Упражнения для закрепления косвенной речи.

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«Упражнения для закрепления косвенной речи.»

Переделайте эти предложения в косвенную речь.

She doesn’t know the latest news,» he said.

«I can store 3 GB of music on this,» said Nick.

«We have been using this software for two years,» said Troy.

«I’ve always loved this song,» said Betty.

«She will copy the CD for me,» Tom told Bill.

«I am considering a career in showbusiness,» Ken told his sister.

«I downloaded the program for you,» said Jane.

«I can’t get this device to work,» said Steven.

«You mustn’t press this button,» said Fran.

«I was plying video games all night,» said Bob.

Переделайте приказы в косвенную речь

«Don’t forget to recharge the battery» Kate told Brian.

«Remember to bring me MP3 player back,» Sam told David.

«Be quite!» she told her son.

«Turn your computer on,» said the teacher.

«Don’t tell anyone what I said,» Elizabeth said to Jude.

Переделайте вопросы в косвенную речь.

«Did you cut your finger while you were chopping vegetables?» Tom asked Elena.

«Have you ever broken your ankle?» Peter asked Alison.

«Have you got a stomach ache?»the doctor asked.

  1. “I am planning to go to Kenya,” Sally said.

  2. “I take my little sister to school every day,” little Anthony said.

  3. “You may take my textbook,” Nonna said.

  4. “They are playing in the gym now,” Nick said.

  5. “I don’t like chocolate,” Mary said.

  6. “My sister is ready to go” Helen said.

  7. “My mother usually goes shopping on Saturday,” the girl said.

  8. “The birds build their nests among the trees,” the teacher said.

  9. “I am not married,” Jimmy said.

  10. “I can’t read these books. I don’t like them,” Petra said.

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 He said that she didn’t know the latest news. 2. Nick said that he could store 3 GB of music on that. 3. Troy said that they had been using that software for two years. 4. Betty said that she had always loved that song. 5. Tom told Bill that she would copy the CD for him. 6. Ken told his sister that he was considering a career in show business. 7. Jane said that she had downloaded the program for me. 8. Steven said he couldn’t get that device to work. 9. Fran said that I mustn’t press that button. 10. Bob said that he had been playing video games all night.

  1.  1. Kate told Brian not to forger (remember) to recharge the battery. 2. Sam told David to remember to bring her MP3 player back. 3. She told her son to be quiet. 4. The teacher told me (him, her, them) to turn my (his, her, their) computer on. 5. Elizabeth said to Jude not to tell anyone what she had said.

  1. Tom asked Elena if she had cut her finger while she was/had been chopping vegetables. 2. Peter asked Alison if she had ever broken her ankle. 3. The doctor asked if I had a stomach ache.

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