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Вступительная часть:

Teacher: Every year we celebrate the Great Victory. Victory Day is the most important holiday in Russia.

Many years have passed since the first day of The Great Patriotic War and no one can ever forget it. The memory of the War become the moral memory, returns us to the heroism and courage of the soldiers.

Today we’ll try to reproduce feelings and emotions that people experienced in those days.

Звучит фонограмма «звуки улиц», учащиеся ходят по залу. Эти звуки резко сменяет гул самолетов, свист, разрывы бомб. Начинается паника, страх… Все замирают в определенном положении… Наступает тишина. Учащиеся по одному отмирают, выходят вперед и произносят свои реплики.

 The worst thing that can happen in the life of mankind and of the whole country – it is war.

 Ominous flames rushing up and incinerate all that stands on their way.

 Distored horrified faces of women, children and men.

 Heart-rending cries of the wounded.

 The roar of the guns and the whistle of bullets.

 Everywhere is the pain, the dirt, the hatred and the death.

Peace crashed down.

 On the 22nd of June 1941 the Great Patriotic War began.

 Rise up, beloved Soviet land

To meet the fascist foe

To stay his strong and evil hand

Go forth, to battle go!

(radio report 22 June 1941)

Основная часть:

 The first months of the war were the hardest, the roughest. The first losses of the Soviet army were incredibly high.
 It’s impossible to explain feelings of those who lost their dear ones. Especially… Nobody can imagine women’s sufferings. They lost sons, husbands and brothers.

 On a battlefield far, far away,
Her son lay wounded in the fray
In head, neck and leg,
The telegram did say.

 This sent her poor soul reeling,
This festering feeling
Bearing mournful thought,
Her muddled mind besot,
That she would not,
Could not
Her son …HAD died!

Монолог матери, потерявшей сына на войне. Одета в черное, с черным платком на голове. Под аккомпанемент гитары

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I held him safe within my womb

And kissed him in the birthing room.
I held his hand in sickness too
And now I don’t know what to do…

My son, my child, my flesh and bone
Has died and left me all alone
And in the night when no one sees
I cry and end up on my knees

I cry to God and ask Him WHY
My precious son he had to die
And when the morning light appears
That’s one more night I’ve spent in tears

And as the years they slip away
I learn to live just day by day
I turn to God who was so far
I look to where the answers are

I put my hand into His hand
He pulls me up and now I stand
I hear my Father say to me
‘My Son He died upon a tree

I know the pain that mothers feel
When life turns black and robs and steals
And takes a portion of your heart
And tears your very soul apart’

Oh Lord I pray, please make me whole
Replace the joy that life has stole
This pain, this loss, is part of me
But still I’m longing to be free

I choose to walk out through the door
And melancholy reigns no more
I leave behind the shades of grey
To walk in light, to kneel and pray

Despite the fact we had to part
You still live on within my heart
There’ll never be a day go by
A tear wont fall from your mother’s eye …

В память о погибших звучит песня «Журавли» (на английском). Поет ученица в белом платье, за ней двое создают фон из серого полотна.

The Cranes

Sometimes I feel like the soldiers,
Who never returned from the bloodied fields,
Aren’t perished in our earth,
But turned into white cranes

Since those long gone times until today
They fly and give us signs, so we can hear them.
Isn’t this why so frequently and sorrowfully
We fall silent, watching the sky?

A tired flock is flying, flying up in the sky,
Through the fog, at the end of the day.
And among them there’s a small gap,
Perhaps that’s the place for me

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The day will come when together with the cranes
I will float in that same blue-gray mist,
With a bird’s hailing out of the heavens,
Calling on all of you, whom I’ve had left down on earth.

Sometimes I feel like the soldiers,
Who never returned from the bloodied fields,
Aren’t perished in our earth,
But turned into white cranes

 Thousands of soviet patriots have gone to fight against German invaders. The remarkable heroes came out of common people and they conquered the profound love of all soviet people.

СтихотворениедиалогMY FATHER”

“Who is your father,

My little lad?”

“My father is a hero

Of Stalingrad.

He fought for our country

With fearless heart,

Was brave in the battle

When taking part.”

“My laddie, be worthy

To have his name!”

“My father serves Russia,

And I`ll do the same

I`ll finish my school

And, later, become

A soldier, like Father,

And march to the drum!

Like him I`ll be brave and

On duty I`ll stand

Proud of my people,

My Motherland!”

 These heroes will always dwell in memory of our people and future generations.

 Patriotism, friendship and firm belief of all soviet people contributed to the victory over the fascism.

 All these feelings were reflected in songs that supported inspired soldiers in battles. Our composers made songs and people sang them. 

 There wasn’t any fear before death in those songs. There lived belief, hope, and love.
Our soldiers were dreaming of someone to love and be waiting for them back in peaceful life.

Звучит песняКатюша

Apple-trees and pear-trees a blooming
Mists were floating on the river deep
And Katyusha’s gone out in the gloaming
On the river bank so high and deep.

She went out and sang so sweet and clearly
Of the soft grey eagle of the steppes
Of the one, the boy she loves so dearly
Of one whose letters she still keeps.

Song, oh maiden song above the water
Fly forward the sunset bright and fair
To the soldier on the distant border
Bring Katyusha’s greetings on the air.

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May he think of her so young and lovely?
May he hear her singing song above?
May he guard and keep his native country?
As Katyusha guards and keeps her love.

Apple-trees and pear-trees a blooming
Mists were floating on the river deep
And Katyusha’s gone out in the gloaming
On the river bank so high and deep.

 We can’t feel their emotions on those days. Only listening to songs, reading poems and looking at photos we can imagine them.

Заключительная часть:

Все ученики выходят с портретами своих предков

 What is the war?

 It’s death, pain, losts and tears.  

 Broken lives, which will never see the sun, will never hug the children, will never feel the mother’s care, will never support their wives and husbands.

 This is the end, for them, for those who died. But not for us, for us this is a victory through tears.

 This is a victory day – a great day!

 The price of Victory was very high.

 Over 26 million Soviet people were killed, about 2000 cities were destroyed.

 But the Soviet people won the Great Patriotic War against a powerful enemy.

 The great war of liberation fought by our people against Nazism ended with total victory. And now we live in Peace. We live happily together with our families.

 We should be proud of our grandfather`s victory.

 We should be grateful for all those people, who paid for Victory with their blood and very often with their lives.

 It is thanks to their heroism that we are able to live today and create the present and the future of our country.

 Every time on the 9th of May we celebrate the Victory Day we remember all the soldiers and generals, children and women which fought against fascism. 

(radio report 8 May 1945)

 Remember!

In centuries,

In years – remember!

About those,

Who has never come,


Do not cry!

In a throat, you must restrain groans,

 Bitter groans.

Be worthy of heroes!

Be eternally worthy!

* Слово “remember” (хором)

(минута молчания + звуки метронома)

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