Транспортные средства. Путешествия. Чудеса Света


Данная разработка занятия позволяет расрыть творческий потенциал как студентов, так и преподавателя, а также способствует закреплению лексического материала по данным разговорным темам.

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«Транспортные средства. Путешествия. Чудеса Света»

Good morning, everybody! I’m glad to welcome you to our open class or public lesson, they also say.

My deer students, I want you to draw your attention to the blackboard, where you can see the key expressions. Read them please:

— the international language;

— the language of science;

— the language of technologies;

— the language of advertising

Now you have to decide what are we going to talk about today. How do you think?

Any ideas?

Well, putting these words in a correct order, you can define the theme of this lesson:


Who is eager to try? Please, you are welcome, Nazar

Well done! thanks a lot.

So, what is the theme? in chorus: "The most popular language in the world"

Look please to the quotation from Jogan Wolfgan fon Goethe. Lets read it all together:

"Who doesn’t know foreign languages, knows nothing about his own one."

Translate please, Emin.

St. Кто не знает иностранного языка, тот не знает собственного.

Now tell me please, Semen, how do you think, what is the main question of our today’s lesson?

St.: Is it necessary for us to study English?

T.: Ok, the question is set really to the point. But can you give an approximate answer to this very question? Try to guess. Please, Daniel.

St.: The quickness of modern life development forces us to be educated people.

T.: Good you are!

Please, Timur.

St.: If you want to be a high-qualified specialist you should study at least one foreign language.

T.: Absolutely right! and since the English language is an international language, language of science and so on, you have to know it rather well.

Now what about the purposes of the lesson? Please, Semen.

St.: — to revise our knowledge;

— to know more about the English-speaking countries.

T.: That’s right!

You know millions of people all over the world are fond of travelling.

I have a short video for you. Watch it please.

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What have you understood from this video? What is it about?

-Yes, the video shows us how many countries there are in the world, where English is spoken.

But what about you? Do you like travelling?

St.: Yes, I like travelling too much!

T.: What country would you like to visit?

St.: I would like to visit…

I like travelling. я люблю путешествовать

I would like to visit….. я хотел бы посетить …..

New Zealand Because a famous movie "Lord of the Rings" was made there.

(потому что знаменитый фильм "Властелин колец" был снят там)

Canada is the country with the cleaner air in the world

Great Britain Because many picturesque places of Scotland and England were used for shooting the film-fantasy "Harry Potter"

Australia is a country with an exciting wild nature.

T.: Thank you boys for your shearings.

In order to revise our knowledge, name please, what are the main English-speaking countries?

St.: 1) The United Kingdom of great Britain and Northern Ireland

2) The United States of America

3) The Irish Republic

4) Canada

5) Australia

6) New Zealand

T.: Well done! Let’s talk a bit about the popularity of the English language.


Ok, just imagine that you know already English perfectly well. Is it enough for visiting any English-speaking country?

What else should we know?

That’s right. Traditions and customs!

First of all pronounce the following useful words and expressions:

(слайд со словами и выражениями)

(Презентация. Страны, одна за другой)

Thank you boys.

Now I’d like to check how you learned the material.

Task №1 is to choose the right variant. (работа в паре)


1. What is the official name of Great Britain?

a) The UN

b) The United States of America

c) The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

2. How many parts the UK consists of?

a) a plant of them

b) 4 parts

c) 7 parts

3. What is the symbol of England?

a) tulips

b) red rose

c) shamrock

4. Where is the UK situated on?

a) a north-west coast of Europe

b) a southern part of the Eurasia

c) between France and Spain

5. What is the deepest and busiest river in Great Britain?

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a) the Danube

b) the Themes

c) the Severn

6. What is the longest river in Great Britain?

a) the Danube

b) the Themes

c) the Severn

7. Who is the British Monarch today?

a) The Queen Elizabeth II

b) Sarah Brightman

c) The Queen Victoria

8. Who is the British prime minister today?

a) Winston Churchill (1874-1965)

b) Theresa May (2016 — сег. день)

c) Margaret Thatcher (1979 — 1990)

