rich

9. Everything is _____ in my country.

A) more cheaper B) cheaper C) cheap D) cheapest

10. Rome was hotter _____ I expected.

A) than B) that C) nothing D) as

11. My dad’s really ____. He always buys presents for everyone.

A) romantic B) fortunate C) generous D) depressed

12. Before you can get a credit card, you have to provide a lot of _____ details.

A) wealth B) person C) happiness D) personal

13. I try to lead a _____ lifestyle — lots of exercises, fruit, and no junk food.

A) depressed B) dirty C) healthy D) mess

14. The disco was so _____ that you couldn’t hear yourself speak.

A) noisy B) finance C) windy D) difference

15. After the earthquake, the country needed a lot of _____ equipment to look after the sick and wounded.

A) depressed B) medical C) personal D) financial

16. She had a car crash, but she was _____ to escape with no injuries at all.

A) depressed B) romantic C) lucky D) healthy

17. Venice is a very _____ city. A lot of people go there on honeymoon.

A) dirty B) polluted C) wealthy D) romantic

18. Here is the ____ news. Share prices on the Dow Jones Index have fallen dramatically.

A) cheap B) financial C) depressed D) wealthy

19. After a heart attack, he needed a major surgery, but fortunately the operation was _____.

  1. happy B) different C) successful D) personal

20. I didn’t like that city at all. The streets were so _____ and the air was so _____.

A) dirty / messy B) dirty / polluted C) personal / noisy D) messy / polluting

21. There’s the boy _____ broke the window.

A) which B) where C) * D) who

22. That’s the palace _____ the King lives.

A) who B) which C) where D) when

23. They are the policemen _____ caught the thief.

A) where B) who C) which D) *

24. He gave him a watch _____ stopped after two days.

A) that B) * C) when D) where

25. The Red Lion is the pub _____ we met for a drink.

A) which B) that C) where D) when

26. Here are the letters _____ arrived this morning.

A) who B) which C) * D) where

27. That’s the house _____ I was born.

A) when B) that C) where D) which

28. Where is the woman _____ ordered the fish.

A) who B) which C) when D) where

29. The hotel _____ we stayed was very comfortable.

A) which B) that C) where D) when

30. I bought the coat _____ was in the shop window.

A) who B) where C) that D) *

31. Are you as tall _____ your brother?

A) like B) as C) than D) more

32. Was Joan’s party better _____ Maria’s?

A) than B) much C) like D) as

33. “Wasn’t that film wonderful!” “Yes, it was _____.”

A) modern B) wealthy C) brilliant D) depressed

34. “I’m bored with this lesson!” “I know, I’m really _____ with it, too!”

A) generous B) fed up C) healthy D) happy

35. “Mary’s family is very rich.” “Well, I knew her uncle was very _____.”

A) finance B) polluted C) wealthy D) windy

36. “Ann’s bedroom’s really untidy again!” “Is it? I told her it was _____ yesterday, and she promised to clean it.”

A) clean B) shining C) modern D) messy

37. She’s _____ than her sister.

A) much nicer B) more nicer C) much more nicer D) more nicer

38. He’s _____ boy in the class.

A) the funnier B) funniest C) funnier D) the funniest

39. Barbara’s _____ than Sarah.

A) intelligenter B) much intelligent C) more intelligent D) intelligent

23. I called Tom at 10.00 in the morning, but he was _____ in bed.

A) of course B) still C) only D) especially

24. It’s our anniversary today. We’ve been _____ for fifteen years.

A) at last B) exactly C) together D) nearly

25. Kate is very fussy about food. She _____ eats pasta and crisps.

A) only B) hard C) exactly D) too

26. She was very ill and _____ died, but fortunately, she got better.

A) carefully B) nearly C) too D) usually

27. “I hate ironing.” “Me, _____. It’s so boring.”

A) just B) at last C) slowly D) too

28. I like all Russian novelists, _____ Tolstoy.

A) usually B) especially C) together D) only

29. I met her on December 23, _____ before Christmas.

A) too B) slowly C) just D) still

30. _____ I have finished this exercise. Thank goodness! It was so boring.

