The role of games or teaching english


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«The role of games or teaching english»

The role of the games in teaching English

The 25 th of February,2023

Kalmyrzaeva T

Kara-Kulja TESOL

The role of games or teaching english

Brain storm

What games do you play with your students in your English lessons?

The role of games or teaching english

What is game?

The role of games or teaching english

What is a game?

  • Games are fun activities that promote interaction, thinking, learning, and problem solving strategies. Often, games have an aspect that permits the players to produce information in a short time period. Some games require the players to engage in a physical activity and/or complete a mental challenge .

The role of games or teaching english

Some types of games

  • Action games
  • Card games
  • Board games
  • Guessing games
  • Drawing games
  • Role play games
  • Team games
  • Word games

The role of games or teaching english

Guess Who?

  • This guessing game is very similar to the classic game  Guess Who?  Use the real board game if you’ve got it or print copies of  this sheet  to hand out to teams of two students. Separately print out strips of paper with the names. Student A draws a name from the bag. Student B has to guess who they are by asking questions:  Do you have brown hair? Do you have blue eyes?

The role of games or teaching english

What are some characteristics of good games?

1 They are based on a learning objective . This gives the developer a focus point for the format, skills involved and material covered. Through play, the players use

previously learned knowledge and skills to acquire new knowledge and enhance their


2 They give the player control over his own destiny . Not only does this increase motivation and responsibility, but it also improves decision making skills by showing that there are direct consequences for actions made or those not taken. The player is adapting to the situation in order to succeed or he is coping as a result of making poor decisions.

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3 They include doable challenges . The player should succeed and struggle at

various points throughout the game. This increases the player’s determination and drive

towards success and completion. Challenge students by adding new information or a new

situation to which previous knowledge can be applied.

4 They are fun and interesting, thus motivating . This encourages the player to not only play today but to return later to the game. Because of the emotion and

excitement involved, the student often forgets that he is learning something.

The role of games or teaching english

What are some characteristics of good games?

5 They are based on reality in order to intrinsically motivate the players to continue to play the game. The player is able to practice a useful skill without the stress that the real situation may incur.

6 They require interaction. The players should interact with material on a variety of levels and of course with other players, more and less experienced or knowledgeable..

7 Games must include everyone. Each student should be able to participate as a player in order to effectively develop and promote social interaction, good communication and a sense of community. Games are meant to level the playing field giving everyone an equal chance to win because everyone starts with the same amount sources and time while seeking to accomplish the same goal. While the students are playing the game, the teacher should be observing the students and their interaction with each other and the material.

The role of games or teaching english

What are some guidelines for using games effectively in the classroom?

1 . The game must have a clear learning objective and purpose .

2. The teacher should assign students to teams.

7. It may be useful to have students create games.

3.Be sure to explain all necessary procedures and rules clearly and slowly.

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6. Maintain a non-threatening environment

4. Be consistent.

5. Be prepared

The role of games or teaching english

The advantages of the games

  • Games can: Help students to learn more about themselves
  • Foster a sense of community in the classroom where all students feel comfortable expressing ideas in a safe learning environment
  • Energize students to become more active participants in the learning process.

The role of games or teaching english

We can divide games into the following groups

Phonetic games  — staged (correction) pronunciation, practice in pronunciation of sounds in words, phrases, practicing intonation. They are used regularly, mostly at the initial stage of learning a foreign language (water-remedial course) as an illustration and exercises to practice the most difficult to pronounce sounds and intonations. As we move forward phonetic games are implemented at the level of words, sentences, Rhymes, tongue twisters, poems and songs. The experience gained in games of this type can be used by students in the classroom in the future in a foreign language.

Lexical games  have focused students’ attention solely on the lexical material and are designed to assist them in acquiring and expanding vocabulary, and to work to illustrate the use of words in communication situations.

Grammar games  are designed to provide students practical skills to apply knowledge of grammar, increase their mental activities to the use of grammatical structures in natural communication situations.

Stylistic games  aim to teach students to distinguish between formal and informal styles of communication, as well as the right to use each of them in different situations.

Role-playing games . The different types of games hold a special place role-playing game. As you know, of great importance in the educational process is learning motivation. It helps to enhance the thinking is of interest to a particular kind of occupation, to perform a particular exercise. The strongest motivating factor is the training methods that satisfy the need for students to study material novelty and variety of the exercises. Using a variety of teaching techniques helps to perpetuate the memory of linguistic phenomena, creating more stable visual and auditory images, maintaining interest and activity of students.

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The role of games or teaching english

Truth, truth, lie


Beginner to Advanced

Skills reinforced

Sentence writing, community development, listening comprehension


paper and pencil


Distribute a paper and pencil to each student.

Each student should write their name on the paper.

Next, he/she should write three sentences about him/herself. Two of them should

be true, and one should be a lie.

Collect the sentences.

Read the sentences to the class and have them guess which one is a lie.

The role of games or teaching english

Board game

The role of games or teaching english

Lucky dip. 


We put several objects in a bag and ask one of our pupils to come to the board. They are not allowed to look into the bag and must choose one object and describe to their classmates what it feels like. While describing they must use only adjectives. The other students try to guess what the object is taking into consideration the adjectives used by their classmates.

The role of games or teaching english

Tasty game”

Prepare a package of  M&M’s or Skittles.  Let the pupils take as many sweets as they want. But warn them not to eat them at once. When all students have sweets, explain the rules: each colour means certain question. Each pupil will have to tell about himself, answering the questions. The game is fun and exciting , and can provide creativity .


The role of games or teaching english


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The role of games or teaching english

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