9. What is the population of Great Britain?

a) over 37 million people

b) less than 57 million people

c) over 57 million people

10. What is the symbol of Wales?

a) daffodil

b) shamrock

c) thistle

T.: Exchange please your papers with your partners and check the answers of each other. Then put the marks:

10 correct answers — excellent mark — means 5

8 correct answers — good mark — means 4

6 correct answers — satisfactory mark- means 3

4 and less correct answers — unsatisfactory mark — means 2.

(диктую правильные ответы)

Task № 2 (проверка домашнего задания)

Well your home task for today was to prepare beforehand the translation of the text, titled: "The role of foreign language in the life of modern person.

And I would like you to find in it the translation to the following sentences:

1) Сегодня Английский — самый модный язык в мире.

2) Миллионы книг, журналов и газет печатаются на Английском.

3) Английский — это язык Германской группы.

4) Миллионы людей изучают Английский как иностранный.

5) Английский язык сегодня — абсолютно важен для каждого образованного человека, для каждого хорошего специалиста.

Each of you has to estimate himself.

Task № 3. is to answer the following questions (фронтальный опрос)

Вопросы к презентации

1) Hose flag is it? What is its nickname?

2) What exactly symbol is it?

3) What country does this flag belong to?

4) Name the symbol and the country.

5) Who is the image of the typical Englishman?

6) Who is the personification of the USA?

7) How is the flag called?

8) What country does this emblem belong to? What is depicted on it?

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9) What is the name of this bridge? What river does it stand on?

10) What is the most famous lake in Scotland? What is it famous for?

11) What is the name of high London Buses?

12) What colour are London taxies?

13) What is the nickname of London’s underground?

14) These are the symbols of a spring holiday. Which one?

15) What is Jack-o’-lantern made out of?

16) Tourists call this tower as "Bloody castle. What is it’s name?

17) This is a royal church, where the coronations take place.

Task № 4

Look at the board, please. Here you can see the capitals on the right side.

So, the 4th task is to add countries.

The whole group is divided into two teams. This is a team of "Wolves" and a team of "Tigers".

The winner will be the team that copes with the task faster and gets free from the home task for the next lesson.

Canada — Ottawa

New Zealand — Wellington

Australia — Canberra

USA — Washington d.c.

England — London

Northern Ireland — Belfast

Scotland — Edinburg

Wales — Cardiff

Oh, my congratulations to the winners!

(Unfortunately nobody won, so all the group makes homework.)

So what are the reasons of the fact that so many people like travelling? Let’s draw a word web "People travel in order to…"

Транспортные средства. Путешествия.  Чудеса Света

Транспортные средства. Путешествия.  Чудеса Света

Транспортные средства. Путешествия.  Чудеса Света

Транспортные средства. Путешествия.  Чудеса Света

Транспортные средства. Путешествия.  Чудеса Света

Транспортные средства. Путешествия.  Чудеса Света

Транспортные средства. Путешествия.  Чудеса Света

Транспортные средства. Путешествия.  Чудеса Света

Транспортные средства. Путешествия.  Чудеса Света

Транспортные средства. Путешествия.  Чудеса Света

Транспортные средства. Путешествия.  Чудеса Света

Транспортные средства. Путешествия.  Чудеса Света

Here you can see a slogan on the board: Learn English and you’ll be lucky.

Is the statement true or false?

St.: Its true.

T.: So do we really have to study English?

St.: Yes.


T.: Well, our lesson has come to the end and I am thankful to our participants.

Now tell me please, did you like our lesson?

What task was the most difficult for you?

So, Your home task for the next lesson is to repeat all the information about the English-speaking countries and to compose cross words to the point.

As all of you were active today, I put everybody excellent marks.

You may be free. The lesson is over.

Wishing you all the best I say good-bye to you.

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