A) Together B) At last C) Exactly D) Just

122. Plastic surgery doesn’t cost ______ .

A) a lot of B) much C) many D) very few

123. He knows ______ about classical music.

A) a lot B) a lot of C) many D) a few

124. He is very honest. He is ______ than David.

A) honest B) more honestly C) more honest D) honestly

125. Some people think that life was ______ a hundred years ago.

A) badly B) worst C) well D) better

126. A bee is ______ than a bird.

A) smaller B) smallest C) the smallest D) small

127. A bicycle moves ______ than a car.

A) slowly B) fast C) very slow D) more slowly

128. Concorde is ______ other planes.

A) the safest B) safest C) as safe as D) safer

129. The news ______ bad.

A) was B) are C) were D) aren’t

130. ______ everybody here?

A) Are B) Is C) Were D) Does

131. He has a lot of friends. He is ______ than Tony.

A) much less friendly B) less friendly C) the most friendly D) more friendly

132. Other planes are not so ______ Concorde.

A) more expensive B) expensive C) expensive as D) as expensive

133. The Boeing 747 makes ______ noise than Concorde.

A) much B) less C) most D) least

134. It was a very ______ journey.

A) interesting B) more interested C) interested D) interestingly

135. Venus is the ______ planet to the earth.

A) far B) nearest C) farther D) near

136. What are the ______ sports in Turkey?

A) interested B) as interesting C) better than D) most popular

137. This team is bad. It plays ______ .

A) badly B) bad C) not good D) well

138. He runs ______ than David.

A) better B) slowly C) well D) very fast

139. Jim is 19 years old. Tony is 15. Jim is ______ than Tony.

A) younger B) oldest C) older D) youngest

140. He came late because he can’t run ______ the others.

A) as fast as B) faster C) the fastest of D) quickly as

141. Bill swims ______ than Robert.

A) faster B) very badly C) good D) worst

142. How ______ butter do you need?

A) much B) many C) few D) a lot

143. Colombia is the ______ country in the world.

A) as wet as B) wetter than C) wetter D) wettest

144. He thinks that their team is the ______ one in Italy.

A) better than B) better C) best D) good

145. Who sings the ______ in your class?

A) happy B) more happily C) happily D) most happily

146. My father is sick. I’m worried about ______ .

A) his B) him C) her D) me

147. I saw Ann at the party but I didn’t talk to ______ .

A) hers B) him C) she D) her

148. A: Why doesn’t Pete have any teeth? B: Because he ______ brushed them.

A) usually B) often C) frequently D) never

149. Almost all of my father’s teeth are good because he ______ brushes them.

A) usually B) ever C) never D) sometimes

150. Paul doesn’t feel very good now. In six weeks he’s going to feel ______ .

A) bad B) better C) best D) badly

151. Kate is ______ than any other actress on TV.

A) as pretty B) not pretty C) prettier D) the prettiest

152. It’s very ______ . It’s going to rain.

A) cloudy B) cloudless C) clouds D) more cloudy

153. They’re good players, but we can beat ______ .

A) their B) they C) theirs D) them

154. Lisa likes to read ______ horoscope.

A) hers B) her C) mine D) yours

155. The kitchen looks beautiful. Have you cleaned ______, Mary?

A) its B) it’s C) it D) them

156. Sam and Bob went swimming with ______ sister, Lisa.

A) their B) theirs C) hers D) them

157. I think he was driving ______ .

A) dangerous B) less careful C) hardly D) carelessly

158. I don’t know why she behaves so ______ sometimes.

A) careless B) badly C) worse D) strange

159. This bag isn’t ______ it looks.

A) as lightly as B) lighter C) as light as D) the lightest

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160. I haven’t ______ been as fat as I’m now.

