The Past Continuous


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«The Past Continuous»

Lesson plan The Past Continuous Tense grade 8th

Teacher: Olga Nikolaevna Ryzhkova

The Past Continuous

Objectives of the lesson: Educational: · To teach students how to form the Past Continuous in (+, -, ?) · To teach students how to use the Past Continuous · To teach students new words Developing: · To revise and develop the use of the Past Simple to revise Stative verbs · To develop writing, speaking, listening, pronunciation and reading Up-bringing: · To bring-up love for reading · To enhance interest in reading English books and motivate students to read more · To bring up kindness, industriousness, tolerance, strong will in the face of hardships of life · To bring-up individual and teamwork skills · To bring-up confidence in speaking English · Outline of the lesson: I Organizing moment II Warm-up III Presentation IV Practice V Checking- up homework VI Summing-up Competences: 1 Informative: The formation of the Past Continuous; The use of the Past Continuous; Stative-Dynamic verbs; Fairy tale “Cinderella” 2 social communicative: speaking using structures: S + was/were + Ving at 5 yesterday S + was/were + Ving when/as + S + Ved/V2 S + was/were + Ving while + S + was/were + Ving 3 social cultural: individual work skills, teamwork skills, kindness, industriousness, tolerance, strong will in the face of hardships of life Teacher’s aids: thematic pictures, video, task-cards , English student’s book VIII, blackboard, and a piece of chalk

The Past Continuous

II. Warm-up Пройдите по ссылке:

The Past Continuous

III. Presentation

The Past Continuous is a temporary action in progress which was going on at the specific time in the past.

It is formed:

S + was/were + V ing

The Past Continuous

The formation of the Past Continuous Tense



I, She, He, It + was + V ing


Was not = wasn’t Were not = weren’t


Cinderella was cleaning the room at 5 o’clock yesterday

We, You, They + were + V ing

I, She, He, It + wasn’t + V ing

Cinderella wasn’t cleaning the room at 5 o’clock yesterday.



We, You, They + weren’t + V ing

Was + I, she, he, it + Ving?

Was she cleaning the room at 5 o’clock yesterday?


Were + we, you, they + Ving?

Yes, she was/No, she wasn’t

What + was + I, she, he, it + Ving?

What was Cinderella doing at 5 o’clock yesterday?

What + were + we, you, they + Ving?

The Past Continuous

The use of the Past Continuous Tense


1) a temporary action which was in progress at the definite/specific moment of time in the past

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Cinderella was cleaning the room at 5 o’clock yesterday

2) an action in progress in the past which was interrupted by another finished action in the Past Simple

It often happened after while, when, as

Cinderella was washing the floor when stepmother came into the room

3) two or more parallel actions in progress which were happening at the same time in the past

Cinderella was washin g the floor while her stepsisters were sleeping

4) describing a story background

The birds were singing and the sun was shining . Cinderella sat down on the bench and cried

The Past Continuous

Time markers

At 5 o’clock yesterday

At 9 o’clock last night

At 10pm last Friday

At that time/at that moment of time

At that day

All day/the whole day

When mother came home

while, when, as


Stative verbs are non- continuous or non-progressive verbs. They never add the ending -ing. Use Simple tenses instead of Continuous ones

I. Verbs of sense perception: see ( видеть), hear ( слышать), taste ( иметь вкус), smell ( пахнуть, иметь запах), feel ( ощущать)

II. Verbs of mental activity : know ( знать), believe ( верить), notice ( замечать), understand, see ( понимать), remember ( вспоминать), forget ( забывать), recognize ( узнавать), think ( думать, считать, иметь мнение)

III. Verbs denoting wish : want ( хотеть), wish ( желать), d esire ( сильно желать), mean ( намереваться), a gree ( соглашаться), d isagree ( не соглашаться), r efuse ( отказываться)

IV. Verbs denoting feelings : love ( любить), l ike ( нравиться), d islike ( не нравиться), fear ( бояться ), care for ( заботиться), hate ( ненавидеть), detest (питать отвращение, не выносить), envy ( завидовать), prefer ( предпочитать), appreciate ( высоко ценить, быть признательным), respect ( уважать), forgive ( прощать), hope ( надеяться), astonish (изумлять), surprise (удивлять)

V. Verbs denoting abstract relations : be ( быть, являться), h ave ( иметь), consist of ( состоять из), d epend on( зависеть), belong to ( принадлежать к), contain ( содержать), seem/appear ( казаться), possess ( обладать), exist ( существовать), fit ( быть впору), include ( включать), keep ( хранить ), lack ( не хватать, недоставать), look ( выглядеть), matter ( иметь значение), concern (касаться), cost (стоить), deserve (заслуживать), impress (производить впечатление), influence (влиять), involve (вовлекать), need, suit (подходить по размеру), weigh (весить)

The Past Continuous

Chameleon verbs can be both stative and dynamic

Admire (восхищаться- любоваться), a ppear ( казаться- появляться ), be (быть, являться – вр несвойственное чел поведение), e njoy (получать удовольствие, быть довольным — наслаждаться), feel (ощущать-чувствовать себя), have (иметь – have + Noun), look (выглядеть — смотреть), s ee (видеть, понимать – видеться, встречаться), smell (пахнуть — нюхать), s ound ( звучать – издавать звук ), taste (иметь вкус, быть вкусным — пробовать), think (думать/считать/иметь мнение – обдумывать, размышлять), w eigh ( весить — взвешивать )

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S: They admired her beauty .

