Здоровая еда по мнению учащихся


Переентация выполнена совместно  учащимися.

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«Здоровая еда по мнению учащихся»

Healthy and unhealthy foods.

Food is the source of energy for all people. Without food we can’t live for a long time. Every day we eat, but how often we think which food – healthy or unhealthy – we have? In this project we decided to make a list of all products we ate during one day and to analyse it.

Здоровая  еда по мнению учащихся

Breakfast: 7:30

As we know, breakfast has the majority role in all day nourishment, but sometimes we just neglect this fact and eat not enough or do not eat at all. Of course, all that can’t lead to a good result, but who think about it right now? So what we eat:


Eating: Practically every morning I have a cup of tea with some cookies.

Feelings after: After breakfast I don’t feel hungry, but 3 or 4 hours later I usually buy some chocolate or something to have a bite.


Eating: I don’t really like eat in the morning so I just have a sandwich with cheese and a cup of tea or a glass of juice.

Feelings after: the same.

Здоровая  еда по мнению учащихся

Dinner: 14:00

After hard working day with the tutors we decided to go to the McDonald’s.

Eating: We ordered burgers, fried potato, souses and Cola.

Здоровая  еда по мнению учащихся

Feelings after:

Olya : That was too much food. I thought I couldn’t eat all these, but I did it. That’s strange, but I couldn’t stop eating. I think that in cooking of this meal are used special additives…

Kate : Oh, I felt the same. I think all these people felt that. But it’s necessary to recognize that fried potato was tasty. It is said that all fast food is harmful and I agree with this statement. I really feel that I ate too much…

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Здоровая  еда по мнению учащихся

Interesting facts about “McDonald’s”:

  • In 1970 Americans spent for this meal 6 billion dollars one year, in 2001 – more than 110 billion dollars. It is more, than it’s spending on higher education, computers, cars and even more than on books, films, magazines, newspapers, video and music — taken together.
  • The most harmful dish is fried potato which is offered practically with all fast food restaurants. This dish contains a poisonous combination of a potato, oil, sugar and artificial flavouring additives.
  • Young workers of “McDonald’s” like joking. Video recordings in the fast food restaurants of Los Angeles have shown that teenagers sneeze in a meal, lick fingers, pick a nose, extinguish cigarettes about products and even drop them on a floor…
  • It is planned to open 10 restaurants of “McDonald’s” in different areas of Volgograd the nearest 5 years.
  • It is enough to eat once a month in fast foods to make a serious harm to an organism. 31-years Kvon Yeng three times a day came into “McDonald’s” or local fast food restaurant and ordered a traditional hamburger and fried potato. For 18-th day the doctors have noticed a depression of the experimenter, and a week later man’s health was in critical condition.

Здоровая  еда по мнению учащихся

Supper: 19:15

For supper we decided not to risk and eat healthy food: rolls with sea products.

Eating: Rolls are tasty, healthy and nutritious food. It’s an ideal variant for dinner. What is more, it’s not too hard to make it at home especially if you find all necessary ingredients in the supermarket or just to get it at the restaurant.

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Здоровая  еда по мнению учащихся

Feelings after:

Kate: That is much more pleasantly eating when you know that food you are eating really useful for your organism.

Olya : As for me, I love rolls for its unique combination of taste and good effects for our health.

Здоровая  еда по мнению учащихся

Interesting facts about sushi and rolls:

  • The fish contains special substances which promote improvement of memory.
  • According to scientists, the regular eating of a fish reduces occurrence of cancer diseases, protects from an insult and promotes the prevention of sudden cardiac arrest.
  • In opinion of researchers, eating of rice promotes increase of I.Q.
  • Good fresh sushi are rather expensive – for about 50 dollars for one portion. Cheap sushi are cost from 1 dollar.

Здоровая  еда по мнению учащихся

Making lists:


  • a cup of tea
  • 2 croissants
  • 1 pack of “Mentos fresh grape” (chewing sweets)
  • 1 MacChicken (kind of burgers)
  • 1 pack of fried potato (middle)
  • 1 bottle of Cola
  • 1 pack of bubblegum
  • 2 portions of rolls
  • a glass of cherry juice
  • a pack of “Skittles” (chewing sweets)


  • A cup of tea
  • A sandwich with cheese
  • A pack of marmelads
  • 1 BigMac (kind of burgers)
  • 1 pack of fried potato (middle)
  • 1 bottle of “Lipton ice tea. Lemon”
  • 1 pack of bubblegum
  • 2 portions of rolls
  • a glass of cherry juice
  • Fried potato
  • Salad
  • A glass of grape juice

Здоровая  еда по мнению учащихся


Burgers and sea products, Cola and natural juice, sweets and fruits – all this products has absolutely different influence for the person, but all of this products are in our diet. If we look to the lists which contains all foods we ate during one day, we will see that the main part is unhealthy dishes. That can become the reason of serious problems with the health in the future. If we want to be healthy and wealthy, we should reconsider our diet and include as much healthy food as we can. So that our new list will be:

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New List:

  • porridge from rice, buckwheat groats and etc.
  • a cup of tea
  • 2-3 oat cookies
  • an apple
  • salad from tomatoes and cucumbers
  • light soup
  • 2 eggs
  • a glass of fresh juice
  • sea products (rolls)
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