A) ever B) never C) usually D) sometimes

161. She is a ______ driver. She drives her car ______ .

A) carelessly / careless B) slowly / slow C) well / good D) careful / carefully

162. He is ______ at painting. He paints ______ .

A) bad / worse B) bad / badly C) worse / bad D) badly / the worst

163. She behaves ______ every day.

A) good B) strange C) bad D) worse

164. Not every American ______ English.

A) doesn’t speak B) don’t speak C) speak D) speaks

165. Terry hasn’t come to school ______ .

A) almost B) yet C) just D) never

166. Janet has ______ left home.

A) just B) yet C) almost D) ever

167. I can’t find my homework ______ .

A) nowhere B) everywhere C) anywhere D) somewhere

168. I’ve looked for my book ______ but I can’t find it.

A) anywhere B) somewhere C) nowhere D) everywhere

169. I’m sure it’s here ______ .

A) somewhere B) everywhere C) anywhere D) nowhere

170. The bus is very ______ .

A) quickly B) slow C) well D) noisily

171. She listens to the teacher very ______ .

A) good B) carefully C) better D) careless

172. The author writes ______ .

A) bad B) good C) well D) careful

173. He plays the piano ______ than his father.

A) very good B) better C) the best D) very well

53. A: What do you think of politics?

B: Oh, I find politics really ______.

A) depress B) depressing C) depressed D) be depressed

54. I agree. I get terribly ______ when people talk about politics.

A) depression B) depressing C) depressed D) be depressed

55. I find people who spit in the street ______.

A) offensive B) offensively C) offender D) offence

56. Since divorce became easier to obtain in Europe, the divorce rate

has gone up ______.

A) dramatic B) dramatically C) dramatics D) to be dramatic

57. They play the guitar ______.

A) beautiful B) beautifully C) very beautiful D) a lot beautiful

58. I’m going to ______ next term, because the exams are getting closer.

A) study hard B) hardly study C) study hardly D) studying hard

59. The migration of the ducks was due to the ______ of colder weather.

A) arriving B) arrive C) arrival D) arrived

60. Since the old lady’s husband died, she’s been living ______.

A) herself B) on her own C) by itself D) by her

61. The weather changed ______. There was an ______ change in the


A) unexpected / unexpectedly B) unexpectancy / unexpected

C) unexpectedly / unexpected D) unexpectedly / unexpectation

62. Her condition improved ______. There was a ______ improvement

in her condition.

A) steady / steadiness B) steadiness / steady

C) steady / steadily D) steadily / steady

63. Fleming discovered penicillin ______.

A) accidentally B) accidental C) accident D) on accident

64. The ______ discovery of penicillin by Fleming in 1928 made the

effective treatment of many bacterial diseases possible.

A) accidental B) by chance C) accident D) accidentally

65. The ______ of the forest will result in the ____ of many animal species.

A) destruction / disappear B) destruction / disappearance

C) destructing / disappear D) destruct / disappearance

66. A: Who told you they were moving?

B: They told me ______.

A) by themselves B) on their own

C) themselves D) himself

67. The toes of her shoes are open. She always wears open ______


A) toe B) toehold C) tiptoe D) toed

68. I didn’t buy the sweater because it wasn’t ______.

A) washing B) washable C) washer D) washed

69. My chest hurts ______ I breathe.

A) whenever B) whatever C) wherever D) whichever

70. Larry is a friendly person. He meets new people ______ he goes.

A) whenever B) whatever C) wherever D) whoever

71. You must do ______ he says.

A) whomever B) whatever C) whenever D) wherever

72. ______ solved that problem must be very smart.

A) Whomever B) Whatever C) Who D) Whoever

73. We haven’t enjoyed ______ so much for years.

A) myself B) oneself C) ourselves D) us

74. Have you heard about Sally? She killed______.

A) itself B) herself C) on her own D) by herself

75. Her children are too young to look after______.

A) them B) by themselves

C) on their own D) themselves

76. That is a beautiful dress you’re wearing. Did you make it______?

A) you B) yourselves C) yourself D) herself

77. Many lakes and rivers are being ______ polluted.

A) dangers B) danger C) dangerous D) dangerously

78. Vitamins are produced synthetically in large quantities. This has made

them ______ and ______ available to most of the population.

