Урок — викторина по теме GREAT BRITAIN

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«Урок — викторина по теме GREAT BRITAIN»

Ход урока

Звучит мелодия английской песни, под нее входят учащиеся и занимают свои места.

Speaker: Dear guests, teachers and friends! We begin our play. Today we’re going to speak about Great Britain. Let’s introduce with the players. They are fond of travelling by bus, by train, by bout and by plane. Applaud them!

There are 4 doors with the answers. You should choose the right answer and stay at the right door. Jury will give you scores.

So let’s begin. Good luck!

The first part. 

1. Which is the Great Britain capital?

  1. New York City

  2. Bonn

  3. London

  4. Moscow

2. What is the national symbol of England?

  1. The shamrock

  2. The rose

  3. The daffodil

  4. The tulip

3. What kind of state is the United Kingdom?

  1. republic

  2. monarchy

  3. democratic party

  4. parliamentary monarchy

4. What is the flag of Great Britain?

5. What is the name of the London’s residence of Queen Elizabeth II?

  1. Windsor Palace

  2. Kensington Palace

  3. Buckingham Palace

  4. St. James’s Palace

6. What title does Prince Charles, the oldest son of the British Queen, have?

  1. Prince of Northern Ireland

  2. Prince of England

  3. Prince of Scotland

  4. Prince of Wales

7. Whose monument stands in the centre of Trafalgar Square?

  1. Admiral Nelson

  2. General Washington

  3. Former prime minister Winston Churchill

  4. Abraham Lincoln

Speaker: I am very tired. And you? Let’s have a rest. The literature pause.

The second part

Speaker: Let’s continue our game!

1. What is the oldest university of Great Britain?

  1. Oxford

  2. Cambridge

  3. Exeter

  4. Governor

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2. What river is London situated on?

  1. The Nil

  2. The Volga

  3. The Themes

  4. The Mississippi

3. What is a population of Great Britain?

  1. 35 mln

  2. 45 mln

  3. 55 mln

  4. 65 mln

4. Where is the map of Great Britain? (границы государств)

5. Show, please, one of the famous monuments of London (4 репродукции)

6. What are these: The Guardian, The News of the world, The Independent?

  1. TV programs

  2. newspapers

  3. towns

  4. radios

7. You must go to school in Great Britain…

  1. from the age of 5 until you are 16

  2. from the age of 6 until you are 17

  3. from the age of 7 until you are 18

  4. from the age of 3 until you are 14

8. How many letters are there in the English ABC?

  1. 33

  2. 27

  3. 26

  4. 31

Speaker: You have worked very well. Let’s have a rest! The music pause!

The third part

Speaker: Now there is the last stage of our game. Be careful!

1. Queen Elisabeth II has got…

  1. 4 children

  2. 3 children

  3. 2 children

  4. 1 child

2. Name the English city:

  1. Odessa

  2. Madrid

  3. Nice

  4. Manchester

3. What is the town where William Shakespeare was born?

  1. Sheffield

  2. Coventry

  3. London

  4. Stratford-on Avon

4. William Shakespeare was…

  1. artist

  2. doctor

  3. writer

  4. sportsman

5. What theatre was organized by William Shakespeare?

  1. Globe Theatre

  2. Old Vic Theatre

  3. Royal Theatre

  4. Dall’s theatre

6. Who is the architect of the famous ST. Paul’s Cathedral?

  1. Michelangelo

  2. Sir Christopher Wren

  3. Rastrelly

  4. Admiral Nelson

7. Who was the first Englishman to come to Australia?

  1. Admiral Nelson

  2. Captain Janise Cook

  3. Captain Drake

  4. Armstrong

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8. What is the nickname of London’s Underground?

  1. Metro

  2. Subway

  3. The Tube

  4. Underground

9. Translate into English: Век живи — век учись.

  1. Better late than never.

  2. Two heads are better than one.

  3. First think, than speak.

  4. Live and learn.

Speaker: So it is the end of our game. Jury count your scores and we listen the English music. (…) Listen to the jury, please. Награждение команд и игроков, набравших наибольшее количество баллов.

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