D: While I was on holidays I was admiring the beauty of the lake .

S: I have a book .

D: He is having breakfast with his sister.

S: You look sad .

D: Why are you looking at me like this ?

The Past Continuous

IV. Practice

New words:

N. widower -вдовец, breeze лёгкий ветерок бриз, ash — пепел

Adj. tender — нежный, mean -неприятный придирчивый недоброжелательный, nasty — противный недоброжелательный, злобный , horrible -ужасный, soft — мягкий, alone одна сама в одиночку

V. lose-lost потерять, leave – left оставлять, get-got tired уставать, hide-hid прятаться Once upon a time = A long time ago

Read/Listen to the fairy tale “Cinderella”. Then do the test

Once upon a time, there was a gentleman who after losing his tender wife got a widower. Some time later, he got married to another woman. His second wife’s name was Sybil. Sybil was from a bad family. She was a mean and a very nasty woman. She had two daughters Drizella and Anastasia. They were as horrible as their mother was. People called them “the ugly sisters”

The gentleman had a daughter as soft as breeze. He died and left her with stepmother and two stepsisters in their big house. Life was very difficult for this little girl. Wearing old dirty clothes, she did all the housework alone and when she got tired, she used to hide in the fireplace in the kitchen. There, she got as dark as ash that people called her Cinderella.

The Past Continuous

New words:

V. cry — плакать , invite all the noble families — пригласить все благородные семьи, choose future wife — выбирать будущую жену, leave smb alone at home — оставлять одного дома, appear — появляться, touch — прикасаться, change into/turn into — превратить в

S o, one day, the king decided to organize the ball for the prince as soon as possible. The prince invited all the noble families to the palace to celebrate his birthday and choose his future wife. Stepmother and her daughters went to the royal ball and left Cinderella alone at home. She got very sad. She was crying when her Fairy Godmother appeared to help her.

She touched Cinderella’s old dirty dress with her magic wand and it turned into a wonderful gown with little pink flowers on it. For her feet she gave her two little glass slippers made of crystal. The Fairy Godmother touched the pumpkin with her magic wand and suddenly it changed into a beautiful princess’s coach. Then she changed the four mice into the horses, the horse into a coachman and the dog Bruno into the footman.

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The Past Continuous

Test Cinderella Пройдите по ссылке:

Пишите ответы с заглавной буквы!

The Past Continuous

Watch the cartoon “Cinderella’s stepmother and her stepsisters are bossing her”

Study new words:

V. have smth back вернуть ч-то, forget , fool smb — дурачить обманывать, get for smth — получить за что-тоб pick up забирать, get on with duties приступать к своим обязанностям, did smth on purpose , hold your tongue – придержи язык , put time with better use использовать время с большей пользой, sweep the floor and stairs , scrub мыть скрести оттирать, get bath принимать ванну, don’t be all day getting it done – не занимайся этим весь день, seem

Adj. vicious злой, злобный


Some other expressions: that you care что тебе не все равно, it’s up our time наше время вышло, be gonna V= be going to V, come on

The Past Continuous

Watch the cartoon “Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother”

Study new words:

Перейдите по ссылке, чтобы посмотреть видео:

h ttps://

N. miracle чудо, magic words, stick, trick трюк фокус, size, shade of your eyes , spell заклинание

Adj. strange , elegant, simple , dearing дорогой

V. take a little time занимать немного вмени, forget-forgot-forgotten , put away убирать, do magic колдовать, be through , wave with stick , handle the reins управлять поводьями, touch , hop in запрыгивать, waste time напрасно тратить время, try on , t , come true сбываться, осуществляться, стать явью, be afraid of smth , last forever, hurry up , wait

Adv. for a change для разнообразия

The Past Continuous

After watching the video “Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother” do this exercise

Перейдите по ссылке, чтобы сделать упражнение:

The Past Continuous

Перейдите по ссылке, чтобы выполнить упражнение Cinderella- The Past Continuous:

The Past Continuous

V . Checking-up homework

VI. Summing-up

There is the bell. Write down your homework for the next lesson: retell the fairy tale “Cinderella”. Pass me your day-books to give you marks for the lesson. The lesson is over. You may have a rest.

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