A) cheaply / easily B) cheap / easy

C) cheap / easily D) cheaply / easy

79. Several new dams are being constructed. This will help to control

floods and provide water for______.

A) irrigate B) irrigated C) irrigating D) irrigation

80. A problem of fundamental ______ for the developing countries is

that of slowing down population growth.

A) importance B) vital C) urgent D) serious

81. “The Alfa River is 100 km long. The Beta River is 200 km long.”

means: The Beta River is ______ the Alfa River.

A) shorter than B) half as long as C) twice as long as D) half as short as

82. “Lake Beta is 20 m deep. Lake Alfa is 80 m deep.” means: The

depth of Lake Beta is ______ that of Lake Alfa.

A) one-fourth B) four times C) one-third D) three times

83. The height of Mt Vesuvius is about 1200 m and that of Mt Blanc is

4800 m. Mt Blanc is the ______ of the two mountains. Its height is

about ______ of Mt Vesuvius

A) higher / one fourth that B) highest / one fourth

C) highest / four times that D) higher / four times that

84. A: Will you boil the potatoes? B: Yes. I like ______ potatoes.

A) boiling B) boiled C) boil D) boiler

85. A: Shall I write the recipe? B: Yes, please. I need a ______ recipe.

A) wrote B) write C) writing D) written

86. We didn’t have much money, so we stayed at a/an ______ hotel.

A) luxurious B) inexpensive C) comfort D) quietness

87. The nurse is very ______. She spoke ______.

A) politely / politely C) polite / politely

B) politely / polite D) polite / polite

88. Annie ______ lives in London. She moved to Bristol.

A) any more B) any longer C) no longer D) any better

89. I don’t want to stay here ______.

A) any more B) no longer C) never D) no more

90. Are you ______ or do you want me to switch on the heating ?

A) warm enough B) too warm C) pretty cold D) quite cold

91. I’ve got ______ a lot to do today. I’m really busy.

A) such B) so C) very D) too

92. I’ve made _____ many mistakes in this letter. I think I’ll type it again.

A) such B) so C) very D) too

93. The poor girl looked ______ ______.

A) miserable / unhappy B) miserably / unhappy

C) miserable / unhappily D) miserably / unhappily

94. This is not______. A) a big enough van B) big a enough van

C) an enough big van D) a van enough big

95. The boss looked at him ______.

A) astonishing B) unhappy C) angrily D) hardly

96. It was ______ hot in the train.

A) extreme B) intolerable C) worse D) terribly

97. She ran ______ to the telephone.

A) very quick B) hopefully C) impatient D) miserable

98. “Shall we go?” David looked ______ at Susan.

A) happily B) surprised C) astonishing D) glad

99. The child looked ______.

A) neglected B) a beggar C) hunger D) poverty

100. The world has gone ______.

A) difficult B) coldness C) crazy D) foregoing

101. The situation resolved itself ______ than I had expected.

A) much more easily B) the most easily C) a lot easier D) much easier

102. The young man struck his boss and______ killed him.

A) sudden B) accidentally C) bloody D) angry

103. Every child reacts ______ ______.

A) rather / different B) quite / differ

C) a lot / difference D) somewhat / differently

104. He stood up slowly and ______.

A) with difficulty B) too difficult C) very difficult D) too much difficulty

105. A: I’m afraid we can expect ______ temperatures over the holiday.

B: I’m ______ sorry about it.

A) extreme / extremely B) extremely / extremely

C) extremely / extreme D) extreme / extreme

106. I thought______ of the idea.

A) highly B) extraordinary C) clear D) thorough

107. The supper looked ______.

A) badly B) delicious C) well D) awfully

108. It’s ______ to use and ______ to carry than other computers.

A) simple / easy B) simply / easily

C) simpler / easier D) more simply / more easily

109. Yesterday the temperature was 20 degrees below zero. It hasn’t

been so cold this year. Yesterday was ______ day of the year.

A) very cold B) too cold C) such a cold D) the coldest

110. The Taylors have three sons. They are all clever, but Bill is outstanding. He is ______ of all.

A) a lot clever B) the least cleverest C) the cleverest D) far much cleverer

111. There were ______ people in the queue that it was impossible to

get on the bus.

A) so many B) so much C) so few D) such a lot

113. She went ______ a sheet when she heard the news.

A) as white as B) as light as C) as mute as D) as deaf as

114. The ______ the problem ______ it is to find a solution.

A) more complicated / hardly B) most complicated / the hardest

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C) more complicated / the harder D) more complicated / the hardest

115. ______ we leave, ______ we’ll arrive.

A) The sooner / the earlier B) Sooner / earlier

C) The soonest / the earliest D) The soonest / earlier

116. The car went______ and ______ down the hill.

A) very fast / dangerous B) silently / safe C) faster / faster D) later / slow

117. Although we hear about terrible air crashes, flying is still the ______

way to travel. It is much ______ than walking down the road!

A) safer / a lot safe B) safest / safer C) less safer/ safer D) least / a lot safer

118. A Volvo is expensive. A Mercedes is very much more expensive,

but a Rolls Royce is ______.

A) by far the most expensive B) far more expensive

C) a lot more expensive D) too expensive

119. I backed three horses. Night Star ran ______ . The Sun ran ______

and Wind ran the______.

A) bad / badly / worst B) badly / worse / worst

C) good / better / best D) well / best / better

146. You looked ______ this morning but you look a bit______ now.

A) depressing / happy B) depressed / happier

C) depressed / happily D) depressingly / happily

147. The teacher looks ______.

A) sadly B) angry C) angrily D) nicely

148. The teacher is looking ______.

A) good B) angry C) angrily D) nice

149. The soup tastes ______.

A) nicely B) well C) suspiciously D) wonderful

150. I tasted the soup ______.

A) wonderful B) suspiciously C) happy D) haste

151. Poor people from rural areas are migrating to the cities to find work

and _____ the circles of slum housing in many suburbs are growing


A) consequently B) however C) as D) whereas

152. Heart disease remains the ______ of diseases. It killed about 750,000

Americans last year, almost 40 percent of all ______.

A) more danger / death B) most killing / die

C) threateningly / deaths D) most deadly / deaths

153. He’s got two very ______ daughters.

A) alike B) like C) similar-looking D) much like

154. My brother is ______ yours.

A) the same age B) younger C) as old D) the same age as

155. Of the two toys, the child chose ______ .

A) the less expensive B) the least expensive

C) the one most expensive D) the most expensive of them

156. The more we looked at the abstract painting, ______.

A) we liked it less B) better we liked it C) the less we liked it D) it looked better

It was ___ music I have ever heard.

A) more beautiful B) less beautiful C) the most beautiful D) beautiful E) most beautiful

2. It’s ___ powder I have ever used.

A) good B) — C) the best D) best E) better

3. John is ___ of all to act.

A) quickest B) quick C) — D) quicker E) the quickest

4. He is ___ strong ___ his brother.

A) as / like B) similar / as C) as / as D) strong / than E) so / as

5. English grammar is ___ than Russian one.

A) easy B) easier C) the easiest D) as easy as E) not so easy

6. I have ___ time than he does.

A) bigger B) larger C) most D) less E) least

7. This girl is ___ intelligent than the rest of the class.

A) most B) the most C) more D) the more E) much

8. Two heads are ___ than one.

A) good B) bad C) worse D) worst E) better

9. Alice came late, Philip came later, and Tony ___

A) latest B) last C) the latest D) later E) the last

10. Mark Twain, one of ___ and ___ American writers, lived in a small town in his childhood.

A) greater / most popular B) great / more popular

C) the greatest / most popular D) more great / the most popular E) most great / the popular

11. -Why didn’t you discuss this question yesterday? -It was ___ important than the others.

A) little B) least C) the least D) — E) less

12. Your English is much ___ now. You’ve made___ mistakes this time.

A) best / least B) better / less C) the best / less D) good / less E) best / the least

13. The Thames is ___ river in Great Britain.

A) the longest B) long C) longest D) — E) longer

14. Do you have ___ or ___ rain this autumn than the last one.

A) many / little B) more / less C) more / fewer D) much / less E) more / few

15. Please, tell me something ___ than this old joke.

A) interesting B) less interesting C) more interesting D) the most interesting E) the least interesting

16. This question is ___ than the first one, let’s discuss it tomorrow.

A) important B) less important C) the most important D) the least important E) —

17. Do you have ___ or ___ sunny days this summer?

A) more / few B) many / less C) much / little D) more / less E) many / few

18. We have ___ money than they have.

A) little B) much C) less D) few E) many

20. Of the four girls Marcia is ___ .

A) prettiest B) prettier C) — D) the prettiest E) prettier

21. It’s ___ to go by car than by train.

A) cheap B) cheaper C) — D) cheapest E) the cheapest

22. It is much ___ to speak English than to understand

A) — B) the most difficult C) more difficult D) difficult E) most difficult

23. He’s ___ intelligent than my brother.

A) most B) good C) better D) more E) last

24. He is ___ among his classmates.

A) old B) taller C) the youngest D) short E) higher

25. This is ___ place I’ve ever seen.

A) dirty B) the dirtiest C) more dirty D) dirtier E) —

26. What is ___ crime than loss of time.

A) greater B) greatest C) great D) — E) most great

27. He came home in the ___ mood.

A) sun B) sunniest C) more sunny D) much sunny E) sunnier

28. False friend is ___ than open enemies.

A) worst B) worse C) the worst D) — E) bad

29. “Why do you always buy five loaves, no ___ and ___?”

A) many / little B) less / fewer C) more / much D) more / less E) most / less

30. It’s ___ in here than it is in the street.

A) hot B) the hottest C) — D) hotter E) hottest

31. Are the streets of London ___ or ___ than the streets of Belfast?

A) the narrowest / wider B) narrow / wide C) narrower / wider D) more narrow / wide E) most narrow / most wide

32. I make ___ mistakes now than last year.

A) few B) fewer C) — D) the fewest E) fewest

33. The weather is much ___ pleasant than it usually is at this time.

A) most B) more C) the most D) little E) —

34. To spend summer at the seaside is ___ pleasant than in the town.

A) — B) less C) the most D) more E) the least

35. It is ___ and ___ to live here than there.

A) warm / most pleasant B) warmer / pleasant C) warmest / pleasanter D) warmer / more pleasant E) warm / more pleasant

36. Are the streets ___ and ___ than they were some years ago ?

A) wide / cleaner B) wider / cleanest C) widest / cleaner D) widest / cleanest E) wider / cleaner

37. Lake Baikal is ___ lake in the world.

A) deeper B) the deepest C) deep D) deepest E) —

38. Many people think Scotland is ___ than England.

A) most beautiful B) the least beautiful C) least beautiful

D) more beautiful E) beautiful

39. My luggage was ___ than my friend’s.

A) good B) the best C) many D) less E) the worst

40. Her love must be ___ than mine.

A) the deepest B) most deep C) deepest D) deeper E) deep

41. His plan is ___ practical of all.

A) — B) more C) much D) the most E) most

42. I think it is ___ beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen.

A) more B) more C) the most D) the best E) worst

43. Our garden is ___ than that of the neighbor’s.

A) little B) the least C) most difficult D) the best E) less

44. Which are ___ comfortable, sandals or tennis shoes?

A) most B) little C) more D) much E) any

45. In the second half, the team played ___ and the game ended in a


A) earliest B) the worst C) interesting D) the most interesting E) worse

46. Area of Brazil is ___ than that of England.

A) less B) most C) much

D) larger E) many

47. He was ___ angry than I had expected.

A) most B) more C) much D) better E) good

48. Which question do you think is ___ difficult one?

A) — B) much C) more D) the most E) most

49. There is ___ milk in this jug than in that one.

A) most B) the most C) the least D) little E) less

50. The weather today is ___ than yesterday.

A) good B) bad C) fine D) worse E) the worst

51. Her version is ___ original than yours.

A) much B) the most C) more D) many E) the least

52. Mr. Smith liked his ___ son than others.

A) older B) elder C) the oldest D) all E) the eldest

53. Yesterday Camilla was ___ girl there.

A) happy B) happiest C) the happiest D) — E) happier

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54. Traveling is ___ in summer than in winter.

A) interesting B) more interesting C) the most interesting D) farther

55. Which bird flies ___, the swallow or the gull?

A) — B) fast C) faster D) the fastest E) fastest

56. My clothes have never been ___ than this.

A) cleaner B) cleanest C) clean D) — E) the cleanest

57. My dress is ___ than yours, isn’t it?

A) long B) — C) the longest D) longest E) longer

58. Which is ___ country in the UK?

A) industrial B) the most industrial C) more industrial D) most industrial

E) industrial

59. Do you speak English ___ than Spanish?

A) most fluently B) fluent C) rather fluent D) fluently E) more fluently

60. Margaret types ___ than Mary does.

A) fast B) — C) faster D) the fastest E) fastest

61. This chair is ___ comfortable than that one.

A) — B) little C) less D) the least E) least

62. Both of them are skiing very badly, but she is skiing even ___

than he is.

A) bad B) — C) worse D) the worst E) worst

63. The ___ you start, the ___ you’ll finish.

A) soon / more quickly B) sooner / more quickly

C) sooner / quickly D) soon / quickly E) more sooner / more quickly

64. The play I saw yesterday was ___ than this one.

A) bad B) worse C) worst D) the worst E) —

65. Mary is much ___ than Ann, though they are both alike.

A) tall B) taller C) the tallest D) — E) tallest

66. My arm felt hot but that ache was ___ than the pain that burned

in my breast.

A) stronger B) the strongest C) strongest D) strong E) —

67. Your dictation is ___ of all.

A) bad B) worse C) good D) well E) the worst

68. My room is ___ than yours.

A) large B) — C) larger D) the largest E) largest

69. “Family album” is ___ than “Follow me”.

A) interesting B) most interesting C) more interesting D) the most interesting E) as interesting

70. This exercise is ___ than the last one.

A) — B) good C) best D) better E) the best

71. The longer the way the ___ tired we are.

A) most B) more C) the most D) — E) much

72. Today ___ and ___ people come to understand that learning English

is ___ .

A) many / much / most useful B) many / more / more useful C) little / less / useful D) most / less / less useful E) more / more / useful

73. ___ goods you sell, ___ profit you’ll make.

A) more / more B) the more / more C) more / the more D) the more / the more E) the most / the most

74. Yesterday was ___ day we’ve had this summer.

A) hotter B) hot C) the hottest D) hottest E) much hotter

75. Girls are much ___ than boys.

A) quiet B) the quietest C) so quiet D) quieter E) too quiet

76. Do you need any ___ help?

A) much B) more C) many D) most E) the most

77. Actions speak ___ than words.

A) loudest B) less louder C) most loudest D) louder E) loudly

78. It is ___ work I’ve ever done.

A) bad B) worse C) better D) the worst E) best

79. Uncle Nick was the ___ son of the family.

A) old B) young C) big D) elder E) next

80. This room is ___ than that one.

A) large B) little C) the smallest D) the least E) smaller

81. The twenty second of December is ___ day of the year.

A) short B) much shorter C) shorter D) the shortest E) less short

82. Who is ___ important person in the history of your country?

A) more B) less C) high D) popular E) the most

83. I think, today the British television program “The Weakest Link”

is ___ popular of all the TV programs.

A) more B) much C) the most D) — E) most

84. John is ___ but ___ boy in the family.

A) taller / the youngest B) the tallest / the youngest C) taller / younger D) more tall / the most young E) the tallest / more young

85. This is ___ rule in this book.

A) difficult B) more difficult C) most difficult D) the most difficult E) much difficult

86. Antalya in my opinion is ___ place for rest.

A) good B) less C) the least D) the best E) better

87. The story I have read is ___ in this book.

A) the most interesting B) more interesting

C) less interesting D) much interesting E) few interesting

88. They showed me their best suits but, if these are their ___ suits,

what are their ___ ones like.

A) best / worst B) better / worst C) best / worse D) worse / better E) good / worst

89. He works the ___ but earns the ___ .

A) harder / less B) more / most C) less / harder D) hardest / least E) least / harder

90. Monte Carlo is one of ___ beautiful cities in the world.

A) much B) the most C) much more D) the least E) less

91. Let me know if you hear any ___ news.

A) many B) more C) most D) the most E) much

92. It’s ___ weather anyone can remember.

A) better B) the worst C) bad D) worse E) least

93. I think the cotton of Turkmenistan is one of ___ in the world.

A) better B) good C) the best D) longer E) richer

94. I have done ___ part of my homework.

A) difficult B) more difficult C) most difficult D) the most difficult E) —

95. Can’t you type ___?

A) shortly B) more carefully C) hardly D) nearly E) completely

96. The teacher said that the results of our tests were not good. She

added that ___ of all was mine.

A) bad B) better C) worse D) good E) the worst

97. Which season is ___ in Thailand?

A) rainy B) the rainiest C) most rainy D) more rainy E) raining

98. ___ I can stay is three hours.

A) long B) longer C) more longer D) the longest E) much longer

99. Unfortunately her disease was ___ than we thought at first.

A) more serious B) serious C) the most serious D) most serious

E) the more serious

100. This is ___ clown I’ve ever seen.

A) good B) better C) the best D) well E) bad

101. Vatican is ___ country in Europe.

A) less B) the smallest C) smaller D) greater E) small

102. It’s ___ today ___ it was yesterday.

A) a little warmer / that B) little warm / than C) more warmer / that D) a little warmer / than E) the warmest / than

103. We discover that we were ___ in early youth than somewhat

___ .

A) wise / late B) wiser / later C) wise / latest D) wisest / late E) wise / later

104. The higher is the fence, ___ is the neighbor.

A) better B) the best C) best D) good E) the better

105. ___ people live in the South than in the North of America.

A) more B) most C) the most D) much E) many

106. You won’t find ___ restaurant than this. They’ll all be ___ expensive

___ this one.

A) the cheapest / as / as B) a cheaper / as / as C) a cheaper / as more D) the cheapest / most / than E) a cheaper / most / as

Teenage girls smoke almost ……. boys in many of the villages in West Java.

(a) as good as (b) as long as (c) as soon as (d) as much as

Q2 I told my son that I would take me to the circus next week ……. he keeps his promise not to fight with his sister.

(a) as good as (b) as long as (c) as soon as (d) as much as

Q3 You need to go to the hospital ……. possible. An erratic heartbeart can be very dangerous.

(a) as good as (b) as long as (c) as soon as (d) as much as

Q4 Oh no! I failed all my exams last week. I’m ……. dead when my parents see my final report card.

(a) as good as (b) as long as (c) as soon as (d) as much as

Q5 I bet you don’t love me ……. I love you. That would be impossible!

(a) as good as (b) as long as (c) as soon as (d) as much as

Q6 I will accept your marriage proposal ……. you promise to love me and take care of me forever.

(a) as good as (b) as long as (c) as soon as (d) as much as

Q7 Rampant corruption in Indonesia will continue to happen ……. the government continues to deny that the problem exists.

(a) as good as (b) as long as (c) as soon as (d) as much as

Q8 Many British housewives cannot understand why many British men love watching football twice ……. their women.

(a) as good as (b) as soon as (c) as long as (d) as much as

Q9 Many anti-war protesters think that the President of the United States should withdraw his troops from Iraq ……. possible.

(a) as long as (b) as soon as (c) as good as (d) as much as

Q10 A wise man once said that a change is almost ……. a holiday.

(a) as good as (b) as long as (c) as soon as (d) as much as

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